Keep playing, and lose

Keep trying to start a race war, faggots, see how quick you lose. Y'all can keep using these low IQ having, mental quacks to go out and do shit you're all too pussy to attempt, but eventually you are going to get found and fucked with your own guns. At best you'll fail and cause the government to get rid of sites like these, and crack down heavily on speech, which sucks. At worst, you'll get more people (especially yours) killed, and you'll still fail laughably hard.

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Are you the retard that just shot his ar into the floor twice? Are you a bitch?

but we are winning
you are accusing the entire white race of being culpable for 2 seperate incidents in one of which the shooter killed his own sister

Lol…the left never should have counted on low IQ high time preference degenerates to be their Champions

Thank you now please go out and demonize more white people

well Omar and aunt Nancy called for jihad.

Keep making more threads, kike. Your shilling might incite the next guy. Hopefully.

^^^^^^look at all these pussy race fags. Love how tough y'all act over a crazy dude doing shit for you, because y'all too pussy to make an actual attempt, because you know you'd die. But that wouldn't really be a problem for a "martyr" now would it? God damn, if only you virgins didn't get rejected by that one black chick, or that hot Jew in your class, we wouldn't be here.

Except you aren't winning, and no one with an IQ above that of an incel or a third grader is saying EVERY white person is at fault. Good God you sound like Tom McDonald "waahh people hate me because I'm white" no, chances are people hate you because you're a fucking cunt. You sound like such a victim Jesus christ

I'll take that risk with glee.

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LMAO yeah ok buddy. You'll probably shoot your daddy's gun and cry over the kickback hurting your shoulder.

The irony of your post is astounding.
Liberals lack introspective abilities.

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Jesus you are a retard, huh? Dude fuck liberals, and fuck democrats. I'm pissed because all of you retarded are going to fail in what you're doing, and the rest of us are gonna suffer for it. You really want guns to get taken? You really want sites like this to go away? You really want the left to win?? Keep doing what you're doing you cuckwad


Here's the deal, liberal cuckboy; When the government stops committing genocide, White terrorists will stop retaliating.

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stay mad nigger


OP confirmed liberal soyboy shekel sniffer

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hypocrite, with no capability for self-reflection
GTFO my board

Cry some moar taconigger

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Niggers already started it, they're so easily manipulated by the jews. Whites don't realize it started because the jewish media doesn't report on black flash mob attacks against whites, and if they do, they call them "fights" or niggers "youths".

Also, this is a slide thread, don't bump or you're gay.

Defending yourself isn't terrorism.

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I get where you're coming from but I'm no longer squeamish about using the term. If we take an objective view of the term "terrorist," we find that it is by definition an attack against a population or symbols intended to cause terror.
The US government employs this and is by definition, a terrorist government.


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Keep provoking We The People, and lose.

Keep trying to force globohomo, jews, and see how quickly you lose. You can keep using these low IQ subhuman shitskins to go out and do shit you're too pussy to attempt, but eventually you are going to get found and fucked with your own golems. At best you'll fail and cause another Weimar Republic to get rid of sites like yours, and crack down heavily on sexually degenerate propaganda, which sucks for you. At worst, you'll get more anti whites (especially jews) killed, and you'll still fail laughably hard.

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These liberal bait posters are flooding cuckchan at the moment too, making incoherent arguments with implied or explicit threats of violence. They will haunt the thread with extremely low quality replies made to everyone who responds to them and then vanish after an hour or so. Mods never take their posts down either (although they're a bit better about it here). I'm fairly certain that the point is to bait anons into making threats of physical violence so that they can be reported to the FBI. The fact that they enter and leave threads in hour or half hour intervals may be a clue that their time is being tracked and compensated for, possibly by leftist NGOs.

Don't respond to these posters with any threats, just report them and hide the posts.

I don't know why you take such pride in that battle. Sure,, the Rhodesian won and won big, I won't deny that. But where are they now?

You're like an Indian on a reservation jerking off over the Battle at Little Big Horn.

Give me an example of a non white nation who under constant warfare was stable and efficient.

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Thanks for this pasta.

Both of these things are already planned to happen and will happen no matter how much you bend over backwards to try to appease the kikes.
Only speeds up what was already happening from the start. You are the frog that is finally feeling the heat and instead of jumping out of the water, all you can do is blame the boiling on us.

You're shooting the messenger. Do not blame the devil, just for holding up a mirror.