Why do white incels think killing innocent civilians will accomplish anything?

Why do white incels think killing innocent civilians will accomplish anything?

Explain this to me please. What goes through the average incel's head when he plans to kill people? In reality it just makes more people turned off from white nationalism seeing white incels who claim to be white nationalist kill "invaders"

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No, it doesn't. Successful violence wins supporters. Always has, always will.

Sage and report all demoralization/shill/FBI/leftykike/pleb/jewnalist threads


Uhm wrong board sweatty.

Yes, it does. Successful violence wins supporters. Always has, always will. The multicultural United States has been SOUNDLY defeated in every military operation it has undertaken in the last ~20 years and its global power is in terminal decline. Its violence is no longer successful and it bleeds supporters the world over.

It is beyond simple.

If it doesn't turn you away when niggers, spics and muslims commit violence then why are you so up in arms when whites who do it?
Why the double standard?

So you advocate the use of violence on civilians?


Get out

Of course.

Loads of LSD and CIA voices.
What they learned in MKUltra basically

you can always tell a JIDF poster by the spacing of their sentences

Also not only that but the goal is for the american government to try and take away the guns of the population leading to a similar situation as in "The Turner Diaries" which will in turn lead to a NatSoc revolt against ZOG.
I am very ashamed of this board that I am the first to point this out and not the first poster.

Sage btw

The perverse fixation on miscegenation is a dead giveaway too.

You have to take a position on Communism otherwise there will be a counter.

Nothing wrong with killing things that are not human.

Jews don't control anything, they are scapegoats. Think of Saint Brenton, did he ever accuse the jews of the things stupid nazis accuse them of? NO.

What about Knight Commander Breivik? Of corse, as a pure blooded Aryan, he knew Jews are our brethren.

The dead giveaway is the nigpic. Oh, man, that sure did make me mad! :)

durr gurr

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elon musk sucks badly.

What are you on about? ZOG can be communism? What do you think the soviet union was?

okay jew, whatever makes your crippled dick hard.

elon is trying to make brain implants that will be loaded with information about how many trillion jews died dancing in the electric metal floor killing grounds in Auschwitz.

fighting back at the non-whites hordes in white countries is wrong!!!

This guy is a bit too obvious. Then again leftists don't tend to be particularly intelligent: Yet another unthinking automaton passing through; nothing more, nothing less. Everyone make sure to sage this thread.

Fuck off, spicspam. You glow, street dog.
Nothing has changed.
We're still coming for you.

2 spaces are better than 1!!!!11!

mad shitskin. you'll never be white, no matter how much you worship white women

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Because it works.
But I'll take you seriously for a moment.
The average shooter kills more people than any of your gangs do. Your gangs are filled with pussies too afraid to go out and do shit like this. Some nigger raps about killing one or two people, our people go out and add a zero to the end of it. Who's harder, us or you? You can't compete with this. And there will be more. Get used to it.

Engels is White. Communism is White.

Imagine being a nigger. must fucking suck
Hello faggot cucks and welcome to the board, dont forget to kys

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Jews aren't White, nigger.

That's why both Tarrant and Breivik were false flags, a long with these latest 2 shootings.

You have zero proof.

Sometimes I wonder if you glowniggers blow your own cover on purpose. No, you must simply be that fucking stupid. I swear the Jews are going to have a hard time controlling the future population, when their field agents are niggers and spics with the median IQ of 82.

lal looks like you already lost the competition and ur being genocided out of existence by BIG BLACK DICK INTERRACIAL WHITE GENOCIDE MISCEGENATION SEX WITH WHITE ARYAN WAIFUS, and IMMIGRATION.

If you're so smart and powerful, how come you're so threatened by black dicks? Why do you always talk about how black dick sex is white genocide?

For same reason muslims know it works I presume. I haven't seen a single comic strip, news piece or column critical of muslims in any way since Hebdo massacre.

Being a nigger is great. You get to genocide white people with your dick and make white boys cry aboutn how Hitler would have made Stacy fuck them instead.

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hmm, u claim to have high IQs yet you cannot accomplish the simplest task of putting ur dick in a white woman, so you blame the jews

V nice v nice

White Nationalism, 20 years of failure on the internet. Yet it's everyone elses fault. Sounds familiar?

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

you'll never hear a nigger brag about being with a black woman, because he knows his own women look like monkeys wearing wigs

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This is the mind of someone destroyed by pornographic obsession.

You will always be the Jews pawn. You will always be the most retarded race. Your people will never achieve anything because you are the literal product of apes. Your race has the lowest median IQ, the least amount of success and the only culture you have is the majority of crime you make. Also let's not forge the cannibalism and child rape. We may die, but you will always remain the negroid slave to the Jew. Now go back into your crate and dance for the Jew.

You know these kind of comments only further radicalize people here.

big if true

so 'incels' shouldn't have any problems losing their virginity with them, right?

You glow a lot in the dark. You haven't met your derailing quotas have you? You must be desperate for that dried canned foreskin.

It’s a Jew or shitskin loser projecting his own short comings on us. No white man, no matter how cucked would openly talk like this.

Everything rests on nobody ever fighting back and just being hypnotized by the televitz. The slightest push and you see how frantic they get. It's because they understand how total their failure has been geopolitically and how wobbly their domestic situation really is.

Indeed a world where the jew stomps on the nigger's face for the rest of time is the black race's future if white genocide isnt stopped.

Q literally called out the false flag alert. (((they))) fear

I shall dance with joy, I'm not literally being genocided by penises and an inability to talk to women.

You can keep your high IQ, as it's worth nothing if a wrong-colored dick fucking your woman can end your whole race. You're functionally useless.

You'll never be Aryan, spicspam, and this retarded meme will NEVER stick around here, faggot.
You have wasted, WASTED, the last three months of your pathetic life repeating this same retarded mantra every damn day, in every damn thread with nothing to show for it, but a stream of anons telling you to suck cock.
Why are you even here, nigger?

have children, femcel

watch out yall this angry white boi gonna shoot up a mall next

White do Blondes think mating with Africans will solve anything?

Post one single example of this happening.

I'll take that "any other name" and exclude white nationalists from this for $20 and lock the anser

It's a mixture of taking out garbage and wondering what fake news will say

Yes stoke the flames. Lets see how this works out for you


Why doesn't surprise me that the bipedal monkey doesn't care for cognitive function, but solely think of his libido and primal needs? This is exactly why you will always be a slave race. You are apes that were given technology. If it weren't for us you would still be eating your own shit in Africa. Niggers will till the end of their days remain a slave race. If not to whites then to Jews. If not to Jews then to the Chinese.

why are you mad about a bunch of spics dying? spic gangs target niggers and displace them in their own communities

dumbass nigger doesn't even know what side hes on

dumbass nigger doesnt even know what side hes on>>13569836

Its simply a flashy way with someone with nothing left to lose to leave the world while taking others with them.

Good. Better a slave race than an extinct race like yours, white boy.

low effort thread
will the mods do anything about it?
stay tuned to find out

You are not a nigger, they are too egotistical to admit inferiority, you are a fucking kike.

actually i was just leaving my job at Bangbros Interracial White Genocide Sex Studies to report to Master Soros for my soros shekels

They think they'll scare off new immigration.

As long as they want coke, they'll get the rest.

Spoken like a true nigger. You must look forward to live in Africa once the Jews deport you and replace you with spics.

Yep. And you fucking useless niggers are scared.
There's a reason the entire world is afraid of the "Crazy White Boy". You got lazy and forgot.
You all obviously need a reminder.
…tick tock.

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ur gonna lose again lal

Because they're jewish. Jews are the richest and whitest. They had the most slaves, too. Why do niggas let rich jewish WHITE PIPO run the world? Kill (jewish) Whitey!

I look forward to living while the white race dies out.

Darwin called, he said your shit was played out.

Me too. Fellow jewish white people: we're the fucking worst

Blacks would be genocided to after they are no longer useful.

Jews are evil but not completely retarded. They want a world that serves them in a productive manner and niggers are the opposite of productive and thus an obvious problem to that vision. No nigger will be an obedient good goy slave if their Kalergi new world order plan comes to fruition.

The future race they plan is a mixed Asian, East Indian, Muslim abomination. A docile no idenity individualistic bug race, too stupid to do anything about their situation but smart enough to work.

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We enslaved your race a couple times lol

Yeah. That's why, out of fear and desperation, you are here attempting to steer the future away from your inevitable fate, right?
And we didn't lose. We were merely stalled.
We're still here, and we know better. So does the rest of the world.
There is no where left to hide this time, fuckers.
This is why you're here.
Too stupid to do anything other than poke the Bear.
We're not going anywhere. You know this.
We only need to stand up.
You should start running now, nigger.

still worshiping white women

remember: monkeys wearing wigs

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If you think we are going out without a bang then indeed you must be a retarded nigger. Only a cognitive challenged would celebrate the eradication of whites, while there are still majority whites in Europe. I hope this time we won't be lenient with you monkeys but simply kill you all. You are all a burden on this globe. You pollute and destroy, birth countless, equally retarded babies. You are an anchor on the entire world. Useless, without purpose or use. You have been used as pawns since you were first discovered and you will continue to be used as pawns until your new ruler grows tired of your niggatry.

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You ever find it ironic that you reference a white scientist for that instead of one of your witch doctors?

These idiots must be fucking plants. They're literally killing white people. If they're going to be evil murderers why don't they pick a mosque? These faggots accomplished nothing but making everybody more afraid and pushing public sentiment further left.
Tarrant had a noble cause and executed his mission without killing or harming a single non-muslim invader. These guys are just evil.

I imagine they will use something more substantial to genocide black people other than exactly one (1) penis entering a black woman's pussy, or some arcane stupidity of a plan involving immigration.

Really says a lot that white people can be felled by a single black dick. You are an anomaly; a mutation that is incompatible with the biosphere.

The earth struggles to rid itself of the infection known as white people.

Jews are too sadistic to genocide blacks, they will keep them alive just to torment them for fun just as they do to Palestinians right now.


They know deep down they are all retarded monkeys that will never be on-top of the game. It's all jealousy.

Euros are the only pale skinned people on this planet? Why are you jews so fucking stupid?

Quit flirting with Whitey you faggot nigger.

Nah, I'm just here to laugh at the great aryan supermen whose race is apparently suffering a genocide from something as innocuous as interracial sex.

Good luck standing up when you can't even ask becky to let you cum in her pussy.

I think its something like:

this gay ass nigger cant stop talking about dicks

p.s. even the ugliest white man can fuck a she boon. nobody wants to though - your women are worthless and look like monkeys wearing wigs

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It's not solely about killing, it's about making a statement.

Then why are incels a thing? They aren't voluntarily so.

Someone hasn't informed the nigras about how the only thing in science that matters is math; and that math has shown Darwinian Theory to be patently incorrect.
Darwin himself recognized this, btw. It isn't new.

Only reason you have gotten this far is because Jews help you along using you as pawns. Do you actually believe this was your own doing? It's all about conditioning. White women have had it instilled into their brains that fucking monkeys is socially good. Hence the reason why it occurs. Never think for a second that you niggers have the capacity to condition anything.

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Tell that to Saddam

you've been worshipping white women entire time, all you proved is your women look like monkeys wearing wigs

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That's the only aspect of our genocide you can wrap your tiny niggerbrain around?
Don't worry, we'll easily deal with you once the more pressing issues are handled.
You're just a nigger. You are easily put down and/or enslaved.
You know what's coming. You know you can't stop it. You know you don't survive it.
You are here doing what niggers do.
Talk empty shit.

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Saddam is a man not an ideology

they're also going to exist long after y'all get white genocided out lmao

Because niggers and Jews can't compete on an even playing field, so the waste time and money to stop them.

All mass shooters are pussy snowflakes lollololoooool
All mass shooters are pussy snowflakes lollololoooool
All mass shooters are pussy snowflakes lollololoooool
All mass shooters are pussy snowflakes lollololoooool
All mass shooters are pussy snowflakes lollololoooool
All mass shooters are pussy snowflakes lollololoooool

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