The jews are coming for your guns!

"Take the guns first, due process later" Donald is set to deliver a major speech on gun control tomorrow. Now might be a good time to finish up those last-minute preparations, because shit is going hot and the ZOG jew president wants to make sure you don't have any means to defend yourself when the Commissar Jamal and Commissar Jose come knocking on your door to share in the Your Wife's White Pussy Reclamation Act of 2021.

Remember, if you wait for them to come take your guns - you already waited too long!

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Wow! another shooter thread!!

This is who you fags shilled for

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I want a cannon I saw a nice one that shoots billiard balls and it is lathed from a piece of 4” tool steel
Also molon fuckin labe orange jewlius

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Also I'm sure all the beta trumpcucks will cream their panties over "LE GOD EMPEROR BTFO THOSE INCELS"

Nobody will clean up the streets of 'Merica like I can, believe me.

Looks like he was right.

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Come on America, this is what the entire world is waiting for…START THE POGROMS! It's your fucking duty for what you did to this world. Give us the signal to clean the fucking house.

Anti-BDS and gun control.

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Last time it was bump stocks - what is the orange jew going to take from you tomorrow, white man?


Nazicucks muh orangeman for the jews

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Is the suicide rate in the FBI high?

Is this really all the deradicalization shills have left?

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Everything shits in the woods

Look at them digits lads…..

One of the telltale signs of autism is the lack of understanding sarcasm.


Gotta love how no one even mentions Shillary or democucks and yet that's your first response lol. You fags sound more like Republicuck shills now

>politician gives lip service as typical in (((tragedies))) of jew origin
Fuck off nigger.

Ok cuckchan lol

You will never be white moshe.

Seems like you have the tism my friend. You were implying that trump is still the best candidate.

I mean, living a life as a walking talking canceraids entity must be a painful existence, so you should probably just burn yourself up in the nearest oven.

The only false flag that's happened this week is when you thought you just had to fart but you shit your pants in front of your entire middle school class.

Nah he's right. You're a fag.

Im saying, no matter wtf mental gymnastics you care to do, it was gonna be Trump or Hillary. Trump was the chaos candidate. He has turned out to be a kike faggot, but lets be honest, who the fuck in position of power in the USA isnt a kiked up faggot?

But Ill say this, go be a TRUE nationalist, and speak with actions brother. Theres gotta be a run down mall over run with apes by you, go "speak" with them. Im sure a tough guy who knows everything should be able to solve that problem.

Hmmmm, theres this other group of people who subvert every nation they inhabit that LOVES to project as well…..

This is all way to simplistic. The numbers don't add up for an effective gun grab, they know this and have something else planned. There is a card up a sleeve waiting to be played. The end game is dead whitey and globalism, what is the ready made solution to this intermittent civil war lads?

So gaychan Zig Forums is nothing but shills, irredeemable autists, and glow niggers at this point?


Fine but we're taking your guns away whiteboi!

Trump will regret this.

Good what use are guns that collect dust

Accelerationism, Saint Brenton is a genus!

Come , take them
Clearly we aren’t afraid to put them to proper use

The point is, THE VOTES AREN'T EVEN COUNTED. The kikes choose who's best based on who gets people more invested in the democratic system and who placates revolutionary potential in the country. That was Trump's job and he did is spectacularly. We need to be spreading the word that elections are a complete fabrication and deligitimizae the most potent institution for kike control.
You need to lurk more if this isnt axiomatic for you.

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Come and try, nigger.

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Jews are our Aryan brothers, follow Knight Commander Breivik's teachings.

Checked. Huh , she’s been our gal the whole time and we were such meanies my oh my

All sub 80iq retards should be sterilized. You're the reason kikes have the control they have.

Hillary really was /Our/gal.

You fags will just hand them in like the retards you are

It's 4D chess, only Aryans would understand.

What's coming, guys?

But political violence doesn't dictate politics!! or so shills have screamed since the el paso shooting


You don’t know me or him you nigger

Don't you really mean more brilliant 88D chess moves to own the libs and drain the swamp.

I'm legitimately impressed that you even tried to make content. I mean, it's shitty content, but not only did you try you even got trips in the process. You get a gold star.

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Mass Wal-Mart scissor race later tonight in somewhere

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I expect at the least more "background checks", probable attempts for a semi-auto ban with the typical GOP concessions being give after a feigned fight.

Put $14.88 on “Red Flag Laws”, bookie.

Stop fuckin projecting.

Been here since '14, ya AIDS transport vessel. It was much better under the watchful eye of Hotwheels.

instant civil war

If you were a faggot traitor greaseball italian (half nigger half kike) and your wife liked to slum and get buttfucked by niggers in the hood while you drank yourself to death to soothe the pain of being an insecure guido criminal, wouldn't you have a high suicide rate?

The right is completely neutered, were it to happen, which I doubt, the majority would just keep trusting the plan.

Trump doesn't have that much sway over the Right.

President Trump and Jared Kushner will like to thank you on taking action on minorities. We the Jews are well proctected now, with most synagogues proctected better than some countries. All your tax money is coming to us, the Jews. When is the last time you saw a poor Jew, yeah NEVER. We basically run this bitch ass country and have since the beginning of time. We own the banks, stock markets and most of the precious metals. You have nothing, go back to your double wide trailer and fuck your sister. Again Than You for protecting the Jews. Long live the Jews.

Isn't a bit worrying for you as a jew that synagogues have to be heavily guarded already?

Lefties may hand theirs over but the only way you're getting them from the right is when they're dead or overpowered. There will be no ground left to give.

I might add that this isn't even the case, everyone can shoot up a synagoge, even an old boomer like Bowers. Kikes don't have the ressources to protect all of their vermin spawn.

I know plenty of broke Jews you stupid cunt. Families of 10 driving around in broke down vans all over Brooklyn. Hasidics. And fuck your terrible grammar holy shit

Its not Trump its the practiced apathy as well as slave like allegiance to church and state.

Not gonna happen.

>(((humanitarian intervention)))??
The world has to be pitted against a ff'd whitey at the end of this somehow for anything to come of it for (((their))) plan to work. If its as easy as it being what it only is we've won and done, but I dont see them giving it all up now guys.

>boomer always has to meme a degenerate (((blacked))) meme disgusting
Can you fuckers ever stop? Like stop watching cuckporn you fag.

Those same welfare cheats that have been caught defrauding the government for millions? Yeah, I've seen them too.

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They admitting their people aren't here legally? kek. Declaration of war? About fucking time.

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hr8 passes

The fire has risen

I'm ready for the shit fest.

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Use'em or lose'em, last chance.

I fucking love it. It's like everybody that we hate is on the same acceleration train we are. Everyone wants to burn a bitch down except the despicable boomer vermin still benefiting from this hellhole status quo.

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Guns are the least of their worries

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All according to keikaku.
Looking forward to the copycats that all this publicity inspires.>>13572555

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((( )))
Are you retarded?
El Paso is twin city with Huarez/Warez, Americans and Mexicans do shopping EVERY weekend by going to the other side… Mexican nationals were killed. Imagine if American familes were killed because of cartels. You would have Americans forcing the US government to work together with Mexican government to do something.

I knew this was going to happen when the news said they were Mexican nationals… now the US government can say it's out of their hands.

Send them a get well soon card?

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There you have it niggers.

Both cities are infested with spics and nothing of value would be lost if they were glassed.

CNN is fucking serious! They made their font size 125% for this!

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ok so redflag laws go up hypothetically

so then what?

posting on this site means you're a "hazard" and should be disarmed as well as imprisoned for 1 year. What do you do about it?

Which (((international))) group would oversee these hearings?
Oh right. One of the - all of them - that the US has complete veto power over.

Israel volunteered to be the neutral mediator.

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Shoot anything that moves towards your property , rig property with gas expansion devices (in minecraft story mode) to make instant bbq pork ribs in case of failure to hold off.
Eat refried beans beforehand so you are sure to shit everywhere when you die and force them to clean it up kek

Called it, I knew the El Paso shooting would lead to the government giving an excuse to ban firearms. It really was a false flag.

Ok, I will place my bet on semi autos being banned.

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Do you retards want to get shot?