This is not a drill

Hey user's, after years of trial and error me and a group of redpilled users have created a low yield nuclear weapon. It is being placed in New York due to being the headquarters of communism and liberalism and probably cause a few hundred thousand deaths. This is not a drill, we plan to detonate it imminently.

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Kek speed gentlemen

K. Keep me posted.

Anyone in jew york shitty is a good place to start.
Damn sight more effective than killing random goys while not harming the hair from any jew head like all the jewish psyops that Zig Forums is being press-ganged into cheering on.

The Trumpstein psyop signed the death of Zig Forums



Guys we have a Civic Nationalist, Neoliberal op.

Communism is not the enemy, Neoliberal op.

They're barely done cleaning up in walmart

I shat myself and it stinks

Do you want me to take this seriously?
I don't. I think you're some dumb kid, an attention-seeking faggot, riding on the coattails of a false-flag operation.

You won't do shit you fucking nigger.

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Sounds like there won’t be much left to clean up if opie isn’t a fucking faggot for once

I so wanna fuck ur mother… I envy that uterus u were forcefully pulled-out from. I hope ur mother's not sterile…i want to make babies like u with her. :)

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Hurry up and do it faggot

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fake and gay

It would have been detected already. OP is a poor excuse for a shit poster and I hope the FBI probes your ass with both hands, up to the elbow.

Every one of you right wing nazi cuckstains can eat a fat fucking dick. Burn in Hell pussies.

What? What the fuck? Come on man, we can't have the media label us a terrorist board. It's not like you'll deliver anyways OP.

Stop projecting your fantasies onto us you fucking faggot

He might have come up with an innovative solution to the detection problem. If so that user NEEDS TO SHARE.

Get lost Plebbitor.

Nuh uh u

If it was encased in about a foot of concrete , like in the back of a truck or a trunk of a car that may conceal some of the emissions
Just an idea of course

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Oh fugg.

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I was thinking saltwater. If radiation was easy to detect in saltwater the ziocucks would always know where every nuke sub was at 24/7…but they don't appear to have that ability.

How did you get your hands on the materials to make a low impact nuke anyway? That's batshit insane. Post picture with timestamp or it didn't happen. DELIVER OP.

They should have planted it in the middle of the Hudson Bay , about twenty feet deepnsuspended from a barge
The resulting tsunami of fuck your shit up could have taken out a huge swath of enemy and territory

Jew york has more jews.

That may work
Maybe a jacketed later or several layers of lead then brine and such


Postan in an epic bread.

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You faggot, I live in New York.

Gee, Zig Forums is a humiliating place to post these days

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Meh. Take one for the team, you whiny faggot.

You deserve to be turned into vapor for not doing your part you massive ass faggot
Kill yourself before you’re turned to dust you have no place in Valhalla

Someone report this thread to the FBI

Exactly. Or one of those old liquid hauling trucks.

Filled with seawater and the bomb. Mobile. Easy to drive to location. Totally disguised.

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big if true. it aint true.

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Is this supposed to be some sort of excuse? How many times did we encourage you to leave the cesspit you are bathing in? Nothing good can come from being there.

Not your personal army, faggot.

That’s part of how the kikes keep the ya balls in a vice. They have big trucks that drive around the outskirts of basically all the cities. They use rental trucks and reefer trucks. Driving around all day and night just waiting for the go order