Hotwheels can't take the heat

Here we go boys,

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Never trust a cripple.

Facebook live streamed a mass murder. Innocent muslims died as Mark Zuckerberg and his wealthy investors got rich off their lives. Shut facebook down now before we see a repeat of this crime against humanity.

Satan deems it so.

Cripplekike's jew god made his bones fragile glass, it's not his fault he's so weak.

He's so desperate for attention.

Jim, if you are reading this, you are a good dude.

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Thanks for keeping the site up jim.

Jim only does it because he's an FBI spook helping his buddies out. He knows what he's doing

just tell the press that you havent been on the site since 2015, cripplecuck.

Based FBI.

There's also this gem

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Already a thread jew.

He has really been on a roll, lately.

You got that shit right devilish fiend you

This probably hasn't been posted in a while.

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too bad he can't shut it down because of the wave of unadulterated autism that would crash down upon his fragile body

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>>>Zig Forums2961095

He's just mad that his name is being besmirched. This place wouldn't exist if the internet were less regulated in general.

>>>Zig Forums2961095


Same shit with editing of images of 'bad things'. I come here to see actual news that is obfuscated everywhere else.
Someone should make a compilation of all the posts from redditcucks and celebrities who did a 180° on this position for (((reasons)))


We knew that when he did a damn reddit IAMA.

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The fucking cripplekike is in contact with the Zig Forums board owner and is going to shill for their bunkerchan imageboard. Zig Forums has a whole thread up bragging about how
is helping them silence the nazis.

I don't see how learning the truth about jews is a negative.

It'll make you go crazy and shoot people.

Conservatives of the 1950s and 1960s were right, community standards must exist on free speech. Forums-is-a-megaphone-for-shooters-shut-the-site-down-says-its-creator.59265/

How is that disgusting abomination still alive? The mutant fuck can't even wipe his own ass.

but most of the shooters are jews.


I used to be anti-eugenics, but this cripple fuck has changed my mind.

why do libertarians always become such cucks in the end

I don't blame hotwheels for doing what he didn't, but you're now starting to see why "abhorrent" people did what they did in the past. It's not that they wanted to be intentionally evil, it's that they've observed these patterns before.

Imagine throwing away the principle and ultimate platform of free speech for FONTS. Doesn't he realize that the Revolutionary war was violently fought to preserve that ideal? Every important idealogy out there is painted with blood, that's including communism and Islam.

To prohibit ideals under the basis of inciting violence is fucking stupid. No one has a deadly war over pornography because it's WORTHLESS.

Fuck hotwheels

because sucking dicks and taking it up the ass go hand-in-hand devious

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That's fucking it, I swear to god I'm going to fucking kneecap this "hotwheels" asshole.

That little bitch will never walk again.

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Fuck this lame runt.