Why did this board die? Where did everyone go?

Why did this board die? Where did everyone go?

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They went back to /leftyreddit/.
The majority of the leftists here accepted their support of authoritarianism.

Reading even more theory because, you should try that too OP.

You let it.
Although from what I see it didn't die or drop in quality as bad as other boards have, it's just slowed down.
Presumably the real world more and more Anons just became bored and with no one willing to go to the remaining places where oldfags still go, very few are left in general.

I do that already but I also want to discuss what I have read as logic is only socially formed in dialogue.

And they should stay there

I stuck this board out as long as I could but a couple months ago it was totally unusable.

It's not just this board, the entire site's dying
tl;dr this board is dying as part of a Cambrian-level event that is hitting the Internet

user Zig Forums died a long time ago, it's just gradually getting infested with maggots eating it's corpse, what's worse it looks like soon the remaining sites oldfags left to will die out soon.
This will be the final generation. When we are gone so will everything else.
Best case scenario, imageboard successors arrive long after we die.

We're dead?

I think the real tipping point for me, after the slow death of once-good board after once-good board due to BO autism and shitposters being too undisciplined to migrate en-mass in a prompt and decisive manner, was when the slow death of the most absolute dogshit board on the site aside from QBoomer, Zig Forums, was averted by the global mods breaking their own rules to reach down from the heavens and save stormniggers from their own autism by forcibly removing imkampfy, confirming once and for all that in the mods' opinion Zig Forums must remain Zig Forumschan at all costs.

mods are terrible across Zig Forums. looking for a new chan….anyone?

shitpost are freedom. without freedom you are the cause of the problem. what you think is a shitpost is not one.

"Shitposter" just means "user". We are all shitposters.

Aside from Zig Forums as a whole dying? Not enough anons post, autism from those that do, and not much relevant or interesting discussion going on.
Off this site, probably off chans for good.

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To be honest I'd rather have it small and sane rather than large and full of fuckwits.
It is unfortunate that it is that way.

I'm becoming more convinced by the day that Zig Forums and 4chan are the real NPCs. They sperg out over alternative opinions and new memes. They seem to strawman the recent generation for everything wrong with the Internet despite the fact they thmeselves are in a shit-flinging contest to be right.

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You can thank lazy-ass mods for allowing nazbolfaggots and tankieshits to fuck up the entire place. Before we got infested by those dipshits, we had a relatively interesting board for actual discussion about politics.

Everyone is an npc bleep bloop honk honk

This board was never alive to begin with, I don't even remember we ever getting above 200 active ISPs.
After Zig Forums's Body Odor betrayal around 98% of the leftists who used to post on 8ch just got up and leaved for good.

The biggest problem across the site for the past year or so (and oddly not as big an issue on this board) is a change in community attitude. Many anons have reached the mistaken conclusion that the cure for a slowing community is to go out of their fucking minds with quality control. Across a wide variety of boards, user insists on being protected from shitposts, "template threads", harmful opinions, etc. If an OP doesn't feature a dissertation, well fuck it! No discussion for you! user would rather wallow around in their own elitist pretensions about being tasteful and intelligent than discuss anything at all.

This board is not worth anyone's time or energy anymore
Please come with me to www.leftist.site and let´s buold something better over there

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Mods are terrible in general

It's not anonymous

Leftist.site will either turn to revleft 2.0, /r/socialism 2.0, or will turn into /leftyb/ general.

typical tankiddie

Not really.

Jim and Chodemonkey aren't just mods, newfriend
They didn't do it to save them, they didn't give a shit when Imgoblin banned people for saying 'nigger.' They did it when Imgoblin b& Chodemonkey.
Arguable. I'm pretty sure Jim just wants shiny punts.

lainchan might be usable for qualityposting but it's pretty dead I am searching for a new board if I find a good spot that will screen out the RIDF and Wu Mao, I'll try to let you guise know

There are a lot of bots probably, but I think most of the shills on this board are flesh n blood.

n-no thanks

Because tankies are useful idiot cointelpro roaders.

They finally fucked off to /trannypol/. The liberals are leaving, good riddance

Constantly complaining about liberals is the surest way to out yourself as a red liberal.

In the past few months most threads had OP which consisted of a single question like "Why do right-wingers think X?" (despite the QTDDTOT thread) or poor jabs at feminism ("lol idpol xD"). The best reason to visit was the book club and it's now dead.

It died three times over, it'll be back.

cope harder libshit

Libshit detected

Even Zig Forums feels dead or maybe I am simply getting bored of it.

You can post anonymously on leftist.site
Just don't abuse it.


This idiocy is and always will be a discussion-killer.

for one thing this board believes Jews are white but Anglos are not


where's the lie?

KEK Show me a scientific study that says that Jews belong to a different phenotype than other caucasoids.


Huh? This board's numbers have stayed the same for a while, our peak was only 200 when we first started up, whilst only maintaining 125-150 users thereafter. Which is a pretty good amount of user engagement considering how other boards of this site are faring. Sure we are not growing in size but we certainly are not "dying".
At least we aren't leftypol who lost 3/4 of their userbase and absolutely killed their growth due to BO's faggotry. So all things considered we are doing okay(ish) for a small board.

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This is not a capitalist enterprise, developing, or rather, preserving, the quantitative side alone will lead us nowhere.

Image-boards have a few desirable traits. The most significant of these results
in the liberation of the individual from social norms. Despite how it might
seem individuals can speak more meaningfully and more authentically here than
they can anywhere else. Using bump and linear ordering rather than ``social
points'' and anonymous posting are the primary means that this is achieved.

These means have their downsides though, primarily in not addressing the issues
that started to be visible in the forums of the mid-2000's. The issue of
recruiting sane moderation willing to devote large amounts of their time for
free as the website scales, is the most substantial issue. This is the origin
of various schemes like the social points systems, and algorithmic moderation.

For me the question of making a great forum comes down to the question of how
you resolve the issues of the mid-2000's without ruining what makes
image-boards great i.e. how do you reduce moderation load and recruit new
moderators while retaining anonymous posting and sane ranking. I'm aware of
three proposals to do this, only one of which has been attempted: accounts,
invite-only, and federation. Federation is likely the most enticing, but also
the least likely to work. None of these solve the recruitment of new moderators
for which I've only really heard the vague idea of democracy proposed.

The big issue with imageboards is that illegal material is no longer postable. Raids, dox, CP, and online harrassment were absolutely essential to the cultural development of the chans, as they chased everyone who took shit seriously off to places like Digg, Something Awful, and Stormfront. Also, the regularity with which illegal material was posted served as proof that the user base and not the moderators were actually in charge. No society can be free when nobody can break the law.

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So what advantages do other available e-communication formats have over them?
They can though. What happens anonymous stays anonymous. Closetfags can j/o in the closet threads together, skiddies can say swears that their parents and teachers won't let them, and we can talk about our collective desire to not keep being cucked by capital. Can't do that on a site that needs an account ties to an email tied to a mobile tied to a powerword tied to a door to kick in or a job to lose.
You don't understand how bumps work or what they are, I think.
People who want to put in the effort to seek power tend to be pathological asswipes, yes.
No it fucking isn't. Porky wanting to quietly disappear unprofitable dissenting opinions, harvest and sell personal data for the express purposes of learning how to better emotionally-manipulate us into doing shit against our owen material interests, and thus manufacture consent, is why those exist.
I doubt there could be a forum that would be better than a like-sized board.
What did he mean by this?
either a circlejerk or lasts as long as it takes to get one glow-in-the-dark, plebbitor or Zig Forumsyp in, then they invite their retard friends and it dies.
What did he mean by this?
If we had another imageboard it's be easier for anons in Upsidedownland and Kiwiland to night crew for us.

Why is not drawing fire from the Feds a bad thing other than because it's shit you like?
Not illegal in Freedomland and by Bong, Canuck, Kraut or Slavbro standards 90% of the non-normienet and the shit we're likely to post is illegal.
Newfags and some freedom-hating nanny governments need to stop spreading the meme that digging up publically-available info on someone is some epid L337 Shadowrun h4xxxx0ring.
And nothing of value was lost.
Not illegal, this is another newfag meme cooked up in a government think tank.
Yes, somewhat, no, and that was what everyone did, to the four items ou mention, respectively.
Possibly, no they did 90% of that shit too, and demonstrably emphatically no, respectively. Nice boogiemen tho.
No it didn't/doesn't holy shit. Mods can do all those things, Jim has nuked whole boards of them before and so has Cripplewheels.
haha, benis.

whoops, second wall-of-text meant for

That's an unnecessarily verbose way to say "nuh-uh!"

Shouldn't you be in bed now? It's a school night.

Nobody gives a fuck about muh gommunism anymore, cucks.
Your Capitalist masters will be pissed.

Your Jew masters, but Capitalist masters is ok too because Jews control capitalism and communism.

Jews are literally the bourgeoisie.

Primarily their ability to gain and retain quality posters, even if they are
isolated in sub-communities. I think this is mostly due to reducing signal to
noise which makes reading and responding feel more meaningful to quality

Yes, that was my point more or less.

This site still has logs, they just rotate after a set period of time because
the user IP information is only of interest to moderators for a short
period. Your posts can still be tracked back to you by the authorities, it's
just that if you're not doing anything illegal you can truly speak your
mind. Most VPNs also keep logs, and tor exit nodes are vulnerable to ``timing
attacks'' and even logging of messages sent over HTTPS to be deciphered when
vulnerabilities appear later down the line. Also you could just use one of the
10-minute email providers to make a throw away email, or even just make the
image-board site such that you don't need to use a email to register.

Ordering threads by when the last post was made rather than upvotes or
algorithms. Not really sure what would make you say this.

That wasn't my full point. Even if you were able to collect several sane
moderators, when the site scales you need to scale moderation. This is
something image-boards are very poor at with many quite large boards having
between one and three moderators all in the same timezone.

Communities still needed a reason to migrate to the new platform, more often
than not that reason was reduced sysadmin, and moderator work load.

It's exceptionally rare that the way we do anything now is the best possible
way to do it.

Bump ordering and linear posting rather than social points and algorithmic
sorting, what we use on imageboards.

Do you only have one password or something? Are you incapable of making

Just ban the offenders, the point is to reduce moderator load not eliminate
moderation. lobste.rs is a good example of a functioning non-circle
jerk invite only community, although it uses social points.

Federation is more or less when you have multiple small servers which agree to
share posts between themselves, the established API to do this is called
``activitypub''. It's enticing because it fits into the American idea that
decentralization always makes things better, but it doesn't really seem to
solve the problem to me. It might be a good idea to combine with the other
ideas here just to give people some freedom of choice.

It's not just timezone but number, as I mentioned several large boards have
only one to three moderators. It's fundamental to the way image-boards work at

Criminal detected. You’d be put in a camp in a good society

"Crime" is what the state calls the violence of the individual.

Not an argument, not counterevidence and not a good imitation of the bantz used here. Typical newfag. Jim and Cripplewheels nuked pedo boards repeatedly for pedo content. If you don't believe me start a thread on /b/ about how Jim did nothing wrong and watch the salt trucks pull up to it and start dumping.


…That's how imageboards are now. Fill in a cuckcha once every 24 hours, that's it. If I had to do more than that to post here, I wouldn't post here. From your formatting and lack of info, can I assume you're new to this place?


First off: proofs? Second, I welcome their hatred.

"Nuh-uh" doesn't warrant any.

Lel irony. Tell me all about the good old days way back in 2015.

Goddamn, nigger, take a breakfrom the computer sometime.

Nah, I've heard from at least one source Mike Baizle of the "Privacy, Security and OSINT" podcast and former L.E. officer that the Feds hate 8 chan because they are extremely uncooperative.
Take that what you will, it could me that 8 chan really does push back against L.E. or just 8 chan doesn't completely bendover and spread their butt apart like I'm sure FANG Facebook, Apple, Netflix Google does for them.

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He restored Zig Forums last to jerk off Zig Forums, and everything in the Poopoopeepeewater is screeching about >muh leftists
Posture all you like, I still want off a board the Feds are watching like hawks because of the high-scorer. It's annoying not to be able to either reciprocate their actable threats or dismiss them as fake shit-talking now that some of them have actually done shit and the rest are being watched.

And isn't what I said, I presented evidence of my claim.
Keep trying, you're almost pulling it off.
haha you have no arguments

what a trustworthy source of information with absolutely no reason to lie to you whatsoever, and no history of lying when it suits their needs
yes, clearly you are an expert on this site

Do you think people can't scroll up?

That was quite a while back. Wasn't it his son or Frederick that actually did that? And I don't know if I would interpret that as seething hatred regardless. If guess if they blubber about liberal identity politics "leftists" on that shitty stream all the time then that's evidence though.

Actually you know what, we should invite Jim over here sometime for Q&A. Maybe we can clean up some of that ignorance no doubt built on straw men.

Did you read my posts thoroughly?


fuck off newfag retard lol

I've been here since the first time Hotwheels did a stream on Minecraft. He said he doesn't have a preference for what people call him, so I just use his actual name, Frederick.

That's not how I know you're new.

Did I read the three pages or assertions backed by nothing? Sure. I am sure that everyone else here also read them line-by-line.

I don't own a phone, I'm writing this from w3m.el in emacs and prefer to keep
my documents and programs spaced at 80 columns which has been the standard long
before the this site and even the internet existed.

Some easy places with superior quality might be the linux kernel mailing list,
the openbsd mailing list or even lobste.rs as compared with Zig Forums I do
know of some smaller image-boards which would rival these platforms though.

I don't think that's quality at all, maybe we have different definitions of the
word but while authenticity is very valuable I don't see it as a synonym with
quality in this case.

I certainly prefer image-boards to platforms with identification, which is why
I'm here.

You can check out the mentioned locations, I wasn't refering to Reddit as a
place with low signal to noise. Reddit is in my hosts.deny (to be fair so is
8ch and it's just off at the moment)

This isn't really even relevant to the discussion so I'm sorry I brought it up,
if you use a VPN which doesn't use logs, it's unlikely that anything illegal
you post here would cause a issue.

Yes, I'm aware. I was saying you could have a image-board with a account system
but without email verification. I'm neither new nor old ~4 years ago is when I
first started posting on Zig Forums but I haven't posted in ~2 years.

I don't know, you don't have to make personalities and profiles for all your
fake posters which has to be pretty helpful. I wouldn't be surprised if
image-boards were worse in this way, but honestly I generally avoid larger
image-boards and boards which would be the target of this type of thing.

That's really not at all what I think. Reddit isn't even a conversation
platform it's a link aggregator.

I don't have a specific rule set in mind, but something that would remove most
of the threads on this board honestly.

Okay. even if it wasn't banned in half the world a large board with three to
six moderators isn't much better.

Maybe you just want bunkerchan.xyz

Moderators as community leaders arranged the migration, it's just what

My original post was about innovating within the image-board model, in many
ways it is the best we've got.

We can do better.

Feel free to make a rebuttal, but I'm not sure I'll respond, after that's done
most people reading the thread will assume your opinion is correct as it's the
last post. I'm tired and spending this much time on this really doesn't seem
worth it for me.

You ought paced me man, I can respond to this much text. Maybe if we were
working towards some common understanding or improving our ideas I could force
myself to because it'd be worth it but I just can't.



And what is? Your own misreading of a post to think it implied I thought Frederick was his son?

caucasoids aren't white people but afro-asiatics. the term is a misnomer. indo-europeans and caucasoids are different people, also different language groups.

Nice attempt to save fag, took you long enough

Anyone else having trouble with opening images? It's slower than it was using dial-up

Except caucasian oroginally reffered to everyone in Europe, the Middle East, and India. Generally, it reffered to people who can trace linguistic, genetic, and/or cultural ancestry to the proto-indo-europeans.

Not everyone is a poorfag with shit Internet lmao

who did this lmao 😂😂😂😂

that doesn't make it good, or less-annoying to deal with
But this isn't the same thing as Zig Forums.
If it's not authentic, anything based on it will fall apart when reality steps in. I think what we discuss it too important to entrust to the E-peen measuring contests forums and social media are.
Cool, more common ground between us.
The format on lobsters is kind of a turnoff, and again, I really think namefaggotry and signins are structurally-unsound for stuff like this. It might be nice now (I can't tell from skimming it, one rarely can tell the character of a site in under a few months and I have a life), but the fate of all pseudonymous rather than anonymous formats is to descend into a circlejerk, or at least to do so faster and in a way that I guess annoys me more.
That defeats the main advantage of it being an imageboard. I'm not looking for another rep to maintain, sorry.
Out of curiosity, why'd you stop, and why'd you start again? Also I've been on since 2014 and I don't remember any posts with your distinctive formatting.

jim is a faggot

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The entire sentence.

Welcome to r/socialism, enjoy your stay

User count is at a historical low, I actually have to scroll on the board list to find Zig Forums.

Anons have been saying this since 7chan's creation.

I feel it brothers. I got permabanned from leftypol for shitposting in their Notre Dame thread. Who knew Christians symbols were so important to supposed leftists?

Previous ban I got was for saying that there are more Indians in America than Native Americans, which is an undeniable fact.

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Where's a good place to shitpost about current events and shit anons? I can't do 8/pol/ because they're just too retarded. The race shit is grating. It's not that I'm even sensitive of criticism of "colored peoples," but their shit is just over the top and obsessive. Also I'm permabanned from 4chan site wide for posting this image(well actually not this image. It was a different image of a cat being crushed by a stilletto. I forgot how I even found it. It's not that I was endorsing cat crushing either.) Said I broke the rule of posting no illegal shit.

Strangest shit is I've posted gore photos from Mexican cartels before without even so much as a warning. It's something about the innocent kittays that really enrage them I guess. 4Chan mods are reddit confirmed?

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Should I take this as a message to stop wasting my time on image boards? I like them better than sites with usernames and perament posts(and god forbid post rating systems) because they provide no illusion that I'm doing anything besides wasting my time shouting into the wind.

Yeah, it had over 150 IPs not even a few weeks ago. But it seems like every board's numbers have sank except /v/ and Zig Forums so maybe something is up.

Why did you crop your post? Coward.

That's a cat? I thought it was a rat!

Maybe. I did give you the proper context though. I was shitposting in the Notre Dame thread, which is a
Because the beauty of a shitpost on an anonymous message board is never having to explain yourself or maintain a consistent identity. Frankly this shit is already fucked enough that it's basically a regular message board/reddit for the mods where they can see your entire post history. Defeats the purpose.

Also ironic is all the Zig Forums users admitting they take false positions on Zig Forums with the purpose of creating confusion but god forbid you do it on their hugbox. Why take a fucking imageboard so serious? I swear a lot of the Israelis on 4/pol have a better sense of humor and a thicker skin than the faggot Zig Forums mods.

It looked more like a kitten to start with.

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With the current state of America and constant Fascist nagging crossposting it's hard to stay civil.

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But I've been making ironic tankie/Dengist/anti-imperialist shitposts on Zig Forums for years now. You probably aren't being creative enough.


They probably think you're being serious and agree with you tho. Oh well, I'm permabanned so I guess I'm a leftpoler now.