What happened to Bat'ko? A couple of months ago he was /ourguy/ and now everyone seems to hate him

What happened to Bat'ko? A couple of months ago he was /ourguy/ and now everyone seems to hate him.

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He went outside the echochamber and realized roasties and fags aren't liberal-fascist demons, so he got dubbed a liberal.

Sound more like he went into the echo chamber.

Does he still use this board?

Bat'ko if you see this tell us your story.

I always hated him and all other ecelebs.

He took a controversial stance against Dr Bones after the revelations, made friends with some trannies and feminists, and hates the swerf n turf gang. He's still our nigga as far as I'm concerned.

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He decided that getting clicks is the most important virtue in life. So he's now with the type of people who bullied a porn actress into suicide for her refusal to have sex with people who are most likely to have AIDS.

>He took a controversial stance against Dr Bones
You mean lying. It's called lying. Lying about somebody. The lie being that somebody is a rapist. But it's a lie for a good cause: To fight against rape culture (did you know that rape is bad?) by making up shit. And for the clicks of course.

He became an r/socialism reject and now he even embraces feminism and complains about TERFs and SWERFs.

Wait, how exactly did Bat'ko lie about Dr. Bones?? He never called him a rapist as far as I know. Only said the facts, which is that he groomed her mentally and emotionally for sex when she specifically told him she did not want that. Dr. Bones literally admitted to it, apologized, and left the community.

I don't like left Twitter ecc one bit myself but did Bat'ko do something wrong? Did the people he's "with" do something wrong? The might be an annoying "type", but that's not the same thing as having a hand in driving a porn actress to suicide.

>fight against rape culture (did you know that rape is bad?) by making up shit.
Didn't Dr. Bones himself admit he acted badly, and quit political involvement over it?

He went outside the echochamber and realized roasties and fags aren't liberal-fascist demons, so he got dubbed a liberal
That sounds more plausible. In any case we should be more worried about Strasserite–fascist demons in our echochamber.

Just another leftist idpoler

Dr Bones admitted he did wrong, Bat'ko may be many things but he isn't lying about rape for e-fame.

I'm not worried about them, they're annoying and seem to post much more than the average user but all 5(max) of them are hated by everyone else here. Frankly the bigger issue is getting people already here to post and participate more, it's mostly the manarchist bro and myself in the bookclub for instance and my job has kept me from deeply reading Vaneigem so I haven't posted in the current edition. Better and relevant threads are needed, purging the nazbols is at best sweeping the floor.

Who's Doctor Bones? never heard of him.

Some dumb Jew

A host of a relatively popular podcast and a "gonzo journalist" who wrote about leftist politics through the lens of an insane occultist alcoholic. It turned out he groomed a fan and fucked then after getting them drunk while he wife and mother in law slept upstairs.

I don't care if he doesn't want to label himself as anti idpol, the vegan thread already proves thats becoming a buzzword at this point, but his callouts are pretty embarrassing and he unironically shared a post from some E whore shaming men for not paying for porn

Why don't you look up what grooming actually is? Boinking an adult isn't grooming.

Just another example on why ancoms, anarchists and left libertarians are a joke that would be gulag'd by tankies/nazbols in a real scenario.
An angsty liberal with red aesthetics that would stab the working class in the back for his tranny-feminist friends and their bullshit agendas.

He was just an edgy fag. He never had a serious anarchist perspective or philosophy other than opposing identity politics. We have a huge problem with "lel feminism rekt" faggots on the underground left community that merely dlislikes SJWs, like everyone and their mother already does.

He took the idpill.

Like half of the Asseriste-fascists are blatantly redditfugee Zig Forums users false flagging here so they can post threads there about how bad this board is.

And the other is j barg. In any case the lessons of checkers breivik are relevant to us here.

To be fair, J Barg goes out of his way to be obnoxious in order to "piss everyone off" since he sees being offensive as a moral virtue. He applies the same philosophy to his music. To his credit, he does read unlike a good percentage of the board.

Everyone hated Bat'ko for years OP, not sure how high you've been for the past 3 years but everyone hated him even then.

/trannypol/ purged him for not fapping to stalin


The reason why I remain an anonymous content creator is that everyone who puts a watermark on their shit suddenly feels the urge to be a "community leader" of some sort. Even with good intentions people start becoming smug, thinking themselves above all others, just because you did that one thing.

known authorship is grossly overrated anyway

I never really cared for him but to each their own. Pierre is a more personable guy

Fellow content creator here. I honestly don't care. You either like what I say or don't. Either way it's no sweat off my nutsack.

Hi Finbol, did you really rape that girl in your discord?

I'm not Finnbol but rape literally is a societal construct. It all depends, like I said, on time and place.

Who are you then if you don't mind disclosing?

Wait, how the fuck did that discord thing turn into rape now?

With some vodka and roofies.

fucking jew cuck

I do mind disclosing, sorry. Not up for discussion.

Fair enough, I respect your decision.

Restaurant named SWERF and TERF where you eat your food out of the asshole of an HIV+ mulatto tranny

Christ… that image. Five years. What happened to my life?

Uh…you know TERFS hate trannies right?

Don't you know anything?

TERFs are reactionaries though

It's clearly Jason Unruhe. Only he would use a vulgarity like "nutsack."

Jason must be listening to his brother then

can one rape on anonymous Vietnamese basket weaving forums ?

Nope not Roo either

I mean where is the lie?

you're cancer go back to pol

i like batko i think its just the nature of chan boards. to be sectarian and just be rude to anyone whos actually doing something. who is recieving credit for it. there are always gonna be pariahs like the "OH I HaTE eCELEBS" that for some reason think talking about marxist theory on youtube is the equivlent of some 14 year old twerking it for likes, the nature of the beast is to be able to look past these detractors and still try to encourage the likes of bad mouse, mexie, p tube or whatevs to continue to discuss far left ideaology in a way that is good for the movement now i dongt thiink batko is as bad as say peter coffin who i do feel at times is in the busness of making videos for the wrong reasons peeps just are really petty and jelly that others efforts are being recognized

idk what the fuck happened with this porn actress but i dont care really im not super anti id pol

you're badmmouse EMbrace #bunkergang

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I still don't get cyber-nihilism

No because those 14 year olds can at least be good at twerking

that or ur just a pedo from Zig Forums and find 14 year olds erotic

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I seriously need to get in on the ground floor of this tele-rape business

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Let me rephrase it: those twerking teens can be good at what they're doing, contrary to idiots talking about theory on youtube.

It's really stupid.

Reddit. Is where you belong.

Bonus points if they're tween instead amirite?

An ideology is a crowd, and no normal person is going to rally behind a crowd with the likes of jason unruhe and peter coffin at the helm (and if they would, they would be quickly driven out by the petulant feuds of these narcissistic manchildren).

fuck off moralfag

can u imagine holding the people in your party accountable for their actions This post brought to you by the #bunkergang

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yea i dont like either of those 2 i dont think they represent what the movements about

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Go worship your Stalinist daddy over on /marx/, fascist

lmao this is kino