Stalin matters

I haven't even started writing and I can already feel some clueless clowns shilling against the greatest luminary of true socialism: Joseph Stalin.

And that is too bad, because Stalin 2.0 is on the horizon. The signs are fucking everywhere:

1) The rich spitting on the poor (talking about that Macron maggot).
2) People almost killing each other in the streets over politics in the US of fucking A
3) Mass unemployment coming soon due to AI
4) Climate calamity looming. Will drastically increase cost of living (like food).

And there's only one kinda guy that can give the bankers and bourgoisie what they deserve and people are gonna love it.

As a bonus, once he's in office, and after Mark Zuckerberg got vanned to the gulag, we're gonna get UBI. Which I personally will use to play video games (especially Red Faction) all day and wank off to Jennifer Lawrence.

Get ready people. The second coming is nigh.

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terrible taste. you must be amerikkkan.

So basically, replace neoliberalism with national capitalism. Whoever wins, the proles lose.

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OP needs to kill xirself.

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haha okay

Go fuck a kettle of boiling water

If Stalin matters, can we call people Stalinists now rather than pretending that "Marxist-Leninism" was a thing?

Where is the theoretical deviation of Stalin from Marx and Lenin?

Socialism in one country for starters

Socialism in one country, rapid industrialization and collectivization over the NEP, Russification over indigenization, never returning power to the Soviets…

off to the gulag you go, fucking fascist.

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Fellow Stalinist here, comrade. Posting pics of our beloved leader.

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Stalinism is a religion.
Religion is cancer.

Oh almost forgot. AnComs get the bullet too.

If that's true the next Pol Pot will come out of the American South. The hick is everyones favourite pin cushion. The patience will run out.

Then why the anarchist flag the color of a tumor?

love it, extra pic for you.

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amerikkkan detected. purge yourself retard.

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Of course we get the bullet too. How else are we gonna shoot tankies and nazbols?

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lame af reply, brainlet.

Aside from terrorizing his citizens and throwing his soldiers towards the Finns as meat shields, name one thing Stalin did wrong politically. You can't.

Stalin literally built the only force that was ever able to stand up to the US and bullshit liberalism. fuck those few broken egg shells.







It's not like he thought the USSR should be the only socialist state ever.

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Fuck a wall socket, yank LARPer scum

pic related: actually 16 year old boys from America or Europe

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Good fetish

Intellects get the wall

more like Stalin is fecal matter

guess ill put the team on my back

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nice thread tankucks


tankies suck ass and can't read for shit

go back to Zig Forums if you want to stan edgy dictators

u mad bro? we actually achieved something while your bullshit will always stay fiction in your precious books. fucking LARPer.

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USSR was shit, kys tankie


There is plenty to criticise the USSR for, but you managed to cobble together the stupidest reasons there are.

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Sure is was better, but so is eating half a shit sandwich instead of a whole one.

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I wish the black book was true honestly, humans are vermin

Who is "we" faggot tankie

It is true, and only tankies are vermin.

good job gorby


Imagine being this much of a bottom feeder that you take personal credit for the achievements of a foreign state that you weren't even alive to participate in.

Stalinists are the real liberals, that revolutionary messianic-complex is pure unadulterated liberalist opportunism. Stalinists don't want to build communism if that communism doesn't involve them playing soldier and feeding this complex. Look at the sheer amount of rape scandals in ML organizations and you will understand that these groups operate just like all the other cultists.

People like you unironically make me want to be a Trotskyist neocon.

Name 5.

Just to name a few orgs that are rife with sex scandals.

100 million is the claimed combined number for every ML state and these bullshit statistics don't add up with the population growth and increase in life expectancy in any country.
Poland was occupying Western Ukraine and Western Belarus since 1920s while moving in "osadnik" Polish settlers. They also occupied the capital city of Lithuania which was later returned to Lithuania by the Soviets.
The Baltics were filled with semi-fascist governments and the possibility of Nazi Germany using them to flank the Soviets had to be prevented. The Soviets made military treaties with them to safeguard the security of the USSR. This was the extent of Soviet ambitions in the Baltics.
Local communists took advantage of the Soviet presence and took over following protests and elections. These new governments then decided to join the USSR.
Towards the end Central Asia wanted to remain in USSR even more than fucking Russia.
These "installed dictators" were already popular guerrilla independence fighters against the French/Japanese imperialists. The US had to establish puppet governments in half of the country by force of arms and massacring the populace to prevent unification with communist leadership. Even Eisenhower admitted that Ho Chi Minh would have won an election if one was held across Vietnam.

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Beria alone meets that quota.


I got banned on halfchan's /his/ board for saying kulaks deserved it and Stalin did nothing wrong. Apparently that is trolling and /b/-related somehow. Kind of depressing as the thread was going to an interesting place and a few people agreed that kulaks were horrible.

Do you actually believe this?

Literally what happened.

Didn't WWP split last year over a guy allegedly raping a few women?

What's the difference between a soviet invasion installing a puppet government and local communists taking advantage of soviet military presence to act as soviet puppets?

Which is exactly why Stalin sabotaged the revolution in Spain, told communists in Germany to fight socdems instead of Nazis, literally sold hitler the equipment that would later be used to invade the USSR and then abandoned the communists in Greece after WW2 was over to appease the British.

These last three years I've gotten banned a lot on halfchan and even got 1 IP perma'd, many of them filled by obviously butthurt tranny jannies and mods.
Hiro doesn't give a fuck.

Just kind of annoying since I like /tg/ and the Bolt Action thread. I've also been trying to talk to Zig Forums about communism and their misconceptions about it but it's really kind of a lost cause.

I don't want an echo chamber or anything like that but the constant, blatant falsification and outright ridiculousness is getting to me for some reason.