In 2006, the population of Nigeria was 140 million. In 2019, it is 198 million. A plus of 58 million in 13 years. The birth rate per woman is 7 children. Nigeria is a majority muslim country. Should we ban immigrants or rather people-exports from there to make a stand against overpopulation and overbreeding? Because, also, the more people, the more climate change. Maybe we should send them free condoms too…

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History has so far shown that increased welfare goes hand in hand with decreased birthrates, but I don't see why we should wait around for that when we can take matters into our own hands. Free condoms are a good start and will prove a worthwhile investment in the long run.

gas yourself

turd overpopulation the world over is a christcuck "for only a dollar a day" creation.

It's scary to think how many useless subhumans there are on the planet.

The population of Nigeria is expected to be 400 million by 2050:

That's their problem.

They've never produced to provide for their numbers, it's all been handouts by suicidal egalitarianism who now ship their creations into White countries. suicidal insanity.

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This. OP is also kind of right, but I gave up on this. Even if their birth rate would go down their population would still grow for decades.
- Trump kind of cut down the support for Ebola counter measures:
- 2050 is vaguely the time when our civilization breaks down, because of climate change.
TRUMP 2020!!1!

Well if civilization breaks down 2050 due to climate change, why vote for Trump who tells you it doesn't exist?

What the fuck. Stop feeding them already.

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So who is gonna get all that oil first? jews or chinks?

no user, calculated genocide.

But the problem is "white supremacy"

This. How can the left be truly environmentalists if they don't publicly address halal & kosher slaughter in all supermarkets & fast food outlets, while not a tough stance on whale hunting by the Japanese, pollution by India & China knowing overpopulation kills the local eco system into the West.

It was NS Germany that were the first environmentalists, they merely adopted some of the policies of them and then having the nerve to protecting is leftist in origin.

We should instead spend aid on sterilizing all those people. Offer them like $10 to get snipped and they are never a problem again. Its for the environment after all. Climate change is a serious issue

Fuckin nigers

we don't care about controlling other countries populations like you do kikes.

especially not during 3 mass shootings.


We do. The only way to protect our people is to prevent overpopulation of the lesser creatures that want to destroy us.

Look here, interesting map. Africa will double its population by 2050 and quadruple it by 2100. All lions, rhinos etc will die. And they will export hundreds of millions of people to the world. My opinion, and I am European, is to do the following:

- stop foreign aid with just food etc. But help educate women (who are owned by the patriarchate) and help african businesses so they can develop a economy that makes these countries worth living in. And I mean it, African pride and African world leading companies in the future, but no more people export. Africa first.

- stop taking in immigrants from overbreeding countries, incl. Nigeria, but also Bangladesh, Niger etc. There are too many humans on this earth already. But also there are african success stories, like for example Botswana or Ethiopia. I would happily take immigrants from there, as I am not a racist. But I don't want my country to be swept with millions of black Boko-Haram extremists who use women as property breeding machines. There is a distinction there and we have to face it and define it!!!!!!

- I want a hard border in Europe towards Africa. No more mass immigration due to economical reasons. You are not guilty of being born the way you are, but if we take them in, we encourage it more. And there will be an african wave sweeping over all the world, including extremely racist countries like China and Japan and Saudi-Arabia and Russia. And believe me the Arabs and Eastern Asians are extremely racist. Or have youz ever seen a half chinese half black child? I didn't.

If such a wave of black people sweeps over the world, due to extreme poverty in Africa, the disruption across the world is unthinkable. We will basically have to guard our borders armed to the teeth or they will just flood us. Seriously.

So we have to help them to thrive, educate women and give them access to knowledge or we will be run over by their masses.

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the funny thing is that your government both believes that high populations are necessary for economic growth AND that Europe should take in immigrants because Africa is overpopulated. Which one is it? Is overpopulation good or bad?

It is globalism and communism. They think overpopulation of whites is bad, but overpopulation of retards is good.

Population is declining in Europe. But native Europeans don't want to be replaced by Muslims and black people. Yes that sounds racist but that is, honestly, what native Europeans think. We rather have a declining population, helping the world by providing less people that use ressources, with declining economies, than to replace the missing people with immigrants from backgrounds and cultures we don't want here. Some cultures just don't fit. While others do. I would be happy if more eastern Asians would come. They adapt. They learn language and culture and they work. And White European / Eastern Asian children hybridy are actually quite handsome. No problem with that. But black/white hybrids are always brown. I don't want gingers, blondes, blue/green/grey eyed people do decline. I don't want it to be replaced by more brown. Ynd wes, that now maybe sound racist. But I want to preserve our race and it has nothing to do with supremacy. It has to do with self-preservation. I just don't want a to see a beautiful redhead going together with a brown person, producing brown kids. I want to see more beautiful light skinned ginger and blonde kids.

yea but whites created the constitution.

Overpopulation is the biggest threat that humanity has to face. These African niggers will overpopulate their own lands, causing major wars, poverty, starvation, and environmental destruction. They will then pour into Europe.

And who is to blame here? White people. Compassionate white Christians who want to feed Africans so they can fuck and fuck and fuck and make as many babies as they can. Then these whites will invite the Africans into Europe and the Americas.

Whites need to stay out of Africa. Let the Chinese take over. The Chiense can manage population growth rates and infrastructure, while taking African natural resources and land in exchange. The white Christian history in America has always been a failure.

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Gas yourself.

I don't doubt that, filthy kike.
Also legit reported for making me puke while reading this absolute garbage post.

The only thing we should do is stop all foreign aid and let Africans just be Africans within their own country. After 20 or so years left to their own devices I am sure nature will rebalance the population.

Lol the way you type here indicates you are very new. Nobody cares about sounding racist here. Racism doens’t exist, it’s a made up word by Jews to guilt trip white people from doing what’s best in their interests and to make whites a minority in their own country. It’s all in accordance to the Jewish Kalergi new world order agenda. Jews hate whites because we’ve been a problem for them since the beginning of time and they want us all dead so they can live uncontested as the rulers of Earth.

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Nigeria: Superpower by 2060.

Not really. It will be an overpopulated shithole country, spreading and exporting people where it can, dependent on foreign food supplies, leading to massive ressource wars in Africa. Nigeria and the stance of its uneducated breeding-keen people will lead to a massive war, maybe a world war - because no nation on earth wants their population surplus

yea I agree. Completely withdraw and leave them to themselves. With all consequences. But don't give em nukes

I agree. We have to leave Africa to itself. Maybe that would be a good thing, even though people might die. But Africa has to grow up and stand up for tself. No more medicines, no more food aid. Let them face the full consequences of their ideologies.

Amd let great African Nations like kenya, botswana, sambia and ethiopia help create a better, proud Africa, that can fend for itself.

White christcucks have created the nigger biohazard that exists today, leaving it to itself it will consumer everything there and then spill out, we're faced with the mess christcucks made whether we like it or not.


Hello newcomer, welcome to Zig Forums board. You are not a racist for caring about your race but interracial breeding is not accepted here no matter what reasons.

Wrong as fuck and you know it, you dirty, lying jew. When you subsidize something, you get more of it.

Christian groups and ngo's are cover for intellignece agencies, it's how they get spies into countries. It's been made public a few times… what's the one… Christian Monitor? Or World Christian something, is CIA.

Just approach the problem from a scientific wildlife mangement perspective.

They don't have natural predators and people have been feeding them and making them unable to use their wild instincts to survive.

We should be able to buy tags to hunt Africans and in exchange the money goes to buy them rice and manage the land to eventually rewild these creatures and the game that would sustain them when they return to hunting in bush.

Hunting Africans will be necessary to preserve habitat and species and it will be every European's duty to preserve and expand wild spaces.

Hopefully the spread of ebola will take care of it soon enough along with mutation.

Lagos Nigeria will be 88 million by 2100.
It will be the biggest in the world

The Nigerians though seem to be light years ahead of the pitiful retards in Port au Prince Haiti, a city of 3 million with NO sewage system. All foreign attempts to give them that have failed. Seems they either don't appreciate the importance of that or they just want to steal all the money given for it. There were some Victorian era technology level sewage drainage canals built but the Hatians just threw in all garbage and not just shit, so that they got filled in and blocked up and now there's just shit lakes everywhere.

(((jesuits))), too.

The world is overpopulated with worthless individuals.

Do you

a) proceed to eat maggots and other vermin just to survive


b) implement a strict population control across Africa and Asia

It's so much easier and peaceful simply to bribe them into vasectomies and tubal ligations. In many places a transistor radio will do the trick

Why not send them back? What's the moral reason we should not?

Some judge was offering 30 day early release the men & women were to do just that, the liberals threatened to sue the judge.

As many people have pointed out, there is a simple solution; cut off gibs. This doesn’t just mean cutting off foreign aid, but also the welfare state and ultimately the state itself. After that, the subhumans will simply die off.

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Haiti was a paradise under the French of the ancien regime.

Yep, pretty much all the prisoners lined up for early release.

Ya, that was centuries ago. What's the reason that can justify keeping them there when they eat mud pies?

The Lutherans and the Catholics are the worst. The Catholic in particular have stated that since the populations of Europe and N. America are no longer willing to be their devout sheep for them to ride herd over they're only too eager to replace us with servile simple minded turd whirl retards.

We're in a tight spot.
There's no easy way out of this fix.

There was a story about blacks in africa being taught how to use condoms by white aid workers where broomhandles were used as standins for penises to show how condoms should be put on, so naturally the nigs put the condoms on a broom handle in the room where they had sex thinking this was voodoo magic and that was how it worked.
The only thing we should send them is a stronger version of ebola.

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How about a free fucking nuke?