Zig Forumsniggers BTFO

Japan don't like whitey.

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Based japs

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Missed joke tbh

This is the opposite of BTFOing Zig Forums, it’s an affirmation

wow so this is the power…of the radical right….

That's objectively correct.

Hitler himself didn't give a shit about what happens to whites in Australia.
- Adolf Hitler
Zig Forums BTFO

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wow two to a dozen of them

fuck off body oder

Wonder how long they'd rather us immigrate there rather than the 300,000 Pajeets which they are importing into the nation. Can't wait to witness them fuck like rats and turn Tokyo into Mumbai 2.0.

Good. They have the right to oppose miscegenation in their own nation. If I went to Africa and tried to fuck a woman, who wasn't a hooker, they'd break my legs and burn a tire around my neck, and they'd have every right to do so.

wew lad

Ethnocentric defence of your homeland is Zig Forums incarnate, we will have this in Europe soon enough.

I see nothing wrong with this, the Australian's should have been purged long ago, I'd only feel bad for the native Abo's.

That's ok maybe I don't like anyone except myself. Also maybe they need to get nuked again, idc. It's too early for this shit.

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Australians are immune to purging the japs already tried this and failed. They're a weird breed of anglo.

Wrong. Every Zig Forumsyp with a brain knows that Hitler only cared for his own Volk – and rightfully so

The abos being cleansed from the Earth was the fit triumphing over the unfit

All I see is a principled protest against western imperialism. Only a liberal-fascist American would be against this.

It’s absolutely an affirmation. Two races, providing they differ enough, will always come into competition and friction if they inhabit the same environments. While leftists only focus on class-struggle (which does exist), there is the more fundamental race-struggle which is innate and timeless

White boi salty that he'll never get a cute japanese gf to race mix with

Just felt like throwing a bunch of ideologies into a hat and pulled out three on random, huh?

Completely missing the point of his post I guess….

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I agree with them.

It makes me wonder, do africans see Europe and think its a black country? They must do.

>>>Zig Forums

tankies cannot read

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The people themselves have to be changed as well

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which is why japan would benefit from Nazbolism. They have to remove this disgusting "work till death" parasite that the big corps have programmed into them since the 50's. Ethnic nationalism & socialism would save them.

Sounds like the soviet union, but with an actual culture, high living standards and not so horrible that it needs to prevent people escaping by threat of gulag.

Japan shouldn't confuse us with those mudmutts

But Okinawa is

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The low birthrates aren't really bad in or in themselves considering Japan's population density in the urban areas.

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Not a tankie but ok

This is why I don't bother interacting with smug foreigners. Everyone is fucked. Getting on a perch just makes you look like a prick to most of us.

Based Japanese. Whites, christians and their jewish prioritization are a deadly plague in the world. They only reap death and destruction of people and cultures to benefit themselves.

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Why do you think this is the case?
Because the most money is made in urban areas! People always go where the money is. So the population declines in the villages while the city density remains the same.

Soviets had more culture than the Americans.
Watch their Sherlock Holmes adaption. The amount of love and dedication they put in there is astonishing.

You posted Zig Forumsniggers, OP.

That is not because the Japanese work hard anyone can work hard if given the opportunity and resources. The fact that we see Japan prospering now is because the U.S. NEEDS it to prosper to locally harass and possibly use against China, N. Korea and Russia if a war breaks. Same reason why we see S. Korea prospering now. Dumb weeb.

Zig Forumsyps are pro white extremists that support further european racial imperialism. OP is a people and culture protesting a modern version of european racial imperialism; judeo-christian imperialism.

If that were the case the US' front line client states in Eastern Europe would be booming instead of a shock therapy wasteland. Japan's definitely benefited from US bases and aid during the early postwar era, but right now I think as much as anything it's the lack of overseas wars and relatively low income inequality.

Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron

Wouldn't expect a bunch of newfags fresh off the boat from reddit who jerk off Dawkins all day would understand that

Somehow forgetting the japs had imperialism in their past. It's ok no one is perfect.

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They are imperialist right now per Lenin's definition.

That's only a problem if they not merica, right?

No, it's because Japan is extremely mountainous, to the degree that there is very little land suitable for construction, and even less that is arable. In spite of its often being touted as "the size of California", the usable landmass of Japan is far smaller.

And yes, Japan is SEVERELY overpopulated, a fact which is being downplayed by porky and their classcuck sycophants to push for suicidal open borders and/or natalism.

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Like I said before.
Even when Japan loses 25% of their population, you fucking bet that the density in urban areas remains more or less the same.

We have the same problems in Germany. Decreasing population, yet increasing population density in the metropolitan regions. Shit is especially bad in the former GDR and their many ghost towns. Some of them are recolonised by Nazis, though thankfully all they do there is getting drunk (so far, reports from the constitutional guard are sparse, since these fuckwits are full of Nazis themselves, so the could actually prepare for Day X or something).
But you have it in FRG as well. Schools are closing, so are banking branches, doctors are moving out, and even subsidies don't make them move back and the total absence of any form of entertainment. My grandparents told me that they had a pool and a movie theatre despite 350 people living there. Now I live in a 60,000 souls large town and we don't even have that.

You can see it in a romantic light, but it also can devolve into something worse than Stasi. You vote lefter than the consensus allows? Forget finding a job in this general area.


Finally, someone embraces the low-population path to prosperity.

No to open borders, no to natalism. I do think Japan has issues related to a strict conservative culture that puts too much pressure on the youth though.

Imagine being this retarded. Eastern Germany is 'Nazi' (and leftist, both the far-right and far-left succeed there) due to the population being dissatisfied with the economic conditions imposed by the West. The notion of left vs right is retarded.

You don't need entertainment buildings to have entertainment.
All that a man needs is to get a girlfriend and she'll provide for all of his entertainment needs.
Now go get a gf and do stuff like writing and reciting poetry to her, cooking her favorite meal, watching the stars at night with her, going on a hike inna woods with her, walking in the town centre holding hands, talking about her favorite books, etc.
There's plenty of things to do when you have a gf.

You have no idea what you are talking about. So why do you insist on having an opinion about it anyway?
Look up NSU. Look up Maaßen. The Constitutional Guard is knee deep in brown shit.

Lol. Women don't make sense. I've been through 5 or 6 at least. They are a meme.

Lol, incels are right. Later, virgins.

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But I was told that before feminism and SJWs ruined everything, every man was given a loving, loyal and virgin wife?

Life's a fucking joke haha haha

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No. Life is but a dream. Don't turn the dream into a nightmare.

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Like last night my dream is where i creampied your mother hahaha fucking white choo choo run a train

Don't believe the memes


Oh! poor soulless modern man.

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t. has never had a significant other

Sorry can you reply by typing those out all over again?


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They are referring to the contingent of leftist white repulsive degenerate protestors that have been popping up in Japan, shilling for corporate globalism under marxist/gay banners etc. Like the spergs they are.

The board literally says "protestants" not "protestors".
It's against your kind of cuntservative autist they are against not the faggy type of autismo.

how do you know they arent talking about peeps like Black Pigeon Speaks Who despite being a champion of Xenophobic hysteria and an advocate of "white genocide" left his native anglo land to be with the japs

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Overpopulation doesn’t exist. he more labor you have the more you can build your country up.

BPS is right about certain things.

He's an economic idiot though

to the suicide forest with you.

Imagine being this disconnected from reality. Enjoy your broom-closet sized apartment in fifty years in a tenement block filled with brown people

You choose to ignore the gluttonous and wasteful effects of capitalism and human responsibility to nature which has been neglected.

Anglos are not white

Who woulda thunk it

Nobody is white. Yay we just cured racism

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that's broke

woke is quoting Mao to support Bush Jr.'s imperialist wars

also invent a time machine, Doc Red

He really did go full retard with his "social imperialism" theory and "three worlds" theory.

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japan is still anti-immigration just like a white supremacist nation though. and they sided with hitler. they need to open their hearts to the LGBTQ community and also do more for immigrants

race is a social construct. fuck white supremacy though

Yes, look at these white people. Just skin

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Bad Zig Forumsnigger, bad!



You mean cross-phenotype.

Hey Nazi-kun, if simply having pale skin doesn’t make you white what does? Can you give a list of features, and how many one needs to be white? Better yet since the human genome has been mapped, a list of all the alleles

Being white is irreducible, it actually means something, it's not an abbreviation of other things being added until a certain number is reached.

Oh-ho, so it's not "quantitative genetics." If it is a qualitative state and not a quantitative material reality, then it is a simple matter to define it

Can you be more clear in what you mean with that exactly and define every term you used in your post?

Things in general fall into one of two categories: quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative things possess dimensions which can be measured: length, width, height, number, frequency, duration, etc. All material things are quantifiable. Qualitative things are what they are by definition. Things either possess or do not possess a particular quality, and these may be in relation to a given subject. Qualitative realities are thus defined by a given set of qualities.

This is pertinent to the discussion, because "white" is both unquantifiable and lacks a clear set of qualities by which it can be defined. That means that it is a useless category for scientific analysis.

So are the Nips, and pretty any other race besides a handful of cucked cosmopolitans

Only for a few millennia after the stone age.

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reminder that anti-natalism is functionally anti-intellectualism


Hey y'all… 👋👋☺️ I just told 🗣️🗣️ my friend that I want to give 🎁🎁 birth 🤰🤰 to a genius before I turn 25! And guess 🤔🤔 what my friend said!! 😮😲😱 She said that my child isn't going to be the next 💵💵 billionaire 💵💵, but instead will be a wage slave for the rest of their lives!! 😡😠👿 She even presented STATISTICS 📋📋. Whatever that means!! I just saw low numbers 💹 and percentage symbols, and to me that is some dumbass MATHEMATICS. 😡😠👿 🤜➕➖➗ Who even likes math!? Not me, no way ew! 🤢🤮🤮 I remember doing that shit 💩💩💩 in middle school and I never did it again because I dropped out of high school to sell essential oils. 🌱🌿🌱Anyways, I know that this board will support me, so I'm letting you all know the details of my planned birth 😀😀 and genius children. Basically, I am going to give a 100% natural birth near a lake 💦💦 because I don't want silly doctors trying to help! Who knows nowadays… Doctors trying to vaccinate 💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉 MY babies behind my back… And then… They're going to succeed in school because I'll tell them to do well, get a good university degree, and then become a billionaire and provide me 90% of the profits because I gave them the gift of life!! 😍😍😍😍 I know they'll be smart because I am an intellectual, therefore my babies will make smart choices. They are my mini me's. 100% me. And they will obey my every command!

You made me laugh, comrade. Good job and top kek.

Naturally having all of the following three: fair skin, fair hair, fair eyes.
Albinos doesn't count they are just the product of an anomaly, not something natural.

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Pic related was a nigress all allong, at last i truly see

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Not a nigress just one of those swarthy mongrels.