Lol let's murder everyone we don't like, right guys?

lol let's murder everyone we don't like, right guys?
Let's just write up a manifesto and pretend killing other regular people will change anything.
Let's go on such a gigantic fuckin ego trip that we get it in to out heads we have the moral authority to decide which child will and will not get hit with some bullets.
Let's tell ourselves we're doing it in the name of our race or our internet fun board
let's do that

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let's keep pretending that the degeneration of culture and morality aren't the reasons for the killings

let's keep pretending that blaming white people and gun control will fix everything

i'll keep pretending that there's hope for this world

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Why so salty?

Killing people is the only thing that has ever effected political change in the entire history of the world. Enjoy the show, faggot.

Nice "muh dik" opener image too. Really fighting those stereotypes about yourself!

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right. problem?


and what have you done to change anything?

>lol let's murder everyone we don't like use effective measures to permanently remove subversive, murderous, and generally dangerous elements from within our nations , right guys?

he's non-white. he doesn't want to change the status quo.

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Thanks to intense homosexuality, OP couldn't resist putting a massive fucking penis wenis in his post.

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There’s hope alright , hope for a permanent solution
Melanin based , atmospheric and sheeeiiiittttt

aww, do you need that because of the lack of skin?

You guys are a fucking embarrassing lot of individuals. Don’t try to convince yourself you’re smart or you’re saving the world. There’s a reason you pieces of shit probably all failed high school or college and are now shunned by the world. Thinking that the few hundred maybe thousand people that post on here have an ability to enact permanent change. You literally don’t even know how numbers work, you guys are so insignificant and just can’t seem to grasp it. Or you do understand and can’t handle it, that’s why you’re acting like fucking IQ cavemen

go back.

abloo bloo

Keep pushing
Keep hating whites
Keep censoring whites
Keep telling us how much you hate us
Keep telling us you will take our countires
Keep telling us you will replace us
Keep pushing your Globohomo agenda

and yet, you're here blaming us?

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I’m doing really good , thanks
Your kind is done and will be hunted to a molecule kike

Your impotent tears sustain me.

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Some fag made a thread about how Mexicans should destroy america and removed it while I was writing a long reply to it, so I'm just gonna dump it here, fuck you.

I can see you're not Mexican, probably a self-hating white. How does it feel to hate your own people? Maybe you think that the other nationalities that are invading your country will spare you when they get in power, that's a cute way of thinking.

So you never had to actually live with other cultures next to you? That's great, let me give you a nice spoiler about what happens when two or more cultures live in proximity they group together and then war starts.

Why then, lets flip it around!
Mexico isn't your property or the Mexican's property. Why shouldn't American citizens just invade Mexico, steal Mexican jobs, resources, force their citizens to pay for immigrant healthcare and welfare? American citizens should start colonizing Mexico and plan to replace Mexicans.
Does the thought of that seem wrong to you? If it does, why do you wish it to happen to Americans? I know why, you just hate white people. Stop trying to give excuses for your hatred of white people, just say it out loud!

Why should Americans be the saviors of other races and cultures? Why should they try to fix everything in world? Spend all their resources trying to help people that honestly don't want to change or fight for themselves? You think Americans had someone helping them to get where they are right now?
America what it is because of SETTLERS, FRONTIERSMEN. And all of them were white, European. They weren't economic migrants like nowadays.
I find it amusing how you, white leftists Americans, think that other cultures are so weak, so pathetic that all their troubles are the fruit of actions done centuries ago against them by white Europeans. You treat them like children who need help 24/7, and you don't notice that they're just going to pillage your country and kill you when you can't give anymore.
It's a very amusing kind of racism.

Hai guise I'm an chans oldfag in the polbruhs lulz.


If killing regular people doesn't change anything, why should we feel bad about it. Obviously they are not worthy of noting.

So you admit that shitskins and jews are a problem, and are destroying the world? I mean, you are trying to tell us we can't change anything, but you didn't say we're wrong.

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Technically if it is not 'our property' (which it is, since the whole world belongs to us) then it is not the mexicans property OR THE JEWS PROPERTY EITHER…and they can both fuck off.

me wanna butt fuck ivanka trump :!

I think this might actually be the most jewish post ever.

That is how history has played out. The main agent of change is force.

Many of us have a Masters or higher, dumb fag.

Might makes right. Destroy your enemy or be outbred within 2 more generations.
Simple as.

Imagine being this deluded and myopic that you can't see how backwards your way of thinking is.

Sorry you've become an insignificant, insecure shell of a human that is so desperate to ascribe meaning to their circumstances that they believe this garbage.

Please do the world a favor and kill yourself without shooting a bunch of innocent people.

sage in all fields

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abloo bloo

no one is innocent in war.

Typically more than one party has to agree (either directly or indirectly) to participate in the war.
That's clearly not the case here.

You type like a slit and your cunt is all bloody

Even better, write software, that generates manifestos automatically. If everyone and everything is in a rambling piece pdf- all are equally evil.


I really like this idea because what can be taken from us can also be logically taken from the kike mongrel trash. I don't think the jew really thought this out when he started inculcating the subhumans with it.





god you are the densest motherfucker alive.

False and absurd. Saddam Hussein didn't want war with the United States - he got it anyway. Most americans didn't want war with the beans, but their invasion made it an inevitability.

Now that they have made it inevitable. We need to exterminate them completely. No more 53 IQ to pollute civilization.

I don't, I'm just a regular mathfag. These social science jews run rings around me intellectually.

Sounds good to me
A little fucking elbow room would be nice for a change

I'll have the entire planet, then.

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Killing people is a bad habit… but I can't seem to quit.


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What invasion are you referring to?
Illegal immigration? If that was the point - I don't get it. The people getting shot aren't illegal immigrants.

Okay, but a country that is invaded has a choice to go to war with the invading country or surrender.

Sorry you're a sad incel faggot.

Since ownership is 'arbitrary and meaningless', you might as well take everything. I plan on doing the same and there is not room in my world for subhuman trash.

Neither party wants war, but war is what it is. One side will die, the other will continue to flourish. That is nature, whether you concede to it or not.

Despite OP being such a massive faggot I wish you optics screwers would stop going to churches and malls and start picking good targets.
Pic related, she had a pathetic high score but it's still more meaningful than tarrant or 56% paddy's recent outing.

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Well thats easy, the brown ones and the ones without foreskins.

none of the people in here will do anything. they pussy af.

You know what happens to people who surrender, right? They become slaves or tax donkeys for the new racial regime, and their daughters get taken from them and turned into whores, they become racially, economically, and socially humiliated. Why do you think preaching the virtue of defeat is going to get you anywhere here? There is no virtue in defeat, only humiliation. Lying down and taking it isn't going to satisfy a rapist hunny.

She did select an appropriate target.

demonstrably false. This thread is a direct result of some one of us doing something.

Oh my god
You don’t even know and it’s funny fucking shit

See Britain. The only reason this hasn't happened here yet is because we have guns.

Imagine thinking you’re doing this for white people, but yet almost all white people hate you….

'thats not a good look for you sweaty'
Your social shaming won't work here. Be gone.

Even if they are "legal" they are still invaders and have to go.

They will understand when we are finished and 90% of the crime no longer happens and they are not foreigners in their own nation and houses.

you guys shooting up the wrong places. and killing all the wrong people. such useless idiots kek.

You have no idea what we are thinking and it terrifies you
Eat shit cuck

All place are the right places to murder our enemies.

And what precisely have you done to save the white race fag?

this. Shills are ineffective to the hardened spirit.

You know what happens when you support garbage like mass shooting of random civilians? You accelerate the loss of civil liberties and alienate all people from your political 'cause' (however fucking retarded it may be) that don't support shooting up a shopping mall.

"Most people" are fucking lemmings that believe whatever the media tells them and do whatever their governments say. Their opinions literally don't count. They simply follow the herd and never can, have, or will think for themselves. Only the opinion of a small, committed minority, willing to commit acts of politically-motivated terror in support of its interests, mean a damn thing at all. You can be damn sure that if Nazis start winning all the people who cry about how evil Nazis are today will start sneaking armbands onto their jackets and sieg heiling Hitler.

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to save the white race,, you guys need to get a job and have 3 kids. just like in china and india. killing browns wont do much.

Thinking that the jewish laws have meaning to Europeans anymore.

It will if we kill them all.

So what? Being threatened of having your civil liberties stripped is in itself reason enough to commit acts of violence against the regime. Rights can't be held hostage or you don't really have them at all.

Nice arguments. You sure showed me how wrong I am.

Correct they're not illegal immigrants, they're illegal aliens and yes they're the ones who have gotten shot, refusing to go to the hospital to avoid getting deported.

Don't lie to yourself like that. Don't fall for the delusion.