What will be done under socialism to deal with anonymous internet trolls...

What will be done under socialism to deal with anonymous internet trolls, online harassment of women and fact-free fake-news?

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gulag, gulag, and more gulag

Nothing, because moderators will cease to exist under communism.

Well it won't be socialism, it'll be FALC.
Perps will be put on massive islands on concrete pillars, surrounded by aerial traffic, fast moving flying cars. On the ground juggernauts will be moving at high speed. .
Right wing Internet trolls will have their own island, based on racial lines, and ordered hierarchically.
There'll be one for online hsrrassers of women, misogynists, and creepy low lifes. They'll be 100% realistic sex robots, to pacify them, based on previous historic advertisers on the Adultwork website.
I'll be on that one.
They'll be one for TERFs. It won't be on a concrete island-it'll be far away, the Mediterranean island of Lesbos. It'll be limited to persons with two X chromosomes, It'll be like the wonen-only island in the "Wonder Woman" movie.
Perveyors of fake news will have an concrete island set up like like a 1930s newsroom, with manual typewriters. They'll be vacuum tubes through which bulletins will be sent to the one for right wing Internet trolls.

This. After the Great Purge of all hotpockets, telecom networks in the future will be restructured so as to ensure no hotpocketeers will ever again be possible. A fully anonymous, decentralized, and encrypted network.

To ensure such networks are the only kind that exist, collaborative, automatic datamining, doxing, identity theft, and trolling bots will be used continuously, destroying any publicly accessible pockets of namefaggotry or centralization.

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Fuck off Jew

Nobody cares about Zig Forumsniggers. They are just a bunch of angry, sexually frustrated white little shits too pussy to shit-talk someone on real life. Just let them bitch about "k¡kes" and "niggers" on their incredibly shitty board; they are total failures not worth anyone's attention.

Don't say stupid shit and you won't get called a dumb bitch; simple as that. Also, enough with feminist idpol. It needs to die.

That's why factcheckers exist.

Tyler's tweet will be added to the constitution under socialism.

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The only people I've ever seen whine about trolls, "harassment of women", etc. are liberals who ☘️coincidentally☘️ want to curtail the speech of radicals too. People literally get murdered for their speech around the world. If you're not for anonymity in the public square and political discourse, you are a fascist enabler.

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nothing, it's fun and keeps miscreants off the streets
take your meds
Innoculate the people with comprehensive education against crap like gossip, rumor, moral and other panics, McCarthyism, memeplagues and other forms of sophistry, emotional manipulation and general charlatainry. Create a culture prizing knowledge and coolheaded, impartial observation and shaming those who stick to conclusions they've jumped to that have been disproven. I thought that was a thing now under the current system but I guess not lol


This is either newfaggotry or the falseflag the Zig Forumsyp is going to screencap to "prove" how bad "we" are, either way it's a waste of dubs.

Good sassenach!

this also

pic rel8d

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Conservatives are a subset of liberal.

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Anyone remember, during GG, when it was revealed the overwhelming majority online harassment of women… Was done BY other women?

how many levels of galaxy brain?

it's not galaxy brain, it's basic political concepts

conservatives are classical liberals

the modern conservatives going around calling everyone libtards fail to realize that it is they that have adopted and vehemently defend liberalism


Not really, white supremacy and patriarchy are a form of natural right, which isn't liberal at all. The bourgeois has always hated white supremacy since it can act like a soft union. Allowing white to shrink the available labor pool and increase their leverage.

Even on the borders of red to brown I can agree.



A women's only commune. I think they tried that and it already failed.

If you look at the historical record you'll find exactly the reverse is true: White supremacy has been a tactic used to stop working people from joining forces.

Trump is not a white nationalist. he's a Zionist pig.

Reddit. Go there and don't come back

Trump and the opportunists in his administration know pandering to racist spookery is an easy ticket to support from aut-right and neocons alike

what's on reddit? I was going to take a break from Zig Forums anyway… get some money earnt… .read some H. P. lovecraft…and do some other things to do that are more beneficial to myself (and society, indirectly. )
Thr problem with arguing with right wingers on Zig Forums is it takes up a lot of time, for little seeming benefit to anyone, and there seems a potentially inexhaustible supply.

pick one

That's cool I like seeing homos naked too

But I thought according to sjws blacks can't be racist?

Now THIS is a shitpost

Bix nood

There's a reason why the nation of islam and the new black panther party exists. The racialists are merely their useful idiots. While both nazis and black nationalists keep bitching at each other, the porkies are running the world and shitting all over us.

Racialism = idpol for edgy faggots. It's that simple.

oh boy it looks like we're being "raided" again

Shalom rabbi, what are my teachings for today?

It stops at the jews for me. A lot of races, including Africans, have Aryan spirits in them. Even Arabs do. Jews though are the basic bitch sjw white girl who flashes her tits at everyone and then gets mad when she gets groped by incels. Boo hoo. Kurds are on some similar gay shit. Wandering tribe taking up space in an area hostile to them. In fact both Iran and Syria aren't exactly safe spaces for them either. So why are they here? I guess for the same reason the Khazars are. Pity they're one of those central Asian tribes who fell for the Talmud meme. At least there's some Tengris still left.

It's not a raid, it's an occupation. Thanks for your understanding.

I'm not sure how you get

Because it was a bunch of "yeah I'll do me, you do you" and I didn't really care

Why femcoms insist on attaching themselves to the spooked horseshit that is feminism? Haven't you learned anything from the 2016 election? We are in this mess because you reeeeee'd ad nauseam about so called "brocialists". Either focus on class struggle or GTFO.

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Zig Forumsers are retarded.

Holy shit imagine being too stupid to even read a fucking wikipedia article on this subject.

It's basic understanding of political categories. Liberalism is support for a liberal democracy overseeing a capitalist economy. "Liberals" and "conservatives" are different flavors of that.

No they're not, and natural rights are fundamental to liberalism. White supremacy and patriarchy are structural arrangements of the population along identity lines. The details of the ideology that justifies them is a separate concern. That's the domain "natural right" belongs to.

What the fuck am I reading? The whole point of white supremacy is to have one set of proles who get maximally exploited (non-white) and another set of proles who get distracted from their somewhat lesser exploitation (whites). The two groups are then pitted against each other by the ruling class by telling them their interests are against each other over who is "supreme." In reality, white supremacy hurts white people by keeping them from going after their real enemy, the capitalists, joined by their non-white comrades.

White supremacy isn't just massacring black people. It's the entire structure of institutional racism. Capitalists love this for many reasons, mostly that it makes it easier to exploit non-whites, especially in prisons.

Zionists are white nationalists you absolute retard. They only begrudgingly accepted non-white Jews because they wanted to boost their numbers. Israel treats dark-skinned Jews like dogshit.
And Trump is just a moron who wants people to compliment him.



loving every lol

How much do you get paid to post here?

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They belong to the same phenotype that other white people do. Don't you believe in evolution?

Mossad needs to get better agents

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People can call themselves attack helicopters, but genetics don't lie. Jews are white.

Honestly, I agree with you, but some of these Capitalists…

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hmm that's strange
why does k.i.k.e.s. = Capitalist

damn, leftpol not even hiding their jewishness huh?

You mean their whiteness. What are you doing to save the white race?

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And yet another conspiracy theory based in nothing but the assumption that the only explanation for people acting according to how marxism says they should are conspiracies to hide that very assumption.

People have been conquering and subjugating each other since before they were people, it doesn't require a ruling class which totally abides to marxist game theory in their every saying and deed.

And yet another conspiracy theory based in nothing but the assumption that the only explanation for people not acting according to how marxism says they should are conspiracies to hide that very assumption.

People have been conquering and subjugating each other since before they were people, it doesn't require a ruling class which totally abides to marxist game theory in their every saying and deed.

Okay asshole then you explain why whites have no solidarity with blacks in burgerland even though they are all workers.
How many white people concern themselves with shit like prison slave labor.

Yes idiot because the expansion of civil rights for oppressed minorities have proven to be beneficial to white workers.
Every place that has strong worker protections generally flourishes economically, and some white proles understand this and will tell you themselves their fellow whites refuse to have solidarity to with blacks because of racism.
Listen dumb burger, motivations of white reactionaries isn't some inscrutable enigma to anyone who's read a history book and isn't being a huge bad faith mutt-burger like you.

It seems they do, they abolished slavery (blacks had to be stopped by white nations navies to stop selling other blacks into slavery), gave blacks civil rights, enrolled them in their education system, transfer more welfare spending to them than vice versa etc etc

In which totalitarian state did you grew up where they never thought you the difference between motive and evidence?

Is the racist policies and rhetoric that have been spewed by the GOP and their Southern Strategy not evidence? Is the most overtly racist President elect in living memory not evidence?
Is the white mind forever unknowable until mind reading technology becomes available?
Is there any threshold reactionary whites can cross before you'll yield….yes…maybe they're being racist?
Lol, so white porkies set up the entire Atlantic slave trade, but were against slavery because they had to stop some blacks from continuing the practice after they stopped.
Black gave that to themselves Zig Forumsmutt
Whites did that? Wow! What didn't whites do for blacks?
I'm sorry is there some kind of tax exemption for blacks? Anyways white people gobble down more welfare than anyone.

Are you a russian shill because it is in the interest of russian shills to drag down the level of discussion? Did you kill your parents because you had an interest in gaing their inheritance? Is there any difference between the imagination of the constitutive paranoiac and reality itself?
Slavery existed before the atlantic slave trade and in different places, whites were the ones who abolished it. Show some gratitude.
I thought there was a white supremacy in which blacks had no say.

Are you a fascists, because only fascists want to continue to ignore state sponsored apartheid that continues to divide the working class.
lol wut?
Yeah there is, I can cite material racist polices that reactionary whites have and continue to support even though as workers it's against their best interests.
Yeah and the scars of it in other places continue to have political consequences. Take slavs for instance.
Was it not white people that profited from the slave trade? Also no, there were tons of slave revolts that were pivotal it the ending of chattel slavery in the South. If it weren't for blacks helping take down slavery, your dumbass would still be an ass backwards yeoman just like your ancestors, show some gratitude!
Yeah they didn't which is why they had to fight for their rights.


I'm not the one who believes in vast, all-pervading conspiracies that are ever present and ever acting to explain the failure of a theoretical unity materializing itself…
It would be in your material interest, which means you did it. Case closed, go to gulag, don't come back.
White america did pretty well for themselves, much better than marxists ever did for everyone, including themselves even. So how can you say that you know better?
How is supreme is a supremacy when black people throwing some stones and speeches is all thats needed to bring it to the heel?

black people are white too. everyone is white. we are ghosts.

no I do not.

No, you're simply ignoring the historical material legacy of chattel slavery and indigenous genocide.
Its not in my material interest to ignore racist useful like you doing the worst impression of a centrist I've ever seen.
How are they doing now? Oh right, they're dying left and right and have had their wages frozen for 40 years. By all means through blame black people for your boss fucking you over.
And I lived in Germany for for years and the average American is not white.
Right, is that why fuck ups like you in the gov lose their shit over Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba, which are only partly communist? Lol, capitalists like you are scared shitless of communism.
How is it that you think you can meme this bullshit revisionist history when you can't even make a convincing argument for it on a Mongolian finger painting enthusiasts board.

Judaism is a problem, but it's not the root of the problem; it's merely a tumor. Remove all jews from society, there'll be hierarchies on existence. Remove anyone that isn't white and there will be exploitation of the working class.

Remove capitalism and capitalists and there will no longer be systematic exploitation of the working class.

Long-story-short: You Zig Forums retards would be ok being exploited by nordic-germanic "aryans", as long as they are the Hitlerian definition of white. You're no different from liberals; you just want to replace the (alleged) jewish bourgeoisie with white bourgeoisie, much like liberals are ok with diversity of the bourgeoisie.

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One race human race. Inshallah…I mean namaste. I have tourettes

We don't exist.