El Paso Shooter Patrick Crusius Manifesto


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Regarding immigration laws: illegal immigration is not a crime, because there is no victim. And when the law oppresses people, there is nothing wrong with breaking such a cannibalistic law. Immigration laws are racist, xenophobic and violate human rights, so they do not deserve respect. Period.

Country borders must be abolished. In our time there is no place for borders; humanity deserves free movement of labor and goods. To achieve world balance, peace and progress, we need to have borderless world. Immigration laws can and should be abolished. Moreover, the borders between countries should be recognized as illegal. Likewise, citizenship must be abolished so that all people receive equal rights, since people deserve equal rights from birth, regardless of the country of birth. Only xenophobic followers of Hitler want to limit immigrants' rights. There is only one race - the human race, therefore immigration laws should be abolished as slavery, because they are not suitable for the 21st century.

Citizenship is an undeserved privilege, not your private property. You did not pay for your citizenship, you have no proof of purchase, Mr. lazy fat white citizen. If you are a US citizen, then you can view America as your country, as well as something to be inspired by, but America is not your property, America is not your house, not your inheritance, because inheritance is what you own, but you do not own America, America is no more your property than your wife, your manager in the workplace or your president, America deserves to be open to all, America is a country of immigrants. I repeat: America is not your property, America deserves freedom from xenophobic Nazis. Freedom for Mexicans is freedom for America.

I met several Mexicans online and had to admit that Mexicans are much better people than white pieces of lard swollen with fat, calling themselves US citizens. Mexicans are also very liberal on recreational drugs, instead of being full retard like US law enforcement fatcops. Mexican cartels appear to be the best thing happening to humanity since the discovery of cannabis.

I think the word "citizen" should be used as an insult. People should point at say an American citizen and call to beat the racist fucktard. Beat the citizens until they give up their citizenship and become just normal people, for all citizens are racists and xenophobes by definition, and no good person will be proud of his citizenship as if it was his merit. "Look at this citizen motherfucker; lets send this piece of white lard to his Hitler".

Viva la México!

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The victim are the people who's land you have invaded. Invaders are by nature criminal.

Oh you are retarded.

So you hate white people, but you want to invade their country and steal their resources, but somehow think thats not a crime? Again, your ideas are contradicting themselves.

More anti-white bile.

Ok, you can go back or get a bullet in the head. Your choice paco.

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
– Samuel Johnson

When confronted with the idea of opening borders and allowing free people and goods movement, a typical answer of my Russian compatriots was as follow:

Well you tell these immigrants to fix their countries, instead of seeking refugee. How about you will show them how to do that, when you're against an America or Europe backed dictatorship, that uses slave labor to extract rare metals, diamonds and other raw materials used in IPhone production? Maybe you will go to Syria and show how to overthrow Assad, with all his economical and military support from Russia? Or maybe you show me, a person hating Russians and desiring to emigrate from Russia, how to overthrow Putin, and force Russians to build a good infrastructure and start speaking a proper language, like English?

Speaking against emigration from Russia, Russians, at the same time, are against free immigration to Russia, so that Russians can be replaced by good high-initiative people with whom you can achieve something.

Returning to America, modern Ameri-Nazis deny being Nazis, calling themselves "patriots", and their xenophobic anti-immigrant ideology - "nativism". But patriotism is impossible without a nation, and when you believe that your nation's members are somehow superior to other ethnicities, like say Mexican immigrants, you are up for national socialism, or Nazism for short, in fact the worst kind of it based on racism and ethnic superiority. There is literally no formal difference between modern American, getting rid of Mexicans, and Hitler, getting rid of Jews, Gays and Gypsies. These Ameritards love to overuse loaded garbage words like Homeland and Motherland, which came straight out of Hitler's and Stalin's speeches, and insult illegal immigrants with words like "criminals" and "terrorists", just like Hitler insulted Gypsies people calling to deport or genocide them. Even some confused African-Americans joined these Nazis, not understanding that they will be the next victim, after these demented rednecks lynch Mexican immigrants. A famous mathematician, Kurt Gödel, was 100% right, predicting that America will become the new Nazi Germany.

I call all Mexicans to bomb U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices, track down ICE employees and kill these Nazis. America's major goal should be to organize wide scale Mexican resistance, arm Mexicans and storm US border en masses, then invade US cities, take Nazi's families hostage and demand to abolish the xenophobic institute of citizenship. You either accept immigrants or lose your loved ones.

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Manifesto is a LARP or a hastily written FF support document.

Vid w/subtitles from eyewitness stating multiple shooters @ El Paso Walmart.

(((You))) literal motherfuckers are desperate and sloppy, the wheels are coming off the bus, and you don't have a workable plan B, so you're doubling down on your unworkable plan A (because kikes don't know how to do anything but kike).

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You're trying way too hard, commie nigger.

Ask your mom if she wants a nice Mexican macho or a white drunkard to inherit America. Also, Mexicans, being native Americans, have more right to the US land. So….

It's not role play when you use a real gun.

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If they were capable of doing it, they would be doing it already.
The only thing that is achieved by letting this trash into our country is the DESTRUCTION of our nation, you traitor faggot.
Their FUCKING DNA is the problem. They will never know decent civilization because

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Mexicans are not 'native americans' faggot. They are disgusting mongrel trash.

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American nation was creating by immigrants, most capable of whom were Jewish (like Albert Einstein) or Arabs (like Steve Jobs). White rednecks can only bath in cow manure.

I know, right.

Even US helicopter engineering school was founded by an immigrant Polish-Ukrainian, Sikorsky.

Thank god for the helicopter engineering school founded by a polack. I don't think our country could have even begun in 1776 without a helicopter engineering school founded by a polack.

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*polish Jew.

Imagine that arab growing up in arab land sniffing camel urine. he is what he is cause of immigration.

In 1776 US was a shithole, worse than Arab countries. You were literally burning witches. Everything that makes US today was made by Jews or other persecuted immigrants, like protestants.

Ah, druggie loser. You know how to avoid cops? Stop wasting your life on dumb shit like "recreational drugs".

Catholics and kebabs are very similar. both are boy butt fuckers

Cannabis is less dangerous than booze. Cannabis users don't go violent and don't do mass shootings, compared to drunk football fans and white supremacists.

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Comrade why is your site of web contain the Cryllic characters? Are you from Mother Russia too? Hail Putin

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They're not invaders, they are pilgrims and guests. I invited them.


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Liar, and you are free to leave anytime you don't like us!

A few corrections for you, FBInigger:
>Sikorsky - Eastern European (not jewish)
>Albert Einstein - jew -> basically stole most his work from men like Poincare (European) and Lorentz (European)
>Steve Jobs - Half Syrian, Half European

We the people are the victims, DUMBASS!