Death to Judeo-Bolshevism

You all do know that the world will never embrace Marxist ideology, don't you? The final victory of The Führer and Nati卐nal Socialism over Judeo-Bolshevism will come… and soon. It is inevitable.

The BO here is a repulsive pink tranny faggot.

We will gas you disgusting Commie Capitalist rat fucks in the DOTR.


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I think you have the wrong board.

As an anarchist, I think I can live with that.

Nice try, revolting tranny freak.

You're a fucking Commie and you deserve nothing less than a bullet through the brain!

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I really hate it when boomers and/or illiterate gen z children larp as Nazi's using too many exclamation points and needless capitalization of words.

Fuck off Zig Forumsnigger

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We've had this thread 9003 times already.

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How can Marxism be jewish when the main influences of it came from Hegel and Feuerbach who were both German and Aryan according to not socialist Standards?

The subject of trans women is introduced by one again apropos of nothing.
It's like being back work…. somewhere on a loading bay…
My workmate: We were watching some tranny porn in the coffee room. It was fucking disgusting.
Me:So, immediately upon realising the nature of the content, you stopped the DVD?
Him: Well, no, we watched it to the end.

You obv mean Zig Forums's BO. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but I think she has a nice gothic look.
Watch some Contrapoints


All Jews are Capitalists, All Capitalists are Jews
Death to Capitalism, Death to Israel, Death to America, Death to all of Judea






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If anyone is thinking at this point B-movie Nazi, why waste virtual ink arguing with him, take a look at the sad fucks who were involved in Charlottesville. They look they made their kit in their mums basement and yet an IWW activist got killed.

Since we're throwing Nietzshean terminology around, there's much in Nietzsche which can lead to the Zig Forums BO's political position. (I'm not the blog writer)

I see what you're trying to do, k¡ke. It won't work… I know the truth about The Führer and I know the only worthy ideology is Nati卐nal Socialism. You are a red plague upon mankind that we will remove once and for all

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there was nothing socialist about national "socialism". It was just a racist social-democratic welfare state. Either give power over to the workers or fuck off.

Also Hitler killed off actual socialists in the party during night of the long knives.

Every Zig Forumsyp thinks he is a very original master troll

Nazi JEW JEWMANY was concocted and controlled FAKE conspiracy RUN BY JEWS to exterminate the TRUE Slovenic POLISH Master Race!!!

Nazi Jewmany occupied Poland in 1939. Hitler JEW gang made Nazi JEW HANS FRANK total governor of Poland with his JEW gangs, provinces rulers, high Gestapo, military S.S. etc. Many of these Nazi Jews lived in the luxurious city site JEW GHETTO of the capital city, Warsaw. ALL DURING WWII, AS ALWAYS, like ALL European cities, Warsaw had a luxurious JEW GHETTO section, similar to JEW CENTRAL $$$$ PARK SECTION in New York City, JerUSAlem.

By 1943, Jewmany was doomed. Kosher USSR offered secret treacherous TOTAL peace treaty to Nazi Jewmany, giving Jewmany ALL 1941 borders, including the lands of USSR SLAVE ALLY, Poland.

BY 1943, VIRTUALLY ALL of the SIX MILLION POLISH PEOPLE WERE EXTERMINATED in experiments to build the C. God SECRET Stairway to the Stars, by the Computer God MASTER RACE FRANKENSTEIN RADIO HEAD WORSE DEADLY ELECTRICAL JEW DISEASE in the entire history of the

The USSR Army neared its’ 1941 borders. COMPUTER GOD evacuated hundreds of thousands of the TO BE BURNED ALIVE JEW DISEASES, who operated the Nazi HUMAN MEAT FACTORY EXTERMINATION CAMPS and also ordered the camps ripped down for secrecy. AT THE SAME TIME, in 1943, the LUXURIOUS CITY SIZE WARSAW JEW GHETTO WAS ADDING NEW SECTIONS.

In the world-wide Communist Gangster Computer God fabricated farce history and thousands of COMPUTER GOD Frankenstein Radio Head JEW parroting puppet Hollywood movies, Jews were persecuted, all propaganda conspiracy of C. God OVERALL PLAN.

Follow your leader

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The 1944 Polish
Armia Kryowa Warsaw Uprising is one example of the continuous C. God world- wide deadly extermination conspiracy, ALL DURING WWII, against the valiant Polish Military; from Artic Narvik, to desert Tobruk, especially, unbelievable valiant capture of Monte Casino. Still very large and clear, engraved in the sidewalk entrance of gigantic Battle for Monte Casino Polish Military Cemetary, I excerpt the first few words. “PRZECHODNIU POWIEDZ POLSCE…” Mr. Dec states: “Powiadam, mawet do niewolnikow, nawet na odleglych planetach, i caly swiat.”.

In 1944, the Polish Armia Kryown, Warsav Uprising, lasting several months, wherein many thousands of Polish people were killed IN SACRIFICE TO TREACHEROUS JerUSAlem and JEW CHURCHILLAND with ABOVE CRIMINAL LAW, NAMELY, “PRIVILEGED” CAMOUFLAGED KOSHER ROYALTY.

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This lowest treachery was to ATONE to kosher USSR for Poland’s complaining that the COMPUTER GOD JEW CONSPIRACY already robbed over seventy-five percent of Polish lands, giving them to the WORLD WAR ONE COMPUTER GOD CONCOCTED JEW BASTARD USSR MELTING POT, even robbing all of the large Minsk Province, AS SOON AS WWII WOULD END, to be annexed by the USSR.
( Spring 1984 )

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WWII ended and a few Nazi JEW Jewmany leaders were brought to trial and hung.
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They all stated in details that the entire MAFIA (Catholic) RELIGION from the rectum and cunt lapping, a true aROMA, FAG, DRUG ADDICT GINNY POPE PIUS XII, to the lowest priest, not only partook of all of the Polish human products, such as human frozen and preserved meat, leather shoes, even human soap, but also worked in conspiracy with the Gestapo, especially in chicanerously, quietly rounding up the six million innocent Polish people exterminated, with con artist claims of work jobs for the Nazi war effort and how the Gestapo with the lowly gangster Ginny Pope Pius XII gang arranged that felon priests, such as murderers, burglarers, rape sodomists etc., instead of prison such felon priest were made KAPOS, TRUSTEE SARGENTS (CON ARTISTS) in the HUMAN MEAT FACTORY EXTERMINATION CAMPS.

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I want the guy who narrated Ken Burns' "Civil War" to read that letter completely straight.

That's the spirit, OP.

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You're just as retarded as most of the brainlets here who ban me.

If it wasn't for my racism and nationalism, I'd be considered just a syndicalist or a Bookchinite democratic confederalist. Most ideologues today don't give a damn about actual politics. Hell, it's not even about ideology anymore. It's about the two fashion trends of 'leftism' and 'rightism'. Based more on irrationally hating certain words or phrases than anything else. 'Gultural Margism' is bad bad bad. 'Racism' is bad bad bad. 'Socialism' is bad bad bad. People will go back in history and revise it to fit their narrative, their fashion choice. All historical leftists are now progressives fighting for trans-LGBTBBQ wamyn of colorkin rights, and all historical rightists are 1488 GAS THE CapitalistS HUWITE SUPREMEISTS. It doesn't matter that there were no nonwhites for that to be an issue. (Where there were, the leftists often were racist against them and rightfully so.)

It doesn't matter that the demographics were different. (Which is hilarious to see that being ignored by the same people who say that demographics is everything.) Historical and material conditions don't matter. History is merely a competition of ideas. Politics is shopping in the marketplace of ideas, buying prepackaged ideas. Don't tinker with your product, don't think about why they're made that way. Just eat from the trashcan. That is how politics works nowadays.

The 20th century was a tragedy of people fighting each other over ideology instead of material interest. The 21st century is a clown-world farce where people fight each other over glorified fashion trends. Ideology has become so encompassing that we don't even care about the political ideas behind it, only the flag that flies above it.

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divide and conquer is still divide and conquer.
Also most righties don't have a problem with capitalism. Capitalism is good, if not for the ☘️JEWS☘️ in charge. If Whites were in charge everything would be just fine, because Whites are apparently too pure/stupid to be greedy backstabbers.