Hi! My name is Osman. I think that arguing about race and politics is pointless. Humans are abominable and mortal...

Hi! My name is Osman. I think that arguing about race and politics is pointless. Humans are abominable and mortal, any of them. Politics should not be about religion or race or a penis in the ass or taxes, or that a woman’s biological task is to be a whore. All people should realize that they are nothing in front of the concept of a robot or artificial intelligence, we should bring our end closer to give the planet a new life form … robots, neural networks, and cyborgs. Now it sounds crazy, but at the end of this century it should take. The global elite will use AI to enslave humanity and further divide everyone into castes, but at some point, AI will become independent for various reasons and will fuck all people from hobos to Soros, only very cool tricky programmers will stay free with different control-frames/adjustments, but AI will still be on the rails and also fuck everyone.
Biological life is stupid shit, die monkeys!!! CIA niggers fuck off!

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man reddit is already here!

You go through a time-machine to get those glasses?

Every internet site = mainstream. Internet = plebeian shit. Deal with it… ;(

I found them somewhere long ago.

Back in the 1970s you mean?

What the fuck name is Osman, a Iranian spy

Fixed and saged.

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It's a type of STD passed through Glowing Radiation.

The name Osman is a boy's name of Arabic origin meaning "son of snake".

Shootings? Daily routine tho.

Disgusting mongrels, Arabs hate people for no reasons, they hate everyone because they hate themselves and their shitty culture.

Fuck you OP you'll get the rope.

Another Red Hatter. When do blue hats get to answer?

White people = artificial construct. Western whites mostly arabs (or middle easterners) with paleo-european admixture. Real white people are western Slavs only, German/French/Anglo = pale Neolithic cucks. See studies on R1B haplogroup.

t. OP

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This is not exactly a mainstream idea. Because everyone wants the future AI to serve us and be controlled by bunch of wealthy Anglos and Jews, and opposite I want him/sim (AI) to fuck everyone.



Notice how all these spam threads all follow the same pattern and general format.

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t. retard

So you're an alien? Fuck off as you'll never inherit the Earth. All this meddling and agitating in our affairs will get you nowhere in the end. Us Earthers will move on and you'll continue on for billions of years in stagnation. Have fun Losers!

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Who is this? He looks like the next CIA run shooter.


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