Never fear

/trannypol/ has teamed up with their Reddit comrades to combat "alt right" Terroism and stop the Orange bluuumph. They will flood boards with even more interracial gay tranny porn until the threat is neutralized. Looks like we're all gonna be safe bros.
Fyi The FBI saw the manifesto an hour before the shooting. But glow niggers can take the day off today and rest easy knowing Zig Forums is protecting America from facism or something.

But seriously get ready for this board to become even more unusable than it has been lately

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I wish them the best of luck.



Dumb fucks

Not only Spaniards are a cause of one of the shittiest disgusting countries on Earth (South America)

You need to something to redeem yourself, Spaniards or you'll never be forgiven.

>>>Zig Forums2959313

You must be some latino huwite from the US of A.

Spain is ehiter than angloland


I just briefly read that first pic
Holy fucking shit imagine being this divorced from reality.

I said disgusting countries not a single country in particular.

In your dreams.

I honestly don't want to divide this board, but dude come the fuck on you Spain is not Whiter than England, shut the fuck up.

My god, that plebbit post is pure garbage, and it really demonstrates all of the major character flaws that leftykikes have. For example, the cretinous OP is so disingenuous and unreasonable (i.e. he is an idiotic golem) that he tries so hard to pathologize right-wing ideals and convince himself that that the root cause of right-wing "extremism" is social media brainwashing.
Honestly, it's still somewhat bewildering for me to watch a supposedly sentient creature try to pass of his own subversive and politically-charged rhetoric as reasonable and universally just.

Yo, /leftykike/, no, it doesn't. Second, you, a Spaniard, were not called a subhuman; Middle+South America racially is not Spanish beyond droplets being figurative and understating here. Third, racial differences exist and they impact the formation of societies; that is why niggers, spics, kikes, etc., are bad.
Holy shit, that's funny. Leave it to trannypol to link those.

From what we've seen, it seems that censorship radicalizes people. If censorship worked, then there wouldn't be terrorist attacks post Charlottesville.

Censorship makes sure that peaceful activists don't have a voice anymore for advocating anything beyond tax cuts, yet

How cute, he thinks he'll be the next Hogg.

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Spanish are the most progressive country in Europe.

He has no idea that the shooting at stoneman douglass was actually a false flag and Hogg was a jewish plant at a jewish school from the get-go.

The bloods have red bandanas.
The crips have blue bandanas.
Who wears red hats with a piss poor logo?
Should other people wear blue hats with another piss poor logo?

Leftists really can't meme

To the journo scum lurking here- we are everywhere and you would never even see it coming
Pee pee poo poo pissssssssssssss and shit

My fucking sides.

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Get the fuck out.

It really is polarized, you'll find natzies and commies

So everyone else saw it and had enough time to tell the jew to fuck off after he posts but the fed doesn't have time to put down the doughnut and stop a jew from murdering beaners? Not sure if I approve of this niggerly performance or not because it was a net gain.

Sorry, big guy, I'm running out of images.

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Maybe he’s wondering why you would post an image of the guy before you threw him out of your airplane in Minecraft flight sim

Anyone who is pro-Trump is a blue-pilled faggot and doesn't belong here.

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This. It should be a bannable offence to post anything pro-trump. A quick loot at the shithole cuckchan has turned into because civnat trump supporting retads

Classic /ptg/. kill yourself.


Doesn't need it moshe. You will never be white.

Nothing like tranny rage. kek

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This isn't cuckchan.

go back to /ptg/

Worst thing that will happen is they become self hating faggots and shoot up their local walmart

I find it funny how they thnk they are actually people. That they are the sane ones. If you want to know if your world view is correct judge it by its ability to make predictions. Leftyniggers are almost always wrong and we are almost always right.

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Well now I have a list of ecelebs to advertise whenever I want to find out if I'm dealing with a commie.
Stephan Molyneux is awesome. You should all watch his content.

These guys are probabky going to target cuckchan.

For all the words of tongue and pen, the saddest of these,"Zig Forums was right again".



Honestly I don't give a shit about them cause I am a technocrat.

We need to give the chan community list so they raid every chsn community for lolz.