Why are evil capitalists disproportionately white?

Is it just me or are capitalists disproportionately white men? It's almost as if the white oppressors are here to keep us down

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Because the average nigger is either unemployed or in jail, so they don’t get to be evil capitalists

A mix of genetics and upbringing, if you’re suggesting the majority of child abusers are white people then you should take a look at the countries where you see child torture, genital mutilation, child soldiers, child exploitation for labor etc.

All the elites participate in fun, no exception

I don't know. Why are radical progressive authoritarian leftists also disproportionately white?

This is a clever illustration of how politics that consern themselves with "disproportionate representation" are always disingenuous and lead only to >implied >implications.

Imperialism during the 18th century led by Jews
Who lived in Europe for years before then
And came during the dysphoria
From an area largely known at the time for being the center of the world
And while they spread to all ends of the empire Europe blessed them the most
And eventually going back to the start Europe and imperialism conquered the world.
And that's how Jews used whites as lap dogs to take over the world.

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Capitalism started in Europe.

Because of colonialism, of course. Regardless, it's foolish to assume all whites benefit from capitalism, when demographics says otherwise. Just look at how monumentally corrupt russia is, while also being the 2nd whitest country on earth.

Capitalism fucks all of us in the ass, regardless of the amount of melanin in your body and only retards assume the white man/¨"niggers"/"spics"/(insert meaningless boogeyman) is the problem.

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Also this

Who cares?

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Is it just me or are capitalists all capitalists? It's almost as if the bourgeoisie are here to keep us down

yeah so?

White Males have been at an advantage in terms compared to other members of society. Modern Capitalism was born out of the "west" were most people living there are white.

Your just pointing out the obvious

inb4 Baste Jim™ features this on his Quality Threads List™



Oh wait, you're serious

Lemme laugh some more


Yeah, they are black and white with red noses.


You mean Jewish

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Jews are white. Evolution says so.

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Jews have asiatic admixture and have many genetic diseases particular to their race. Race is beyond skin color

It's phenotype.

How are race and gender relevant exactly? How are they to be taken into consideration when trying to overthrow capitalism?

Race is whatever people say it is, since it's just a social construct. The Irish used to not be considered white either.

Basically it's a great tool for porky to get idiots like you to focus on "the other" rather than the people in charge.

Like the jews?

Pic related
The Irish have always been white, retard. That just shows the concept of what is an accepted ethnicity within America has changed
The k.ikes are in charge. The K.ikes are a large part of porky

That would mean that the joos are responsible for racism! Is there no end to their evil?

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Not even hitler went as far as claiming that the germanic race was literally chosen by god.


Remember Jericho.

Remember the Alamo.

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Good sassenach!

Jews are not white, nigger!

prove it

Are you retarded? The Jews are a Gypsy race and not Aryans. You can already see that. You can also only be a Jew if you have a Jewish mother.

Jews are Semitic people's from a lower part of the middle east therefore having less white admixture, yes, but they're not Gypsies.

Indo-Iranians, a swarthy ethnolinguistic group covering most of the population from India and Afghanistan across Central Asia to Poland and Iran.
Romani, an Aryan people, mostly residing in Eastern Europe, originating from a large group who left northern India circa 500AD.
Semitic people who began to distinguish themselves from other Canaanite tribes circa 800BC.

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Of the Aryan the Nord reigns supreme

European "Jews" are full of white European admixture actually. The idea of any sort of monolithic "Jewish race" is one of the spookiest racial conceptions there is.

Jews are a mongrel group, but everyone knows that there are certain disorders and diseases common among Jews that delineate some parts of them as a unified group.

Everyone is a mongel group. See:

Opinion discarded


I said less you dolt it's clear Jews have some Caucasian admixture, but notably less along with unique traits like the other user says such as higher susceptibility to Tay Sachs disease which confirm they're separate enough to be distinct from whites.

Jews are entirely caucasoid when they are not mixed with something else like Sammy Davis Jr. was.

And the Irish are more susceptable to skin cancer. Whoop-dee-shit.


Have that image about ☘️them☘️ that shows that Zig Forums's cherrypicking conspiracy nuttery can apply just as much to Irish as it can to Jews?

Bad sasenach!

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That's the one.

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The Nordic peoples and all other indo europeans ,except the Indo-Iranians, never called themselves aryans.
When the Indo-Iranians used the term, it was always in the context of religion, culture, and language NEVER RACE. So any nordic person, prancing around, claiming to be part of the aryan race The Golden one and Vargsie, is retarded.

not worth a response

but they're Europeans

we own this bitch. we was kings and such.

can't critique the Capitalists so you go after legit euros, who basically founded european culture in the west.

so this is r/cuckold now?


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hello schizo plz take your meds

Because they come from not only the wealthiest countries in the world, but the ones that created and spread capitalism, all of which are predominantly white.

psychiatry is jewish

t. Capitalist


Fuck off with the idpol, ki.ke

I'm just an explaining an obvious trends. The dominant ethnic demographic in a culture is going to make up the majority of the ethnic composition of the ruling class, that's just a universal fact, not idpol.

Because Jews have a culture that is focused on success in both academia and the workplace.
There is always some nepotism involved in every minority group. Im not going to deny that. But you shouldnt invent some massive jewish conspiracy about why you have been so unsuccessful in life when the simpler answer is that the successful jewish capitalists might just work harder than you do. Or they are smarter than you are.

would you say women are nepotistic in their minority group?

face it, every single demographic is guilty of this, baring down to even gender.

Is everyone on here legitimately dumb enough to fall for this obvious bait or do people here just love to argue about idpol?

I am fairly sure that OP is satire with a little bait to trigger Zig Forumsyps thrown in.