Republicans versus Democrats

Red hats vs other hats, which side would you choose, because, of course, you have a choice to sit on a grassy knoll and watch.

Trump MAGA incompetent idiots, Congress included versus others versus aliens, who would win and what side do you pick?

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Of course MAGA, no wait they're better women on the other side, not like you could get any.

Gayest politics ever.

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It's King Trump surpassing the Redcoats with amount of laws and taxes imposed on his subjects.

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I don't participate in team sports.

Executive orders affecting states unequally.
Congress creating policy and ethics calling it law.
Executive branch influencing the creation of laws.

This is tyranny and in direct opposition to the US founding document.

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When was the last time the Vice President sat with the full Senate?

Never in my lifetime.

Our Government has blatantly ignored their jobs.

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You should care, unless you plan on having kids that will never have kids.

Has anybody seen how many committees these clowns in Congress have?

For example: a representative elected by the state of New York questioning an enforcement officer who works in New Mexico….

Where the fuck are the representatives elected from New Mexico, go focus on New York you twat idiot nut licker.

Caring and not being a votecuck go hand in hand.

Very fucking simple you block head representatives. If the budget is reoccurring and has to raise more money than the previous year the House votes on it.
If any project that is new than it has to originate in the House of Reps.

You understand a President who says I'm going to improve a boarder wall than gets funding for it is in direct opposition to the Constitution.

It has to originate in the House, from the people, and, hopefully, from states that are on the fucking boarder.

Why are these people so goddamn ridiculous

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So an armed conflict begins ten minutes from your house?

Do you hide and suck your thumb?


Do you run towards it to protect your land?

Your the votecuck

Holy shit do these people even have eyes, neurons, competency?

Executive branch imposing sanctions, tariffs, negotiating business deals?

Congress allowing a world Bank to value US currency on domestic soil?

Allowing foreign lands to regulate value of US assets?

Last time I checked Mexico and Canada are connected to us and India is across the fucking ocean.

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A treasury bond is issued by the treasury than turned to cash by any entity that buys it.

Direct opposition to the US Constitution.

Certain states giving tax breaks to corporations for relocation.

Direct opposition to the US Constitution and bribery.

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It's all Russia's fault with China giving them their moves.

Fuck Trump Supporters

Anarchy would have more structure than these clowns

Just a few examples

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Boring time period, ain't it?

Hahahaha Redcoats

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More like Red Hats

How will the kids who just get a GED under either Democrat or Republican rule?

Yeahhh they're fucked.

Republicans vs Democrats you mean
Zionist vs Bolsheviks?

And the CIA/Secret Service care at 0%

Because they have Muslims to go after, duh

Anarchy…. …. In the UK

Both are worse than Redcoat rule

Slow the fuck down, sandman.

Find one of Trump getting fucked by Un and I'll get a boner

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Why is Wal Mart a better shooting location than a golf course?

The events in our time are already happening to slow.

You're a waste of space, go jump off a bridge.

You literally have nothing relevant to add, go jump off a bridge

Republican vs. Democrat is the false choice of the Jew. It's nothing more than a shell game where Shlomo makes certain that the only possible winners are his choices, not yours. Surely you know this.

They're all yarmulkes.

In a war Republicans versus Democrats, who would win? Since you know about Jews so much, which side are the Jews on? Keep in mind a war means that looting is pretty much wide open and corporations cease to operate.

Your nonsense answer has this question: where will the first murder happen between anti Trump and Trump supporters?

We choose our own path.

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You no choose your own path, your forced on your path. There is no freedom

I will not have grandkids in such a mess. If the creators won't fix it than the people will need to.

Nobody cares, right Madam First Lady?

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If Hitler was coming to power in modern USA who would be the Jewish subjects?

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How has US deterrence policy worked?

Nuclear stockpiles in Europe and Middle East at threat.

Multiple invasions.

Who has created such a military strategy which has time implications that have been superceded?

The US, we, lost soliders in Korea, Vietnam, East & West Germany, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and more….
For what? How many ports have we opened, how many airports have we opened, how much wining have we done?
Let's make United States become United world and take the fuck over.
Fuck sake kill 10,000,000 if that's what it takes to win.
Rather have a doer than a shouldveer.
Pussy, cock gobbling leaders.

What the flying fuck are you trying to say in this post? There's no excuse for being a votecuck.

Arms industry: which has a larger market: Asia, Middle East, Africa or Israel, Sweden, & Poland.

Trump fucked our missile manufacturers straight in the ass.

On a conspiracy note: a shipping container missile in 2001 hit the Pentagon (Russia doesn't declare war, it wages it. ) I may be wrong but the evidence could correlate.

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Yeah, I have no clue what a votecuck is so I ranted about doers and non-doers. Whatever I'm an idiot.

This is nu/pol/, where we pretend to be above politics and proceed to act like fenceshitters.

It's politically incorrect to assemble on public, taxpayer paid for, land without a permit.

That is such bullshit you shouldn't need permission to assemble.

Let me just raise my hand and ask to take a piss,,, ,,, oh Mr. Government can I pull my dick out in the bathroom and piss?

Sign a bunch of papers and maybe we'll let you.


Yeah apparently you all are just way to smart for me here. Better go back to kindergarten.

Oh moderator, moderator the internet doesn't like the things people said here. Oh I'm going to cry to a moderator who makes 50k and hates their life. Waaaa

hi Zig Forums

Tranny giZzzing in my ass for President

Which is pretty easy to do considering nearly everything from 200 years ago is laissez faire compared to today