Strippers Unionize and then Form a Co-op

If strippers scraping by can organize the workplace, what's stopping you?

Working Class History episode 20 - The Exotic Dancers Union [42:45]

These women started out working as strippers, and because they were legally considered employees, they were able to unionize and bargain for better working conditions. Eventually they were able to buy their workplace and turn it into a worker co-op when the owner wanted to shut down due to the internet supplying porn.

Really curious to hear the anti-sex-work position on this.

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the mentally ill can't form unions.

read Foucault.

and furthermore, any sort of asperger autonomy would turn statist real quick as the heterosexual spergs would have to wage war for brides.

I don't want to sink down the rabbit hole with the implications of this too far because most people will get "spooked" over it.

The podcast made me think of escort user, did she ever fund a co-op or get her sex workers union going? Hope sesta-fosta didn't get her in trouble.
Disinterested workers and lack of time. Any people that successfully organize a workplace have done a lot of struggle and I doubt the dancers at the lusty lady were exceptions.
Accusations of petit-bourg and workerist waffling on what labor is.

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No one should ever work.

in a perfect world, sure. but that's the consequences of the industrial revolution.

Absolutely Reactionary

unions are not socialism

What is socialism?

Democratic control of the means of production.

No shit but neither are parties, councils, militias, revolutions, organizations, fucking around in a swedish hamburger restaurant, or anything that may represent proletarian power. Socialism doesn't spring forth into being by our grand ideas or wishes, it is conceived by class struggle and birthed by the abolition of capitalism.

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It's not even a book you illiterate faggots. All you have to do is listen.

So the co-op ultimately folded for a number of reasons

I hope so but she seems to have left along with most of the old quality posters from a couple years back.


Listen to the podcast. That was one of the reasons cited by the women interviewed. They had problems that needed solving but they had no (elected) managers, so the organization didn't have someone in a role to fix them or delegate responsibility to fix them.

wtf I love brother number 1 now

Why are you derailing the thread?

Stalin was a piece of shit. Lenin sucked too. The USSR did some good things relative to the tsars but it ended up being a trainwreck.

The way any network is organized is going to shape how it functions. There are all kinds of ways you can structure a business or union that don't involve authority. Selecting people to handle certain things instead of "eh somebody will do it" isn't authoritarian. Like they said in the podcast, they maybe could have handled the finances better if they specifically had someone in charge of that.

Most escort agencies and high end adult massage parlors in my city are owned by women who used to be prostitutes.

Is it more like an equitable situation or more like porkies who bootstrapped themselves from being proles?

Sex workers are degen.erate signs of an ill society. Clean ‘em up and re-educate them into good mothers

sex work is a meme usually shat out by exhibitionists that think that since there's an amateur section on pornhub that must obviously mean that the majority of sex workers aren't slaves

Can't turn a ho into a housewife. Hos don't act right. There's hos on a mission, and there's hos on a crack pipe.

This is true. Once a woman is spoiled it’s over

That's not how mafia works