Zig Forums: the far-right website linked to the rise in hate crimes


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Onions are cool but i2p is better

they have been trying that for forever now lel. but lets see what happens

We need to barrel roll this big bitch of a spearfishing forum before it’s all done

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Don't worry faggit,CF isn't going to kick 8ch because they protect a lot of extremist sites.

Dependency Java Runtime Version 7 or higher.

receives “regular requests” from law enforcement not to ban certain sites.

Evil has to tell you what it is doing, even allegorically, before acting on you. So if you went to /meadhall/ (honey pot) and met up with your local undercover FBI agent, well, they warned you.

I'll be sure to let the andrew anglin of the past know not to worry then.

Are they advocating for people to commit crimes to shut down free speech? Say it ain't so!

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What are onions and i2p

guessing from question your a boomer

not exactly boomer friendly, suggest you just buy a vpn

A question for >>>Zig Forums

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If you are not trolling and are legitimately asking. You are way out of your damned depth, don't go there. Go find a vpn and leave it at that grandpa.

There is shit in this world you are not ready for waiting down that path.

Every time I see Pill Cosby I think of his skills.

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Here faggot.

VPN, get a nice one on trial for a week.
Email like protonmail.
Tor Browser
Secure O/S. If you have Windows 7/8/10 Destroy-Windows-10-Spying- is something you can compile that will remove certain things and write certain firewall rules you'll need, etc.

You will have to learn how to compile it.

Research on the above, but it's not that much work. It really is something you need to learn yourself.

If you do any virtual stuff, not a bad idea to setup a virtual machine so you can blow your load there. Plenty of guides when you search for "how to get to the darkweb"

gl user

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kek xD

Its on ZeroNet too. Barren for now of course

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8ch is not an extremist site though.

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Solid reporting from the Guardian as always.

About a week ago, my thread was purged soon after raising the question of why exactly Cloudflare is necessary for us - >>13499644 .
8ch, as with any imageboard, has a relatively simple methodology for creating avenues for discussion. We don't need any server daddies to host or moderate it, and protection rackets like Cloudflare are only necessary to protect certain IP addresses - see: why BTC and now, Gab cannot be DDoSed.

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Not a problem. Epik has already announced they will take Zig Forums in. The die was cast on CloudFlare when they booted Gab, everyone even slightly edgy should have been making migration plans then and that was how long ago now?

But we know this ends with a desperate final stand on TOR because in the end we control zero territory. That is just the truth of desperate our situation is. And I'm not just talking about shitpoasters, I'm talking about everyone to the Right of Lindsey Graham, Hell just White People in general. We control zero territory. We might get Hungary and Poland back soon.

Now let's get the digging started.

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How do I get started with i2p? I don't agree with many of the ideas here at all, but I completely agree with free speech.

Pls I just want to know


Are you retarded? How are you suprised? This was Tarrant's plan from the beginning. This is the path he made for us, a glimmer of light in this sea of darkness. This is a good thing. Zig Forums being censored is one step closer to chaos and damnation. EMBRACE IS SOLDIER. DON'T BE A PUSSY NOW!

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this so much this

Kill yourself for trying to smear us as satanlarpers, spook. Brenton was a ecofascist, not some atomwaffen noctulian cocksucker

CloudFag protects extremist sites but fullchain ain't one of them niggerbrain. All it is is anonymous and unmoderated, like the entire internet until a few years back when child raping satanist commies that had infiltrated tech started weaponizing it. They broke all internet culture norms. They are the pig fascists serving their megacorp masters and being mostly deranged kikes of course they call everyone opposing them fascists.

Only child rapists could be so deranged.

Are YOU retarded? Acceleration only works when their counter-response is just as if not more violent. This has not happened. The media just makes poor Juan or Hamal look like the victims of "whirw hate" as well a a gun grab that would be supported by glowniggers because it would make the populace easier to threaten.

Acceleration works either way, retard. The system either capitulates and loses the trust of its people, allowing for the accelerationists to increasingly scare the enemy into submission, or they react with draconian measures and increase the repression, forcing moderates and radicals alike out of their passivity and into action.

With little to no resistance against the repression by the general populace the accelerationists still lose in the long term.

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Wonder if they can be held accountable as an accessory if they pull their protection seeing as they are then an accomplice to DDoSing which is a crime.

How the fuck is 8ch at the center of a shooting just because the shooter may have posted something here before going to work in Langley? How many crimes such as child grooming go on on Facebook and Twitter? Retarded kikes I hope CloudFag censors 8ch, serious competitors are needed anyway.

Who knows, but one thing's for certain. Lawsuits cost money to defend even if you win.


Satanism is for trannies.

If they take down the Chan sites, all of the opinions the hateful hatey racistnazibigots spread there simply go away.

The current "freedom" is harmful to white survival

Could you help a fellow nigger? For some reason my country is fucking range banned from 4chan since a year now and I don't want to waste money on cellular data to shitpost. Does anyone consistent way to ban evade on 4chan without spending hours trying proxies that work?

VPN. Some have free tiers. Allows you to appear to exit in a variety of countries. Of course many of the IPs for those free tiers are also blocked. No good answers, too many are assholes and create the need for blocking. We need fewer assholes in the world.

Tried a few free VPNs and all were blocked. I just don't understand why fucking chinkmoot blocked my country, it's not like there was real abuse or anything, barely anyone post from here.
I'm sure it's a bug and that faggot doesn't even know how to fix it.


Use OpenDNS

This is another example of them trying to form some sort of semblance of a central authority controlling the internet. They hate the fact that websites like this exist. They hate the fact that there are places on the internet where unfiltered, anonymous, FREE speech is communicated.

Anyone can set up a server or find hosting somewhere and run a website, but there are only a handful of corporations who control the infrastructure. Be it DNS, ISPs, or even background like Cloudfare. If you've got enough of these under your wing, you can effectively control the internet.

I'm gonna miss you bros


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it's a fucking dns filtering thing, how will it unban me from 4chan?

CP dad

Love you lads. Just remember the more they persecute us, the more righteous our cause becomes. See you in greener pastures.

Tell chodemonkey to switch to Bitmitigate, they are protecting Daily Stormer

I'm a computerlet.
How does this realistically affect the site? Are there other options for DDOS protection?

No zeronet is.

Fuck off nigger.

Why do they only go after good sites like us? Why do they never go after the SPLC or ADL?

Because you know why. This shit isn't about extremists, it's about white people having enough and the kikes are scared. All the other kike owned websites have shit just as bad and yet they get to stay up cause they're owned by jews, like cloudflare is

that's not acceleration. That's just terrorism lol

The solution is obvious, you need to start hating white people

That's your ISP's DNS doing the filtering. Do you really just use the default settings that come with your router?