What do you make of this Zig Forums ?

First time showing up here, but for the love of God you probably wanna see this. I don't know if this is simply a misspoken sentence on the reporter's part, but if this is what I think it means, we are royally fucked.

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We can't control the lies the media and the state orchestrate together, they're simply going to keep making these situations and telling the lies. All we can do is twist it to use for moralization, we will claim them our own just like ISIS does because there's no point in denying them - truth is irrelevant in clown world, this is a war between vying factions of propagandists and ours is the enemy of all because we brand ourselves Truth.

Yea, no shit newfag. Welcome to the real world.
Lurk moar before posting

idk man sounds like nothing

We're fine. Tens of millions of Americans aren't going to give up their guns, so that means tens of millions of Americans would die first. There is absolutely no scenario in which the zog corrupt government can ever win. They are fucking delusional.

Wtf are time zones man

sandy hook has so much evidence it was fake yet nothing happened. they can stage whatever they want and as long as the news says it happened, it did.

If everything that happens is a hoax created by ZOG, then resistance really would be futile. In fact, if all these attacks and violence are fake, then everything we think we know about the dangerous effects of forced multiculturalism would be a lie.
This is why I don't believe this shit. I have seen first hand evidence that forced multiculturalism leads to violence. Thus, when I see violence take place due to multiculturalism, I have no problem believing that it's genuine.

Which seems more likely?

Hmmm… really makes you think.

I don't get it. Did some dumb bimbo make a mistake on the dinosaur media and you came here to make a retarded thread about it?

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i think you are underestimating how much the media is really controlled. eh I don't know if this event was a false flag, but you shouldn't be surprised if the latter argument is true


what are different timezones?

Pretty much. OP is off his meds and thinks reporters get a playbook of future events from the government.

Obvious fed poster
Does Israel have nukes? Do you support the actions of mass shooters against non-whites?

Does Israel have nukes? Do you support the actions of mass shooters against non-whites?

Tits or gtfo.

Glownig false flag to shut down chans.
Some posts with certain keywords are now automatically """spam""" and O p e r a t i o n N o r t h w o o d s seems to be one of them.
Soon chans will be off Google search results and I dunno if (((coincidence))) or not but I think Snowden is about to dump something on this.
This was what Assange and Snowden were talking about years ago and now it's happening.

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hey retard, "fed poster" here. you know there are pedo islands off the coast of america right? you know our country is run by literal satanists right? so when i tell you not to be surprised that the ENTIRE media could controlled down to the last sentence, why do retort with calling me a fed? this much site traffic is ruining it, 8ch is now 4chan, abandon ship

Well has it ever occurred to you that they picked 8ch this time because 4chan Zig Forums shows flags based on IP range? There we can trust posters a bit better and the flag often does check out. Nothing personal but this op was much easier over here because no flags, nothing refers to your IP range.

Greentext won't scare me anymore glownigger.
t. 007

Why do you argue with feds and reply to their bait?
people who run countries worship gods and dieties 1000s of years older than satan, satanists are only metalhead/emo LARPers

Then why dont you go back there?

They're all LARPers regardless of deity.

Jew detected. Always have a way to handwave away ZOG’s machinations

Oh bet this has nothing to do with the 50+ like organizations that met in MY just as these shootings began and just so happened to gather with the topic of combating the rise of evil Nazi ideology and antikikeism, gevalt just keep looking at the bread and circus meant to normalize the idea of your genocide heheehehehe

I'm there and I'm here, I'm everywhere.
Only newfags and glowniggers greentext anymore, it's like 'oh look mommy what I learned' tier shit that used to be funny years ago. Now greentext is to indicate something glows but when a glownig himself uses it, just ironic.


Kike not like

There it is, the dumbest thing I have read in the entire year. Greentext is meant for quoting you quadruple nigger.


All news anchors are part of the Lizard's people cabal. She was told to lie to the american people to steal our freedoms but she accidentally skipped a point in the agenda and talked about a tweet 45mins too early.

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New York not MY..holu shit niggertech is stupid

They're not going to do shit. Feds getting Zig Forums pulled over would be the worst thing possible for them. Right now, all the "badthinkers" are consolidated onto one website to be babysat by the 3-letter types. If Zig Forums dies, the really dangerous anons disappear into the onionchans to be completely invisible, while the spergs and redditors fuck off back to the normalfag web. Zig Forums isn't going anywhere.

shut up KIKE reactionary

You're not welcomed here if you're not redpilled about the fact that our enemies literally control everything and are all-powerful. This was not a mistake! Research Sandy Hook, research 9/11 (that happened before you were born but look into it bucko), research Q-user (on bing).

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Only a newfag that doesn't lurk daily says shit like that. It's meant for it but after you spend your days here for years it just becomes retarded fast. If you quote someone then do it like a white man. "Like this"

Do what we've always done, down them with facts, no matter what they do, keep downing them with facts, always.

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You're clearly new. Probably you were assigned to this just recently by your CIA boss? It's like you never been to our Tarrant-Saints discord. Glownigga text is to indicate things feds would say or quote someone who you think is a jewish agent. It has always been like this. 4chan stole it from us at some point and thats why you probably think it means something else. They coopted glownigga-text.

First time I have read any user refer to glowniggers this way but kudos for the artistic take on it, not sure if it will catch on here though.
Just trying to help out. TempleOS will help you with this.

Now I feel that I disrespected this glownigger by not being polite enough to explain why his years of random lurking were wasted.
I should help this poor government employee by saying it out loud. Sorry for the inevitable reddit spacing, kangz and shieeeet.

Glowniggers are paid to lurk here. They have formerly sworn an oath. Years or if they HIQ then months pass by and they get redpilled just like anyone else.
What you gonna do then as a glownigger? Profit? Quit? What?

We only offer you the truth and nothing but the truth. Matrix was a badass movie, RATM was a badass band.

Just imagine being a freshly conscripted neet who now worries glownigs gonna kill someone you love unless you do what they told ya.
You know they got you but salary is nice, jobs exciting and you get to think you're 007 or someone in his close support.
But then you get the job to infiltrate 4chan or 8ch or thousands of other national boards.
"Just lurk" they said.
"It'll be fun" they said.

Couple years later you have no idea who you work for, who your enemy is, can you even fucking trust your sister who likes to hang out with black dudes?

So you know it's all a big mystery. What decisions should we all make in life?

I know my dark path went clear and white after some years lurking Zig Forums but probably would have happened anyway, because I always did kinda know it to be true.

We know something is wrong, we seek for it, just like Neo, and then we get redpilled.

That's life.

Sorry I've been on 4chan from 2007 I don't even remember but deffo before Facebook was launched. Not new, very old actually. Rarely I have to write old but now this reminds me to take my meds. I'm old af. Sorry.

this is Zig Forums newfag. We've been around longer and 4chan constantly keeps stealing our shit. Great job exposing yourself as a 4nigga

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What is this garbage? She reads a tweet and then what time it was posted but then realizes it's not correct because they're in a different timezone where it hasn't been 3pm yet.

Greentext isn't glownigger text you stupid kike. Get out, kill yourself, and stream it on livestream. In that order!

i wonder how fast i'd get banned on twitter for posting this?

There was no Zig Forums back then you stupid nigger. I was there on IRC before any of this web shit took place and I clearly remember this 4chan was an offshoot of a japanese board by some American neet called Moot. No idea what happened to that fuck later on but rumor is glowniggers got him. 2,4 and 8 chans don't go backwards for obvious reasons, but nice try on old mental guy who forget his fucking meds again.

Actually, fuck you all the way. My friends fought in Vietnam on both sides and they get together these days to burn Jewish dolls in ovens that have a picture of Adolf Hitler on top.
What is 8ch but a joke? Is this now supposed to be a fight? I don't even know what is better 4 or 8?

Zig Forums is the last place on the net that can make me laugh like this

Q predicted this

Or a christcuck aka Zionist aka wanna be jews. Newsflash you will never become a jew.

Moot is a SJW. You're wrong on it all. Japs stole the imageboard format from us. They have no creative bone in their body and can only copy from us americans. Just like europeans.

You really should have started with programming and kernel forums.
We laugh at chans there but worry about you at the same time.

4chan is older sweetie

Boy are they running out of ideas holyshit

Fuck the mods

Dare I say, sloppy job mossad?

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Timezones still exist. You really think blonde bimbo news bitches are the trusted mouthpieces of zogspiracy? Never attribute to malice what is obviously ignorance

4chan exists because Sa king Goon Richard something threw all the open loli lovers out of the anime board and off the webpage with a ten dollar tax. Moot was loli lover number one and opened 4chan. Zig Forums exists because Moot wanted money so kicked all the loli lovers off of 4chan. Hotwheels became king of the loli posters until he too wanted money. Now we're all nazis and spree killers I don't know what happened with that though.

I live in El Paso, Fox 14 is our local news station, and no, Horizon's time zone is not different from ours, there's some seriously wicked shit going on here…

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I dunno how to program


Lol blonde bimbo news bitches are whats enslaving the white race? Youre pathetic. Go shoot an unarmed civilian in minecraft.

Have you thought about watching some Terry or Linus videos? C programming is a nice book and like it should be from 70s so there won't be any confusing OOP in it.


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Schizoboomers need to end themselves.

Way to compleytely miss my point, dickbreath.

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Zig Forums dates back as far as 2006 nigger.

I think my meds are kicking in.
Japs still say you stole from them?
Europeans already seem to know it.
That sounds like Jews to me.
Can you say God instead of G-d?

Fuck your thread.

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Prior to Facebook?
Maybe but 4chan was used back then.
I don't remember what was the year 4 was created or 8 was created all I know 4 became very popular.

Of course I can. I'm not religious

No it doesn't you lying nigger, Cripplekike got his start on Wizardchan.


Can you type it then?

Which God? (((YHWH))) or some of the European gods?

2ch stole their model from a late 90's board called insidetheweb.com

t. Seen some things


What is this shit? And he doesn’t own 8ch anymore.

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