Another False Flag like Mossad's Los Vegas Massacre

El Paso Walmart shooting witnesses saw ‘three to four armed men running in… dressed in all black… shooting’

tl;dr: Eyewitnesses describe multiple shooters and that they were in ALL BLACK, unlike the photos of a "lone gunman" and his "manifesto" (more like patsy).

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Already multiple threads moshe.

Photos of are not wearing ALL BLACK.

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They're all shit made by cuckchanners and none of them mention mutiple shooters. You jews are so sloppy in your false flags. No wonder you've failed to get the USA to attack Iran so far.

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Notice how the jew desperately searches for reasons to discourage users from considering/spreading this without any logical or reasoned arguments.

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Cool it with the anti semitism, shills.

How is that a desperate conclusion? Literally every single mass shooting coverage starts with "reports of multiple gunmen"

All gentiles should be "anti-semitic". Jews hate and want to enslave gentiles.

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Kill yourself, glownigger.


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You jews and your labels. Here's a label for you: Jewish Suprmacist


False dichotomy. Thanks for all the free thread bumps though.

Brenton Tarrant is a saint, also why haven't you killed yourself yet?

This thread glows

There was a video from the shooting by some retard who crawled under a desk or something, and you could hear clearly that just one guy was firing his gun.

These subhuman spics that don't even speak english most likely mistook the cops for shooters, since they ran in there, told everyone to raise their hands and escorted them out of the mall while Pat was still shooting at beaners.

Ok keep keep sitting at home and doing nothing while Muslims flood our society.

I bet you think Tarrant is CIA, shill faggot

AHAHAHAHA you think you can claim antisemetic bullshit on this website?

Go suck a circumcised dick you shit ass crypto jew

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Based Saint Tarrant removing Kabbalah

What really tickled my almonds were these lines right off the bat:
as well as the meticulous detailing of his armaments…

Seems like they're going for a double whammy on this one: (1) look how dangerous it is to have this type of content online, kids are being radicalized - we need more online censorship of whites! and (2) look at all of the options he had in terms of guns and how he could so thoughtfully try to inflict mass casualties - we need to begin to cut back on what types of guns and ammo whites can buy, at the very least!

Anyone who denounces violent self-defense against the Jew is a coward. He may know the crimes of the Jew, but subconsciously he knows that ACTUALLY taking action would mean sacrificing the bread and circus. It might mean that he won’t live comfortably anymore. This is one of the reasons cowards so shrilly screech that Brenton Tarrant and Robert Bowers were Mossad false flag operations. They can’t fathom that there are brave White men alive who have the willpower and courage it takes to say, “Fuck my life—I’m willing to sacrifice everything for the benefit of my race.” He projects his own cowardice onto the White race. To the coward it is just a hobby. He is a LARPfag and a traitor. Ignore him. He has nothing useful to offer. That or it’s just a Jew shilling, “Don’t oppose us.” Or possibly a schizo boomer off his meds. It’s a shame that Robert Bowers especially got such a bad rap due to the inordinate amount of schizofags and flat-earth-tier-tards on Zig Forums right now. Brenton Tarrant inspired me. I hope to inspire many more. To those who are brave—know that your sacrifice is the greatest act of love for your race. Your sacrifice will be remembered. Always.

Take your meds schizo. Pat is a hero.

I agree. Did you even read what i wrote?

John needs more recognition, his manifesto was pretty good

Wow! another shooter thread!

the el paso hero glenn oakley from the army is a fraud

You said it was fake that’s anti Semitic.

False flags are esoteric metaphors that we don't trust the media. Like 9/11.

Remember what Saint Tarrant told us, it was muslims behind 9/11 not the Jews (our brothers).

You're really bad at your job. Also, Tarrant dropped his mags like a goober so he wasn't trained and clearly had little or no experience. Oh, and there was the one point where someone almost tackled him and did knock him down.

That doesn't mean he was the shooter. Maybe he planned it and the CIA/Mossad piggybacked it, hence why the FBI was reading it before the shooting occurred.

The Synagogue of Satan is not brothers to any non-satanists or non-lucifer-worshippers or non-jews or gentiles or goyim. Stop being pants-on-head kosher (aka retarded).

/our/ Knight Commander Breivik told us Jews are our brothers, which is why he attacked an anti-Israel rally the day after Norway put oil trade sanctions on Israel. A Zig Forums hero is telling you it's not the Jews and we need to join together with them.

Based Jew Tarrant

Fuck you, Knight Commander Breivik told us that they are. A Zig Forums hero is leading the way, you need to follow.

Or maybe, just maybe, he is telling the truth and manifestos actually inspire people. Thats what they are good for, to tell other people what the underlying motivation was and to convince them of the shooters cause.
Breivik also told everyone how he built his bomb, obviously Pat wanted to inform us of how he thinks we can kill beaners the most efficiently on a budget. His manifesto was directed at the ones that will follow his lead. You talk like a fed and your shits all retarded, opticscuck.

Yes we need to help the Jews not villains them.

Kill yourselves

You showed that shill, not-fbinigger

Knight Commander Breivik will kill you in your sleep for not fighting along our brothers.

Based Brevik defender of Israel

I just wanna say, this shooter, did a good job with safety. See the safety/shooting glasses? Good job, OSHA approves.

Bowers got a bad rap mostly because it was right before the midterms. A month later and we would have celebrated the dead kikes

Terrible shilling. Is Zig Forums going at it again?

I understand that but, honestly, I don't think those 4 pages of text taught anyone who would carry an act like this out anything they didn't already know. He didn't name the Jew and was a bit soft in other areas, actually. That's beside the point though, I just don't see the strategic advantage to boasting about instrumental online content that they're trying to ban was in making you do this and focusing so much on the tool rather than the act and motives themselves.

Not saying it's a false flag but, if not, I think those were tactical mishaps

indiscriminate targeting of innocent people is a tactical mishap in and of itself

Maybe he just liked guns and wanted to write a text about his baby

Tell that to mossad or the US army, shillfaggot

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You need to go back Habib

Kek, my offer still stands, kill yourself. You niggers are always using Breivik's bait to try to label him pro israel. It's pathetic.

Sweet dubs user.

Why is the video footage so shitty in 2019?
What if Walmart security is outsourced to a kike (((security))) company like 9/11?

where is this alleged manifesto of the El paso Shooter?

Walmart could be an ideal location for false-flags. Their government sponsored role as FEMA-linked emergency distribution centers gives many Walmart locations secured access points to off-limit, unofficial, underground facilities & tunnel-systems. Does anyone know if this specific Walmart has been linked to these underground projects?

On a side note, these secured access points to off-limit facilities & tunnel-systems could also make Walmarts excellent locations to make children "disappear" into the hands of the pedophillic (((elites))).

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That’s the fed who drew the straw to get the blame for the op and need a new identity. Try to keep up.

Why would you neet a tunnel for a mass shooting, schizo thoughts on this?

Ok I'm starting to think this was a false flag. Definitely not the same guy.

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Fuck you motherfucker, Jews had nothing to do with 9/11, it was BOG (beaner organized government)! It jews were involved, why didn't Knight Commander Breivik said anything about it? Jews are our brothers and BOG is trying to frame /ourbrothers/. You need to man up and stand against BOG

To make sure the real perpetrators can leave undetected and/or switch them out with the scapegoat.

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get the real shooters in & out easily, while a patsy takes the wrap. hell, could even get corpses in, remove false-flag actors, etc.

Obvious reasons like with the purity dubs.



Take your meds antisemite

i just got done reading the manifesto its legit your all racists time to die your all horrible people

Thats what we were saying the entire time, only shills posted the fake profile pic and claimed it was him

And why would you need a patsy and real shooters? Why not have the patsy do the work, you fucking retard? Pants on head retarded

isn't the manifesto kosher though? not naming the jew once despite presumably using this forum?

p.s. "racist" is a meaningless word just like "antisemite" just a jewish word to enslave the gentiles

is the manifesto really his or not?

Only shills blame the Jews
Only shills hate Tarrant
t. Tarant thread anons

It seemed like it was tailor made to give the impression he'd been radicalized on the chans. Probably an attempt to shut us down.

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Isn't that discord shit? Fuck off, IP miner.

Well then the leftist governments butchering 80,000,000 must have your wanting liberals dead.

If half the planet wasn't following white people around begging for bread, would it matter what we thought?

Sooo this website is basically a place for a bunch of subhuman pieces of shit(and trolls pretending to be just that)??

A patsy isn't supposed to know what really happened. That way, after 10-20 years in prison, they can't roll on their accomplices. Pants on head retarded. Any other mind-twisters, ya pedo-kike-faggot?

Jews have been poor scapegoats throughout the centuries. It was (((BOG))) behind 9/11, it was (((BOG))) behind the invention of immigration, and it was (((BOG))) behind the drugs killing milliongs of whites and our Jewish brothers.

We need to follow our Knight Commander's orders and join forces with our Jewish brothers. We need to put an end to (((BOG))). Probably some (((spic))) is controlling our president and his loyal man Kushner.

It's definitely good practice, in terms of spotting shills.

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Why would the federal government not just get their guy out of prison? If they can get their people to throw some innocent random dude into prison? You talk like a fag shits all retarded, inbred jewish child rapist

You're trying to hard, kike shill

((( )))
Hi (((Jose))), jews are our brotbers and we will fight for them like Knight Commander Breivik told us to

Spamming it isn't going to fool anyone, you retarded kike.

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You can also see Mexico from El Paso.. is that spanish for passage way?

Also walmart can not be happy with Chinese tariffs mentioned in effect just days earlier.


First photo was identical to garlic guy. Sloppy mossad probably mixed up their stock photos. Eitherway patrick probably has a house and wife in israel waiting for both he and his dad after they fake his capital punishment. Theyll prob use the day for their anniversary like the dancing israeli.

Or they slipped in some other fall guy they have on stock. Hard to say.

Are we being raided by cuckchan?
The uptick in braindead posts and false flag brainlets is staggering.