Fuck you Zig Forums. You're literally the laughing stock of the internet...

Fuck you Zig Forums. You're literally the laughing stock of the internet. And the funniest part is you still think you scare people, just because you associate with mass shooters and spew racist, homophobic bullshit to try and look edgy. Well you don't scare me. At all.

I'm a male webcam model on the site Flirt4Free, under the name Milton Hanson. I use pathetic incel virgin losers like you to buy whatever the fuck I want.

I'm better looking than you, richer than you and smarter than you. Basically I'm better than you in every single way. You suck and I think you're fucking pathetic.

I'm going back on cam right now so come into my room. I can't keep replying to this thread while I'm on cam, so lets see if your brave enough to talk shit to my face. Unless you're too much of a pussy?

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Chemo time? Chemo time.

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Lmao yeah that's what I thought. Your too much of a pussy to do anything when someone actually calls you out. You're pathetic

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Quality thread. I would totally bang.

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Yeah in your dreams. I don't fuck racist homophobic incels

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yeah fuck Zig Forums fuck Zig Forums


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you're here, i own you, you are my slave, nigger.

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damn thats pretty amazing that anyone wants to watch you jack off, let alone pay money for it

This is fucking hilarious. Your too fucking weak to do anything when someone actually tells you how pathetic you are. I'm embarrassed for you

the pixels betray your shitty parkinsons addled freehand crop before your shitty ass blend

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That's very cool, OP. But have you taken the brown pill?

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Finally someone with Aryan ubermench genes posts on 8/pol/, we need to celebrate!

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Seemed obvious, still a funny thread though LOL.

Lmao so you don't think I'm really brave enough to pick a fight with Zig Forums? I didn't edit that pic at all. Come ask me. I'm online in my chatroom right now:


Wtf is a laughing stock?
And what… the fuck… is a webcam model?

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i suppose i forgot to laugh as they say

As who says? Who is "they"?

Aww so you think I'm too hot to be real? Too bad you dumb piece of shit. I'm 100% real. Not my fault you're too much of a pussy to talk shit in my chatroom, because you know my fans would roast you until you commit suicide

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I see you are also a man who likes to live dangerously.

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lmao this looks like a copypasta but it's new from today

Post your address and phone number.

To be fair, it is now.

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If you were an oldfag or a /baphomet/fag, you'd just dox him instead of huffing and pufffing.