Why are there almost no attractive leftist men...

Why are there almost no attractive leftist men? Every guy who calls himself a communist or socialist looks like weak pudgy afterbirth. This isn't good for optics and it isn't good for those looking for a tall, fit leftist bf.

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Because there aren't many of either attractive men or leftist men. A tall, fit, and good looking fella is going to be a rare find without factoring in ideology. If you don't believe me go out in public and take a good look at the general population.

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Jews have created a docile populace through their dysgenic breeding programs. Natural selection is no longer at work and so even the worst elements of our society breed with abandon. Behold the results. It’s hilarious how both sides (left and right) on the Internet post pics of the people they hate looking like weak perma-teens with acne when the reality is that this is what the modern “man” has become, by and large. Join the military, harden yourself and go off the grid if you really want to get strong. It’s what I did. I don’t like imperialist wars but to blow up towelheads in pursuit of escaping perma-teendom was worth it

We are all genetic dogshit. Usually, chads are almost exclusively liberal.

Once post-scarcity is achieved, we need eugenics to create the perfect human male specimens.

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Caring about looks is pure spectacle

Didn't work for OP's pic.

Looks are a reflection of your genetic quality. There's a reason why certain traits are attractive.

Why are there almost no attractive leftist men? Every guy who calls himself a communist or socialist looks like weak pudgy afterbirth. This isn't good for optics and it isn't good for those looking for a tall, fit leftist bf.

What do we need to be perfect male specimens for? Look at a couple of great combat athletes-Ben Askren and Fedor Emilienko. They don'took like perfect male specimens.In fact they don't even look particularly athletic. I doubt either has much trouble getting women.
And it goes for women , Bec Rawlings looks hot as fuck imo. But it's not being mean to say she's probably not the classical Ideal of womanhood.

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I wish I could hire her!
(To teach me boxing.)

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That's a black belt in show wrestling.

Nah she's legit youtu.be/xN8i9U-vxmg

Oh to be fourteen again..

My bones are a lot older than fourteen, sadly.

there are no attractive people period until the mutant, the next evolution of humanity, those without limbs, additional limbs and mental illness roam the earth and kill those who exist as humankind today

looks more like a black belt in anal sex

The retard in OP’s pic was a commie subversive. They should have killed him when they found him

Why not both? We, all men, want to look like pic related, don't we?

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Why not? Why deny future male humans the chadness everyone desires (if only because of self improvement)? Everybody wins: men will get laid easier, the incel community gets eradicated, violence drops, land whales fuck off forever, etc.

They are rich. Of course they get flooded with pussy; if only because 99.9% of women would suck any bourgeois dick if it means they get all the money. Reminder that almost all women are gold-digging whores. Not even the right can get their women in check: just look at the recent tradTHOT phenomenon (Lauren ( ( ( Simonsen ) ) ) Southern, Tara McCarthy, Tomi Lahren, Faith Goldy, etc).

Money trumps face. Simple as that. Ask any millionaire assface.

Your own tastes aside, the same lookism (if you must), applies to both men and women (albeit women overall have an easier time dating, as proven by statistics). If you have money, you'll get laid.

Tl; dr: We live in an hypergamous and gynocentric society, where women abuse their looks to get ahead of everyone else. Unless women are true femcels (like really shitty genetics), most women actually benefit from capitalist hierarchies. Eradicating ugly and short people is a must under full communism, since attractive women will still use their looks to impose their hierarchy/rule on everybody else.

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Lol, no.

Homosexuals itt

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Not only deflection but also "What do you mean you don't wanna fuck X girl, you don't wanna fuck all women without any standards? Fucking fag!" tier.

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Obsession over hyper masculinity is classic homosexual fascism.

This has to be bait. Literally the same thing as claiming that environmentalism is fascism in the other thread. Stop this bullshit. Just like pedophilia, it's a non political issue as much as a personal one not tied to any one political ideology. Unless you wanna accuse the USSR of being gay and pro pedophilia too.

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No, that guy is the chad in the most negative sense, in that he's exaggerated beyond attractive to the point of comedy.

How the fuck are those two related? Don't confuse my opposition to to this fascist faggotry with a healthy body. Body building is generally not healthy.

Fair enough but how can you define a healthy work out, a good diet beyond basic food groups, the philosophy behind how someone can be classified as healthy?
Fair enough but to be fair this is mostly unironically capitalism's fault.

I thought the people posting this thing were being ironic. It looks terrifying and disfigured to me, a cross between comic book anatomy and the uncanny valley. Where did these cg images even come from?

The fascists stole the homophilic aesthetics from communists.

Aren't we communists because we want humanity to become the best version of itself?

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No actually Marx wants the best for humanity not the best of humanity, everyone else is just angry at capitalism or other reasons, ironically Marx was both the most idealist while also being the most materialist for his time.

Doctors do that pretty well.


He's 100% real. His name is Ernest Khalimov. He, unironically, actually exist. He's a model for Sleek N' Tears. He's the epitome of masculinity and chadness. He makes chad thundercock look like a sissy fag.

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You sound a bit like you're in love.

Gotta agree here one thing is posting a model you think matches your concepts of a idea, another is dick riding as hard as you just did.

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I'm willing to bet that's a fake chin and he roids.

Huh. He's not very attractive to me, but maintaining that body must take a lot of work and discipline.

Whatever happened with that Maoist gym clique in Germany?

At a certain point they become addicted to working out and their steroids. It would take more discipline for him to stop than continuing.

I'm just proving a point. We are so subhuman that we even try to deny gigachad actually exist. We are so genetically garbage that we try to lower the standards for everybody else.

That's why we need both eugenics and genetic engineering. I'm a below-average incel piece of shit and I just wish the next generation of men to be total alpha chads. Only communism will achieve peak chadness.

Brother, Ernest or whatever he's named isn't Gigachad, he most certainly doesn't have a good jawline just a defined one and large chin, he doesn't have big muscles, just low body fat, and that's only his two biggest flaws that I can confirm without assumption.
This is most certainly true especially for women.
You do realize that we're all chad's descendants right? There's no need for eugenics or gene engineering just change in mentality, and society. Humanity got caught up in a major volcano explosion ages ago, trust me we evolved to be only the best of the best, the reason you're an incel is due to capitalism and the unfortunate societal policies and misconceptions which has led you to becoming far too physically inept I assume maybe you can just be a pussy who's too afraid to see his own potential because of incelism ideology and the nigger pill.

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Speak for yourself. Normal people such as myself will outlive this gigachad because we don't destroy our bodies trying to become some Ken doll.
Inceldom is a terrible thing, but it's not going to be cured by turning people into these monstrocities. It's going to be cured by a healthy community free from Hollywood and MTV expectations.

Diet is a bigger component than either, we're talking about almost no carbs or red meat as a minimum. That takes some masochism along with discipline to pull off, compared to which the workouts and steroids aren't much.

The dude isn't sexy fam, he looks like a bad comic book drawing. If you're going to have an ideal to strive for pic related is a lot better.

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It's like gigachad and that dude are both two fags polar opposite fantasies only for both to be bad to anyone with proper judgement.

Entirely subjective opinion. Most men will agree, however, that Ernest Khalimov is the chad.

Women, back then, had no rights whatsoever and it was either marry a guy to survive, regardless of how shit-looking he was, or whore yourself out for money (and getting STDs in the process). We are not a product of fallen chads; we are the spawn of opportunist dickheads (most of us, at least) that benefitted from lack of equality.

Not gonna happen. As long as humans continue to be sexual creatures, lookism will affect us all. Now that women have rights, the goal is not to force a "muh feels" agenda into everyone's minds; in the same way that the goal of communism is not to make everybody poor, since everybody must be rich. We need to achieve peak desirable traits that everyone benefits from.

That's totally unrelated. Cockroaches are far more adapted to poison, radiation, etc, than us; yet we can squash them easily.

Partially, yes. However, the goal of peak masculinity is not entirely to get laid (that's gynocentrism at it's finest). It's to eradicate lookist hierarchies (which do exist, made worse by capitalism). The male species deserve better than wage cuckery, betaness and white knighting.

If ony it was as easy as to manning the fuck up. Attractive people will have higher success, because they actually practiced eugenics alongside capitalism. It's not just "man-up" and get laid.

Good for you. Most men, however, desire self improvement through physical augmentation.

Normalfags will be indifferent.
Oh God not this again don't tell me you're actually one of those incels that supports feminism.
And having read the rest of your post it's clear you're certain you're indisputably correct about your opinion so much so that trying to convince you otherwise would be a waste of time, I'm leaving and going to the gym instead.

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I mean, if I could augment myself with a minigun and flamethrowers instead of arms and a coffee maker on my hip then sure. Looking like that serves no purpose though.

(Pic related) There are chad tiers. That guy is easily tier 3, borderlining into tier 2.

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