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Leftypol is trying to plan an internet wide ops to combat what they are calling "fascism". They lump Zig Forums into this category as well as many YouTube channels like Lauren Southern and PJW and blame them for "inspiring shootings like Christchurch". They intend to shit up comments and demonitize people.

You may say it doesn't matter, and that these e-celebs are worthless anyway. On that you are wrong, because leftypol is our enemy, and THEY SEE IT AS IMPORTANT. We must combat them to keep them focused on what is essentially a non-target. When you see shitty leftist comments, reply to them. Do not fall into their insult loop and say nothing of value. Destroy their narrative with sources and leave. On the meantime we continue as usual. Make memes, make jokes, shitpost. We're winning, they become more arrogant every day.

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Faggots like you never prosper because you're ALWAYS thinking about someone else. If you were not threatened or scared by it, why would you make a post blustering about how you will just carry on making memes? Sound like rush fucking pillbaugh. You're scared your little forum is gonna get taken away aawwwhhhh

Next time the shooting should be in an antifa meeting.

This will just radicalize people.

Hello leftynigger
Reread the OP. It's important to combat them because they think what they are doing is important. Know thy enemy. By making them feel like the battle they have chosen is key, we control them.

What does this commie even mean? anti-sage.

Oh god I love how delusional these niggers are. An "ascendant fascism" has been a constant threat since the fucking 1950s.

Zig Forums will overthrow the Zig Forumsyps, suck on it racists.

If you leave leftist comments untouched, it will radicalize more people to the left. Opposition must occur, even of on the surface it appears to help the so-called "alt-right". By defeating leftist comments in this way, it allows National Socialism to continue building a base while keeping the useful idiot e-celebs making content for now

Zig Forums (((BO))) is D&Cer

Proof in pic related. I'm saying stop the D&C and that op is Neoliberal doing it. So I get banned, no argument was going. The D&Cers are Neoliberals who are pushing from the left and right. They don't talk about and avoid the topic of (((Neoliberalism))).

LEFTYPOL BO IS A D&CER. I tried to post not to D&C and that it was neoliberals but got banned.

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Useful idiots are just that, idiots. Even with all the financial, political, and media backing they still flounder to any sort of resistance. The funny thing things haven't even started and they're already panicking.

LMFAO leftypol is so fucking cringe.


Rightists are useful idiots since they're mostly lower class.

hey faggot giving them an enemy is the worst thing you can do. just let them get board of it.

Not really, since a lefty is always advocating for White Genocide.
But leaving them untouched is fucked really.

Exactly. The useful idiots will battle on this non-target while Zig Forums continues to dominate. I simply propose we keep the charade up for longer by combating their narratives

Over time of left untouched those views become more acceptable to hear. While the information to shoot down leftist narratives exists and is easily accessible, we should use it

I'm not giving them an enemy. Whites will always be the enemy of communists.

Zig Forums is run by neoliberals (((BO))) because the word replacements it has turn "zog" into "King Zog". Also NatSoc replacements.

This means Zig Forums is not true left such as Communism. It means they're Neoliberals in similar way to Zig Forums having them shilling.

Retard, National Socialist isn't about class warfare but class co-operation. Its why Hitler allowed private companies and the government to flourish. Careful nationalization of only certain sectors rather than the destruction of private ownership.

have sex.

Everything a leftist does fails anyway because it's not based in reality. Just let them get their hopes up and fail again.

but if they feel like an actual battle is happening you'll never break there moral

Right here on Zig Forums in thtis comment we have a Civic Nationalist Neoliberal casually pretending he is pro-White.

Eat a bullet you fucking facist.

leftypol's BO can't even go 10 minutes without banning a user, the board is worthless use leftpol instead

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He allowed them to because they forced him to by assuring he would gain assistance. Your ignorance will do a lot of damage to National Socialists if you continue this.

As I said, that's what we want. This battle is a over a non-target if useful idiot e-celebs. Leftypol thinks they are attacking the heart of Zig Forums by doing these ops. We should keep them thinking so.

Wrong. The elites/military sided with Rightists throughout the 20th century.

non-target *of

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The best way to push your idea propaganda-wise is to put down other ideas instead of raising the quality of yours, actually. That's what these second generation commies do most effectively.

i suppose your right.

Look guys I keep having to correct you and you keep spurging out wrong information. Why? Because you are idiots and don't care about reality, while saying others don't. This is a big deal if you continue to behave like this.

Right wingers using sources from books. LOL right wing fascists hate books. You’re patriot front butt buddies went to a book fair to intimidate anarch-kiddies recently. You literally have nothing of value to add to conversations besides Hannity talking points. If you read books you might not sound so ignorant.

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Thanks for the bumps, commie

Ask me if I give a shot about a bunch of angry faggots and trannies.

Go ahead, ask me.

If you take the whole racebait garbage seriously you have to socialize industries and operate the country as a discrete racial unit. Non-compliant minorities (read: JEWS) go to their own country where their industries are all owned by jews without interference from others. Otherwise you wind up with boomers voting jews onto the board who then make the company's goal into something impossible like unlimited expansion rather than providing a service.

Israel itself is a great model for the west largely because they still manufacture all their own weapons rather than allowing German, American, and Chinese companies to compete for the contracts and create an obvious vulnerability. Meanwhile Britain has to rely on America for missiles and planes, which is why they are a fucking worthless country even compared to Canada (who can still manufacture their own weapons and often do).

You really are a gay nigger.

Maybe you want to disclose yourself as a Civic nationalist kike shill?

We have to. They are the enemy. Only a fool fights a battle and ignores what his enemy wants

I agree, make them look irrational and retarded.
Demoralize them completely while you're at it.

Kill yourself commie, I'm sure your soylent filled body would last 3 days in a Civil-War scenario.

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(4dd6fa) is a kike.

See this guys? Kikes are like termites on this board.

Imagine trying to use the very method of shitting up comments that I exposed you for in the OP

Op is a kike, neoliberal civic nationalist anti-white kike.

Why not make a counter-offensive and innonder them shit? like Tumblr war?

Imagine being a dumbass so thick you are doing heavy damage to something you are trying to advocate. You were proven both dumb and ignorant above. Yet you persist like you have some kind of credibility.

You will lose YouTube, because your ideology is trash. Right wingers suck billionaire cock. They scapegoat economic problems on illegal immigrants, because they’re so low IQ they could lose a job to someone who doesn’t speak English. Right wingers team up with Franklin Graham and Jim Bakker which is pathetic to say the least. Right wingers support class traitors like the police. Right wingers are willing to let billionaires use the public treasury as a slush fund for private profits as long as their politicians talk dirty about Mexicans. Right wingers shoot unarmed children. Right wingers support a President who has been called Zion Don for being sent by God to be the savior of Israel. Your ideology is pure trash, and can be summed up as wanting to get fucked in the ass by billionaires.

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ugly pre-bipedal ogre hiding doublechin.

No the idea of allowing jews to continue living died 70 years ago with the last country that tried to peacefully emigrate the jews. You think that by private companies being allowed to exist means I support international conglomerates? Or that all companies will forever be run by jews? Thats quite the leap.

Looks like a Zig Forums reject!


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Would be good, but the primary thing is making them focus on it. They are focused on e-celebs because the leftist media talks about them.

(((TV))) today is thick with historical documentaries about how bad things like eugenics xenophobia and fascisem were.

Nigger do you even know who Georges Sorel is ?

Trannypol can't even fight info wars without doctoring images.

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kike. why did you ignore this:

info wars is kike associated.

No shit the image was edited. That was from the very thread he posted in to shitpost with.

Because I don't care. Make your thread about Neoliberalism if you want. Filtered.

KYS leftyturd

>Facebook meme and cliche laden diatribe.

How mediocre you are.

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Zig Forums will never acknowledge how insufferable they are, they are incapable of self reflection.

All those e-celebs are low hanging fruit that stunt the natural progression that we had to endure.

Why are you going on about neoliberalism? That ideology has no future and is on the verge of death.


Anyone cutting in. The kikes and their collaborators are getting really itchy and can't help trying to D&C against Communists. (I also try to stop these Neoliberals from steering communists to D&C).

Info wars is a GOP Neoliberal operation who wants the establishment intact. Kikes and the JIDF are getting really upset about their puppet Civic nationalists (like op)

Even attracting a Trump poster.

Because the op is a Neoliberal shill.

You're misinterpreting the term as a connotation for filter merchants brand. I'm talking about informational wars.


How did you come to this conclusion?

He's posting anti-communist despite corrections. Also ignoring this post:

That's totally 100% neoliberal motive. There's no reason to atatck Communists if you are a national socialist (other than to defend against D&C).

What's the next step of your master plan?

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He's not defending against D&C, but instead instituing a D&C. and not even shy about it

Exactly. Low hanging fruit that make the case of National Socialism stronger. Why? Because leftist media is obsessed with "Nazis". They call everyone that disagrees with them Nazis. What is going to happen, and what has been happening, is that the charge is taken out of the word. People hear "Nazi" and suddenly they think that it's nothing more than a casual way to censor something you don't like. However this accomplished a key factor, it allows discussion of actual National Socialism without the shadow of the holohoax. It allows people to FINALLY be objective about WWII.

Communist are faggots that fight for a jewish ideology, what's wrong with calling them out?

Engels is White. And so is Communism.


You idiots are intensely stupid picking fights with Communists.

D&C faggots aids the Neoliberal.

It's amazing how they don't realize they are siding with corporations. What's their end goal? Give youtube, facebook, & twitter complete control over what can and can't be discussed? Push the "nazis and facists" to the point where there is no option left but violence? Complete useful idiots.

Keep being stupid. Op should be focused on extracting the (((Neoliberals))) from Communist events and groups. Instead he is obsessed with piking the fight rather than calling out the Neoliberals in control of Zig Forums who are trying to manipulate Communists.

Boy wouldn't that be great if people could be objective about both the National Socialists and the Communists? Surely the people would side with Stalin after all the facts are well known common knowledge.
Yes I did unfilter you just to see what you were still kvetching about
Yes, you are now filtered again

What can we do about it then?

The Neoliberal elite collaborators and kikes are making both sides look stupid. If the rich control society who are they? They're NEOLIBERAL COLLABORATORS AND JEWS.

So what are you doing here being a faggot manipulated by them? In the same way communists are being stupid and listening to neoliberal leftists instead of neoliberal rightists.

Zig Forums has always been a neoliberal board. I've never seen a communist online who wasn't a pro-censorship tranny

I guarantee you that you have never read a single book in your life that was published before 1930.

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From that same thread posted in the OP:

They know not what they ask. They actually think the normalfags will side with them if "fascists" are adapted to. Fucking lol. They never learn.

There's not much, but there is something, because Neoliberals are entrenched in Communist movements and groups. Communists need to be taught to not manipulated by neoliberals. Many will not want to be because they are considered the enemy to Communists too.

Picking a fight with based communists is stupid. Communists once taught will be able to purge the ranks of idpol neoliberal capitalist social democracy manipulators.

Then national socialists can continue to get the neoliberals on the right and the shills asking them to D&C constantly.

Yes if Communists do not listen then they can be forsaken, but neoliberals are the common enemy.

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They have a lot of Communist posts. What you are saying is more interesting because it shows they are allowing communists to post while being Neoliberal controllers, which is as suspected

There's a bigger storm brewing…we got the recent "anti-semitism" summit, the kike whore as the head of the NSA and the "climate change" VIP summit. They are loosing the narrative big time globally, so expect some hard hitting tyranny coming up ahead.

Kek, thanks for supplying your fellow anons with more leftypol cringe, you're doing god's work, user.

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Then petition codemonkey to fuck with leftypol the same way that Zig Forums and all its alts have been fucked with. Otherwise you're just pissing into the wind.

The point is Communists want the same thing. They are currently infested with neoliberal social democracy advocates. They should be purged on their side. There's no point attaking them if they want the same thing. Attacking each side is stupid when the neoliberals are laughing in their banks watching.

Looking at the thread in the OP it's nothing but faggots cheering on reporting "racist" youtube channels to their corporate overlords. I don't see any communists.

He will just deflect as they always do, most of the books he will recommend will also be shit his professor gave him as a reading assignment for his sociology classes.

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