Clown world

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It's called alienation, faggot. It's what happens when you overwhelm a population with, you know, aliens.

It's all an obvious psy-op, more than half of the posts on this board are by bad actors, and they're distracting from Epstein.

It's fucking basic, I'm baffled that no one else is speaking out about this. It's basically one giant slide of what's really going on so people divert their attention to "muh gunz"

Fucking brainlets

Everybody already knows those old Jews are dirty perverts. Can't settle with just a single young hot lady, they try to have them all. As a result they need to chase the forbidden meat.

Gee, what could have happened between 1919 and 2019

Ok 4chan, I see you just started your little journey and are currently "Red-pilled", you probably watch PargerU and other alt-light lowlives.

This is now a book thread. Post your pdfs and help this newfag!
(This is a low effort post anyway and will be removed if the mods have any decency)

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You jews are so pissy right now. Plans not working out for ya?

I want to know how many of these fucks were drugged as school kids.
They all seem to be in their early 20's, just a couple of years out of public school where the dyke teachers drug little boys until they are as compliant as girls.
They say we can't have that info because of 'privacy rules'.
Fuck privacy rules, I want to know if the 'drug jew' is complicit in this madness.

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Its because of the invaders. In an all white society whites feel safe. In a society that is constantly telling whites they are satan and should be exterminated, whites don't feel safe. Niggers are too dumb to pull off mass shootings.

Real culprit is SSRIs and benzos but half of these people are also on them so they don't want to admit they fry brains. China has had mass stabbings from similarly drugged loons but nonono the problem is guns

Literally all of them, "muh kush" is a thing now. Kids are abstaining from alcohol, coffee and cigarettes but are using huge amounts of mind altering drugs that induce hallucinations.

Nah, they did one in Chicago last night, got nine I think. Think I saw where there was one dead. Difference is they can't aim.

Its time to get off the computer now

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All mass shootings are caused by jews. Every disastrous policy that causes normal people to go on rampages was lobbied for by a jew.

Damn lolbergs btfo

You’re just a little faggot who doesn’t have any social skills so you blame everyone else for your small problems. Quit blames external forces and take responsibility for your shitty existence

So what are you going to do about it?

Nobody is that stupid, or are you?

Found the jew…

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Whoop caught a pothead. Like flies to rotting meat, they flock religiously to any negative mention of their drug. It takes twenty fucking years for your MRI to return to normal after ingesting 100mg of THC.

So, I'd all mass killings are lobbied for by Jews? That's what you said? They wanted Hitler? Lobbied for him? Are you really that ignorant?

Why all the Jew hating? Have you ever met a jew? Have any Jewish friends to base your opinions on?

It's your post an esoteric metaphor that we're ready to welcome those of planet Xenu?

I wouldn't call them friends, but I've known several and none of them gave me cause to doubt the stereotypes.

Your post lacks context, any context.
Shill level.

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Disgusting rat faced jude

Its even more obvious how blatant they are pushing this when other countries with similar gun laws and ownership are fine.

Please give me a source on this - it would be greatly appreciated. I have studied a lot of psychopharmacology and have never found such a claim.

Women’s suffrage. The mistake great civilizations make before they die.

What are you gonna do, faggot, bomb his island?
Fuck off kike

You forgot the propane bombs at columbine, OKC, WTC in the 90's, and the endless amounts of pipe bombs at schools that go unreported.

There have been many bombings with homemade and commercial bombs since then, faggot

Way to conveniently leave out Oklahoma City, retard.

go drink yourself into oblivion faggot

How does a fertelizer bomb (((materializes))) 2 other bombs in the basement?

The bombs were CGI

I drink once a year for a religious observance, never smoked in my life, don't do drugs. Ask me how good it feels to have a mind that doesn't make mistakes and I'll ask you how it feels to be thinking through fuzz all the time.

shut up you stupid boomer faggot

Imagine actually being this retarded lmfao

lol a fucking burnt out postmoker with weed induced false memories and inability to do math is going to call me retarded

lol I can still do math while high. try not having sub 120 iq

cannabis kills the pharma-Jew.
You're retarded for allowing the Jew to come in and pump you full of pharma instead of legalizing home medicine that we used for hundreds of years.
Not to mention cheaper paper, clothing, and oil. Only kike-shills hate pot.


oh you fucker you just made my goddamn weekend i haven't laughed that hard in a solid week

Shot from a car like a pussy.

IED that failed to even detonate
Not a school but funny enough the sale of ammonium nitrate was heavily regulated post bombing, and surprise its working

Wow look at this faggot ape out


Arizona dumbass

Keep pounding this fact in on every facet everywhere. Ask the question - "What gun laws have been enacted in the past 50 years? How many mass shootings were there 50 years ago?"

Then point out the demographics of 50 years ago. Hell, go even further - go with 100 years ago.

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Maybe because feminism turned every man into a raging faggot who would rather be a slave to women then support their own brothers

Come on now. You really think that's it? That's the only thing?

Try harder faggot

You're not welcome here Incel faggots, hang yourself with a shoelace

no surprise that your OP is shit tier and low effort. go back to the 140 character limit that you are clearly used to.

If it didn't why would CIA use it on MKULTRA?

probably shouldn't look into who owns most pot shops in states where it's legal…