Okay, I don't know where else to ask this

Okay, I don't know where else to ask this.

But looking at both shootings from this weekend. They both shot up primarily white establishments from what I can tell.

That bar is all-over clad in american flag decore and jack daniels.

A fucking wal mart. Most victims in videos I've watched seem to be white.

I don't get the angle of cheering this on as a White Nationalist starting the race war.

What's going on here?

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Even reading the main thread here people are cheering it on in that direction.

Just doenst make sense that these would be the targets. I'm just confused as hell really.

We really out here letting our country get 5th pillared into a soft war zone.

As far as i can see. Just gotta hope our soft war zone doesn't get hot hot really. We're the vietnam of the current ideologies IMO. Money, arms, and willing individuals are funneled and courted in US to play their part in the arena

Well if he didn't kill spics, that was really fucking useless.

Which of the 4 shhoting?

Is it really morally right to just be indiscriminately killing people who personally never knkew you existed or done anything to wrong you? Where is the justification in that?

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The amount of new fags on this site and lack of SAGE is insane.

Sage for obvious b8

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Yea I mean, I agree. I don't think these events in any form are a productive form of political action. But. Even then. The politica action they appear to be attempting. and the form of action that is being cheered on in the main thread makes no sense and doesnt line up with what actually happned as far as I'm able to tell.

Idk. I just want an answer man. Our cultural narrative is so loosely strung together right now that almost anything is able to have play

Can't believe a Walmart in El fucking Paso would be a "White establishment".

Absolute faggots.

Can you tell me more about this Sage you speak of?

I don't support these shooter assholes or the people cheering them on.

Yea, I do agree that's not 100%. Just from watching vids of it a majority of the injured people getting attention are white. No idea on those actually killed.

but looking at the bars facebook page nothing screams minority establishment or non-white. It mostly seems pretty white/conservative from what I'm able to tell

You're trying to frame the consensus as this when it's not, 0/10 chaim.

Either the shooters are Feds, or the kind of posters that actually shoot up a place over some misplaced sense of justice are just violent and want an excuse to jerk off their hateboner.
But what do I know, I must be a redditor or kike for not wanting to kill innocent people.

They have done wrong to you though, they have invaded your country. You don't feel sympathy for the invading army, even if they have set up camp.

Then you are a normal faggot. Congrats. Go live your stupid little life while the big boys work to keep you from being ethnically replaced.

Yea, perhaps your spot on with the second half.

I guess I read through main thread and 4chan pol's and got the impression there was more to read than that and that these were legitimate wignat moves that played into a larger narrative

Okay, I suppose you're who I'm looking for then.

How do these two events do that?

Its a long slow process of normalizing ethnic violence. These are the first steps.

El Paso was beaners. Ohio was probably white. Haven't heard anything on the motivation of the ohio shooter.

The second one was probably a false flag to distract from the manifesto.

Why do retards always try to pretend niggers don't shop in walmart? I honestly don't get it.

I think this works against what you want to do.

You're going to frame your movement poorly and get turned on. Then you'll be the butt end of fantasy media for years to come again.

I'm from ustate NY im gathering my impression of walmart is far seperate from yours.

I'm not american, is there a nigger mart?

Destroying/weakening your nation through mass violence is not a good route to your dream state.

It's a great way to get yourself fucked by the chinese or any others ready to pounce when you're weak.

There's hardly a larger narrative, you'll get posters like who honestly believe that most white people are violent niggers like themselves, and with time will openly kill non-whites, but they're just delusional. Mass shootings of people who have no agenda of their own will only push normalfags further to the left. Attacking random shitskins is only attacking the symptom, true change will come with the targeted assassinations of politicians, multinational CEOs, bankers, etc.
These attacks only serve to feed the bloodlust that has unfortunately taken this board.

so where do poor blacks shop?

Well good thing you are a tourist and not someone who is actually calling the shots because you are clueless. Nobody cares what you think. You are an outsider a lemming. Your opinions change like the wind based on whoever is in control.

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Anyone cheering this on is a fraud.


Hardly. Is this your best defense.

You want to believe this is the best route. That's why you chose that image to represent you.

You do not want the state to be good.

You want the state to burn. This is your outlet.

You have no idea how ironic your post is.

So why are you making the claim in the OP?
I honestly don't get the walmart being white thing

When you give a fuck about something it's because you are it

Saying I generally considered it so. And I'm taking based on comments that's not the case outside of where im from.

the irony of your post

Obvious bait is obvious. Saged

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Beyond this. I am not a white nationalist.

I want my nation to be strong and fit to lead through the nearing storms of which there are many.

I think our ideas for the ideal state are simalar in it's imagined.

I think the wignat approach is shit though. I think it weakens us and its actively being pushed to weaken us.

Imagined charachter*

Why would you make such an assumption in the first place? Do you assume all places outside of where you live are white?

you guys are terribile at strategy. killing randoms is not going to progress the white race. only doxxing them will and find out where the leaders are. killing them in there sleep.

only notable shooter was in NZ.


A strong, healthy, fit state is not one that's killing itself in the name of inward supremacy.

A strong nation is able to culturally hold its own across ethnic lines.

Other boards think these are leftists.

You are retarded.


way to ignore the operative word there

The thing that makes me the most excited is that, no matter how many of these kike shill threads go up on 8ch and halfchan, it's not gonna stop the flow of people like St Crusius and St Tarrant. All you effortposters on these boards need to stop thinking your words have any impact. They don't. As long as demographic trends keep going the way they're going, the proof will always be in the pudding. Future Saints will have all the justification they need, regardless of your stupid glownigger shilling that doesnt really make any difference. You want to stop mass shooters? Stop the demographic genocide. America was founded as a white nation, as were britain, australia, germany, sweden, norway, france, italy (inb4), Spain, etc… there's a reason all these nations are shitshows. They all got cucked into the heeb-implemented diversity delusion.

There is no 'nation' unless it is established along the lines of ethnos. You cannot make niggers, poos and spicniggers a part of an ethnos, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT.
Ethnos determines CIVILIZATION because the capacity for civilization is encoded in the DNA of the ethnos. Blacks have no encoding nor do other subhuman trash peoples…otherwise they would be doing it in their own nations, rather than coming to ours to destroy it.

i honestly want to know where op thinks niggers get their shopping from


K mart

Oh you mean that 85% of all posters on 8/pol/ since this fake shooting happened are a bunch of cringe weirdo shills trying to pretend we want to shoot random beaners at walmart, lol?

Anyways, the el paso shooters' father was director of a psychiatric hospital that was shut down for child rape. He's a literal jew. He does "therapy" sessions in the style of "healers" that were trained by John of God in Brazil, the convicted child rapist. (((Literally stars of david in his videos)))

Have fun pretending this jew is some white nationalist who namedrops Zig Forums but doesn't even name the jew once.

there won't be a happening like that until someone if brave enough to try this at a black nightclub in Detroit or Chicago (protip: they'd get shot by gang members instantly)

lurk faggot

"White Nationalist" is redundant.
If you are white, the only nation you can belong to is a white one.
If you are black, you can only belong to a black nation.
If you are a spic, you can only belong to a spic nation.

I think you are just an idiot that doesn't understand what words mean. Nation comes from the same root as Natal and Natavity. It means those who you share blood with. Nation literally means your race you dumb shit.

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Replace nation with State then. You're playing semantics to ignore what I'm saying.

Wignat narrative weakens our state and is being pushed to leave us open. One of several 5th pillars currently going strong. I feel the same way abour Anti-fa and the more out there LGBT narratives.

A strong state is able to cohesively pull its shit together and cross ethnic lines.

Imagine attempting to mobilize the state against a legitimate threat in 2019

This isn't some false flag, it's losers who can't handle reality. Look at these guys. They look like defectives. They bought into all this nonsense and now they're pushing us further toward gun confiscation and censorship. It's inevitable, anyway. Our modern society can't handle this communication power. Too many empowered fruitcakes.

What you are told is a lie. Welcome to life.

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If anything these movements are further accelerating what they pitch themselves as being the guard against.

There are no false flags. These are society's left-behinds, who simply bugged out, bought into the memes, and started shooting. Their actions are going to cost us our freedoms.

Kill yourself you sliding jew reddit fuck.

My belief and understanding is this.

We're being pushed narratives to dig the ground out from under ourselves.

An act of mass violence does not breed sympathy for your cause it mobilizes the mass of public sentiment against it.

These events are the beginning of our getting butt fucked by Chinese businessmen.

How does killing Hispanics in a Walmart in hopes of - what, killing illegals? - do anything? If ever you wanted to get the government to finally act on illegal immigration, this is the one guaranteed way not to do that.

That said, would we even know about Palestinians were it not for their violent attacks over the decades?

Can you elaborate that? I'm not sure what way you mean it.

That said, I migh agree with you. But. I think Pali/Israel is much different from the american situation.

Who said anything about getting sympathy? You really don't get it do you? This isn't white people playing "victim" like all the groups on the left. This is white people getting ready to exterminate the threat. Buckle up buttercup, when you push white people too far we do shit like split the atom.

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Because it may have just been a false flag.

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Our society is disconnected. Millions of kids being emotionally neglected at home. Playing FPS games. Watching TV, movies, hearing music, all with the message that "I'm the only one who matters. Fuck you, I do what I want. Watch me lick this ice cream."
Betas wanna play, too. Mommy doesn't love me, daddy left, I'm a perennial loser.. gotta shoot up some place because girls won't talk to me.

A lot like some of these would-be terrorists in Europe. They were criminals and scumbags well before they latched onto Islam to run over tourists.

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Border security is a winning issue without mass shootings, and loses tractions WITH mass shootings. Qui bono?

When the Palestinians took the Israeli athletes in the 72 Olympics, they were universally scorned. As time went on, they made people aware of their cause. People in the West who neither knew nor cared about them. Naturally, that generated some sympathy. So, in a way, their terrorism got our attention.

Does that apply to these guys? I dunno. I think these guys are just losers who fell through the cracks.

a white leftist is NOT white. likely jewish or some queer pedo lgbt faggot lover

They are all Mexicans go read their names.



What about Iranian Mullahs hiding in plain sight in Salt Lake City

That makes 0 sense. Most of trumps lawyers and business partners who are also supporters are Jewish. Wouldn’t call them left? Most Jews I know are wealthy as fuck and conservative as fuck.

Also, I wonder why they, mass shooters, never mention Jews in a negative light…

I agree with this and it's pretty much what I'm trying to say.

Happy to say i agree with you fully. The american situation is a FAR call from Palestine though.

White nationalist extremism is actively deroding the white position in the US and what is needed in place is legitimate leadership to build an ethical state that is in-line with the written values of the US cross ethnically.

Another user broke down nation as being a term founded on ethnicity. This is an outdated view IMO. The state today should be founded on culture and values. The US has these at core best by far. and these movements are being pushed to weaken that.

The true state crosses ethnic lines and leads the world into next age and against all storms.

When did spics become Hispanics

The oregon district is the most liberal spot in Montgomery country. Every gay bar is there & they have a prominent drag scene. Anyone saying its conservative is a fucking moron. Watching this entire site for 2 days now trying to distance themselves from these shootings knowing damn well the shooters came from here is fucking hilarious.

OP here. I'm out. Thanks all.

Also i quoted the wrong person for top part of that post.


The God in the algorithm is fucking you into yourself. You're fucked.

Stand alone complex of becoming God, Buddha, and psychic cure all is all you can do m8.

Mass violence and far-wing movements are being pushed to weaken the US and whites in US who primarily stand as guardians. We are allowing them to turn us to monsters our State to the arena.

The true state and true over-man are founded on culture and values. While these are historically ethnic terms what is true-state and over-man crosses ethnic lines and leads the world into next age and against all storms.

I know, it's crazy not to kill high profile

sometime after I left Public School in 1982.

back then they were "Chicanos"

prob is any nice new fully PC word you invent for a class of people who are bad soon becomes a term for….well…bad people and thus a "slur".

So they have to keep cumming up with new ones.

PS-latest is "Latinx". :) Nationality, language and GENDER all gone with one newly minted term. IRL I wouldn't call any Mexican a "Latinx" unless it was just friendly ball-busting. Its basically saying you can't tell their gender.

None of this is going to slow down or stop until either whites or jews are gone. Why? Because it is the jews existential purpose to abolish their only percieved threat to global domination and the enslavement of all lesser peoples. By divine and natural order, there can be no middle ground at this global scale. How? Cultural relativism, commie propaganda, disinfo, disarmament, miscegenation, financial control, eternal d&c of every facet of ones life. All you are seeing is symptoms of this cause, the death throes of the dying of the light. To any alphabet nigger in here ,think very carefully about not only the fate of your people and history, but your afterlife and reincarnation. The end will be jews enslaving all other races, or nuking everything if they are about to lose. I truly hope you niggers have some mission impossible shit up your sleeves. At this point Its pretty grim and only gets worse. Hell is on earth frens.

Fully ethically. And with love for all the over-man carries the world on his shoulders despite it's red nature.

The targets were selected to form a wedge between patriotic Americans. What could be more American than a monolithic corporation and a bar draped in the flag? Then add another element: an attack on an American institution in an area predominantly populated by 'new Americans', by latinos. It changes the composition of the threat. Not only is it now an attack against normal America but one against the second most perceived to be persecuted group. Johnny and Susan are tricked into becoming empathetic to the invaders because of their participation in an American tradition. Luke warm patriots and yee-haws who are all talk are also shit scared because their bars could hypothetically be targeted. They'll fall into line a lot more easily than their harder headed, braver compatriots.

- Trump bad
- White men bad
- Gun owners bad
- Nowhere is safe not even Walmart
- How can you support Trump, white people or gun owners if you can't even safely give your money to a corporation that populates the country with cookie-cutter stores of no distinction?
- See?! Whites who care about being white are racist
- Only racist white men are a terrorist threat
- This is why white people… oops I mean everyone should be disarmed and we should trust our law enforcement agencies to protect us, with the ever trustworthy media by their side
- Whites must be bad if I can't even drown my sorrows in a bar that's dressed up to appeal to my false sense of belonging
- The media and Democrats must be right about Trump because TWO shootings happened in ONE DAY!

Also, get NBCR masks asap if you dont have them. Godspeed anons.

spics aren't white

True. They aren't even human by my standard.

No, you aren't.

Here are the common sense rules for happenings…
1. If no jew hit the floor, it wasn't justified.
2. If a manifesto doesn't point out jewish crimes, it's a fabrication of jews.
3. Immediately after every happening the boards are getting raided with outside agitators pushing a narrative. Either stick to lurking or blast them with redpills, while ignoring the actual happening.
4. Give Zig Forums 3-5 days to uncover enough information to make you see the happening in a very different light.
5. Throughout all of human history nobody gave a shit about victims…so don't even mention them, that's for the media hyenas.
6. reddit spacing is for fags
7. Tesla is a fucking legend.

- See?! Jews who care about being jew are racist

- Only racist white jew are a terrorist threat

- This is why jewish people… oops I mean everyone should be disarmed and we should trust our jew enforcement agencies to protect us, with the ever trustworthy jew media by their side

- Jews must be bad if I can't even drown my sorrows in a bar that's dressed up to appeal to my false sense of belonging

- The jews and Democrats must be right about Trump because TWO shootings happened in ONE DAY!

The only real shootings in the US were committed by Jews.

Yep, that falls under point 4.

Well now it's more obvious than ever we're dealing with feds here. Lemme guess, you're next gonna go on about how Putin and Iran are the biggest threat to our lives.

The manifesto wasn’t shit