Domino's is at the center of Pizzagate

The Sinaloa Cartel owns the Domino's Corporation. At least, they took it over starting in the late 80's with CSPH Domino's in Dallas, Texas. They strong armed the Corporation into giving them control with the help of the FBI and corrupt Black Ops Military groups.

That's why Perry Zielinski became the operations director of CSPH Domino's in Dallas in 1998. The same year the Sinaloa Cartel was founded. To you Sinaloa Cartel guys reading this now. I'm posting this thread in response to this mother fucker not refraining from posting in my thread about something that has nothing to do with you. He won't shut the fuck up and stop posting.

You might want to go have a talk with him about running his mouth in places he shouldn't be running his mouth. This thread wouldn't be getting posted right now if he wasn't.

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Go back to reddit and kill yourself

Quit shitting up the site, you schizo faggot.

It's not a paranormal thread. It's a thread about Pizzagate Child Trafficking networks. Different subject.

You know, the subject that got Trump elected largely? It's a POLITICAL subject.

Get the fuck off of Zig Forums and kill yourself.

Fuckin Child Rapist.

ok schizo
worship drumpf more

I HATE Trump…

As far as I can tell, he is one the Child Rapist.

ok schizo

I see no evidence his buddy Epstein was arrested. Just more FAKE NEWS that Trump bitched so much about during the election. He's been the largest manufacturer of Fake News in the history of the American Presidency.

reply to yourself more schizo

Any interest in this thread was destroyed in the space of four posts, congratulations.

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I will, since you're too fucking retarded to put an edit button on posts.

of course criminals run profitable businesses. waking up to a headless dog on your porch with a guy in a skimask staring at you from across the street will do that. and if it doesnt, there are many more options to try.

What are you doing david?

My job

His job, which apparently is to sperg the fuck out when he gets called a faggot for telling people he's really an alien and niggers are descended from fish people.

What a stupid meme. He's the fucking president.

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You look like sam hyde's methhead little brother

Yes, and CJNG owns Dixie Lee Fried Chicken too.

You watch too much hollyjew

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That's the op.

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are you that same Kal El schizo?

yeah my bad I noticed that a bit ago
He has his personal info all over the /x/ thread

You want a cookie, or something? There's my address.

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Again, you're not some fuckin super badass detective you fuckin retard. I just posted my driver's license.

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Lmao manlet.

Yup. Manlet.

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That address at westwind or lake colony?

2 different buildings…

2 different CIA Headquarters…

2 different PLANETS..

If the Corrupt groups take over 1 building, we just send guys from another building on another Planet. Lesson here is, don't try to take these buildings over. It just makes our job EASIER. We know where you work when you do that and we can find you more easily. Stay the fuck away from these buildings. They're meant for going after those who are corrupt. They're NOT meant for spreading corruption.

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Notice how pizzagate niggers have found exactly zero pedophiles while real law enforcement has found Epstein and co.?

Are you sure about that Epstein arrest?

I haven't seen any evidence that he's been arrested. Just words on the computer screen with a few pictures of Epstein. No real evidence, though.

Pizza ordered.

Knock and Talks…


Don't lock these THREADS Board Owner…

We WILL kick your door down.

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OP is an idiot, pizzagate found skippy and comet ping pong

Which, were Child's Play compared to Perry Zielinski and the Sinaloa Cartel.

All of this Internet Censorship shit you guys have been doing at Godlike Productions, 4chan, and Zig Forums is entirely ILLEGAL and has been since 2016.

We're about to start arresting you guys for this shit. So, you better fuckin STOP.

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Nice /x/ thread, sperg.

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Should have went with the officer for an eval.

I didn't know what you'd like so I got pepperoni. I hope you like it.

I'm not on Earth, and I'm not subject to the Laws of this Planet, as a result. When I see the Sun setting the West I'll talk to the fuckin Cops. Otherwise, no Officers on this Planet have any authority over me, or anyone else who was sent here.

You misspelled >>>/fringe/

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On the Planet I'm from the Sun sets to the West of the Continent of North America. Not to the Northwest. I'm from the Planet in the photo on the right. Not on the Left. If Cops show up from the Planet in the photo on the Left, I ignore them. You understand?

When I see the Sun setting to the West of the city I'm in, I'll talk to the Cops and acknowledge their authority as officers of the Law. Until then, Cops on this Planet better stay the fuck away from me.

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Kill yourself nigger.

We're gonna kill YOU instead.

Did you miss the bit where both of his /x/ threads got shut down?

Kill yourself redditor, I already got your shit locked on /x/ don't make me bully you here too.

I'm just gonna post another one. I basically have already.

And, I don't get on reddit. AT ALL.

Go for it. I want you to get the ban.

Here you go you dump mother fucker.

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you could say these pics come from different planets
one is from the '60s and the other from the '90s
but you don't have time travel
if you do, you're an asshole for not helping Hitler win the war

That's not a 60's camera…

Where is your source? Even then, a fake source could've easily been fake. Plus, the edge of the river is clearly much farther away in one picture. So, unless the building moved, then they're clearly 2 different buildings. The detailing in the buildings is completely different.