Offering info on Epstein accomplice

Greetings. I have an information on a possible accomplice and co-conspirator of Jeffrey Epstein.

A wealthy US citizen who operated in Kiev, Ukraine, between 2013 and 2019. He deleted all his social media accounts just when Mr. Epstein got arrested, left Ukraine, and currently residing in the US. I met him in the presence of witnesses in Kiev in 2013 and 2018. I have incriminating evidence, tens of witnesses who dealt with him, photos. He engaged in various illegal activities in Ukraine, including but not limited to: sexual exploitation of minors and adults, human trafficking for wealthy US/EU clients, conspiracy to abduct minors and sell them into slavery to sheikhs of Qatar, conspiracy to use drugs on unwilling victims, illegally undermining interests of big Chinese corporations in the region.

If you want further exclusive information, including his name, aliases, photos, accomplices, I want you to give me a substantial reason to choose you over the others and provide your preferred method of contact.

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Only substantial reasons would be that we have no interest in punishing you for revealing a culprit (many news orgs are complicit in globohomo), are less centralized meaning that you leaking to one of us will ensure the information gets passed on and preserved, leading to a higher chance of the word of your culprits crimes being passed around.

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Christina Galbraith (Epstein's publicist). Is a descendant of Laurance Rockefeller's publicist….

Laurance Rockefeller donated the USVI to the US government to keep it a "national park" while they simultaneously owned and operated Caneel Bay for 40+ years

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Epstein: Rockefeller U, Trilateral Comish, CFR (All Rockefeller fronts)

That's not how imageboards effectively work. Just dump any info you got and we'll triangulate a position off honking noises and the reflections of a window.

Update. This is the offer for people who can afford to provide substantial reasons. Sadly, my first choices arent available. Infowars' whistleblower function on site is not working. So if youre journalist, or a government employee of whatever country,or a private seeker of justice, please kindly introduce yourself in this thread, state your offer and provide as many options to contact you as possible.

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