Bunch of goddamn russians trying to stolk civil war around the world

Let's call this what it is.. It is an attack on America by those whose political agenda, consistent of exclusion, is dying alongside them. You can not stop progression, never could and trying is fighting a losing war. Good thing terrorist can not achieve underdog status. You will both be stomped out and written in our history books as the heel. Only existing to make the rest of America look better, be the hero..

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Hey CNN. I know you’re reading this. Do some digging yourself for once and investigate the money trail that’s being funneled through small transactions through e-commerce and subscription sites that are being used to fund these russian operations in the us and abroad. The money leads to russian/Ukrainians responsible for promoting and recruiting these shooters.
Fuck off putin

Imagine thinking russia wants whites to cleanse their lands of the filth weakening them lmao

Every single death that results from YOUR decision to try to exterminate White children is 100% your fault.

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Fuck terrorists. Fuck russia. Punch some fucking nazis. HELL YEAH

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KYS glownigger.

Too late

white supremacy and white nationalism is the name, this has been allowed to survive WWII fester and grow. I have a feeling that the knee jerk reaction to this once a democrat is in office should will be fierce

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you misspelled jews.

Good one.

russian misinformation campaign has been genius. But you will still be stomped out. Sorry.

Found the nigger loving like.

Lol OP you're trying way too hard its cringey

Fucking kike shill

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4 hours ago

It's never the Russians until nukes come into play. It's all China

You won't turn the world into Africa, kike.

Most will go slave, but many will not.

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Assume your assumption is totally fucking retarded and it's not Russia. Now you're staring down the barrel of a societal and systemic breakdown. How do you leftists propose to fix that? The answer is simple. You can't. Whatever vision for some leftist utopian future you have is never going to happen in the US. This country is divided to the point it will NEVER be united ever again.

CNnN fuck you jews

from scientific angle, the white man in America is fucked.. It feels like you have taken a losing position just to play marter. If you want white homeland, just take your families to russia and take a stake.

Truth is the world doesn't need the white community as we once did.. That's the problem.. So what do you do? Console each others "feelies" together here.. I dig it..

The thing is, the Soviets won the Cold War. Only idiots believe otherwise. And they did it the way Russians always do, the smart way. There was no need to defeat the west in a military conflict. It was much simpler to plant the seeds of discord and let the West destroy itself from within. A brilliant and successful strategy that only required a bit of patience. I tip my hat to you, Ivan.

Fuck off back to Mexico while you still can beaner.

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Why is the guy in your picture so dark he looks like a PoC? Are you implying PoCs commit gun crimes? You sound like a racist. Why don't you examine your life and learn to love instead of hate?

goddamn jews can't even do their lying propaganda right

You must be getting pretty scared huh, how your Jew professors told you it was all in the bag already and big mean boogie man White guy Joe was just going to disappear. Well open your eyes you cuckolded faggot, we're still here and this isn't over until every last one of us is dead. Mark my fucking words - we're coming for you.

That garbage they call world isn't good by any measure, i.e. Africa, Asia and spics.

Sheeple will only realize how sad it is living among brown slaves and under kike rule when it's too late to turn it around, it's better to be real.

America will build prisons for the white nationalist. Prepare to be the niggers for the rest of time lol.. Unless you find some needle to thread in explaining your tyrannical nature of the past while there bud. You are seconds away from becoming 100% dependant on a progressive federal government

White American nationalist and white supremacist just need to immigrate to russia and all will be peachy

die faster, you fucker

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Times like this I wish sage really had an effect. STFU user, dont be a nigger!


Cool it with the Slavophobic remarks, buddy.

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what does the FBI pay these days?>>13571009

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Take your meds, boomer

Are you scared your entrails will be visible one day?

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Didn't know Anti-Slavism was a thing, live and learn.

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