Contrapoints is Anita Sarkeesian

Daily reminder that if you pay attention to trannies and entertain their political ideas by doing so, you are an irredeemable liberal.

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Well if I win the national lottery I'm going to bung a load of money to contrspoints on patreon.
I'll request she explains the LTV in a bubble bath like Margot Robbie did with sub prime mortgages in "the big short"
she might say "no", but if you don't ask you don't get.

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Nice controversy baiting samefag.

I'm posted the reply but am not the OP.
(Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things, I don't suppose.)

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Hi Contrapoints, no one is going to pay you to read Marx. Just sit down and read it.

Thinking your a woman may not be a mental illness, but taking hormones and surgically removing your genitals is objectively bad for your health.

How do I know *you're* not Contrapoints, and playing a complex game of bluff, and double-bluff?

Hontrapoints fans are in a rape cult.

Because I'm not e-begging people to pay me to read Marx.
Why don't you just just read Marx instead of attention whoring.


Why don't you just just read Marx instead of attention whoring.
You can't fool me, Contrapoints.
It's all a bit academic, anyway,.
The odds of my winning the National Lottery for patreon money are infinitesimally small.
What else is there? There's baccarat. You ×can* beat the house with strategic betting, but only if you quit after your first win, and it won't be that much compared to your stake.
. I think the rule for gambling is the more difficult to play, the better you can do.
So there's poker. But then again, most of the time its number crunching. One of the American situationists, it might have been Fredy Perlman, used to earn a living playing poker.
He said to make enough money to get into the big games at the pro poker competitions, you had to play in the pools against small fry. Then it was just using the laws of averages, but when he worked it out, it his hourly profit was barely average wage.
All joking aside, Contrapoints isn't going to be posting on Zig Forums to drum up interest is she. She's had articles on her in the new yorker, the altlantic ecc

Just finished the video. Not bad. Makes some good point about deliberate obfuscation and subconscious messaging in Contras vids. Shills for Carl Benjamin and Jordan Peterson, though.

It's gamergayte centrist libertist shit, what did you expect?

Deal with the point at hand and don't shill?

Sharky has been a career con-artist from the start, top to bottom, the contents of her output ("arguments", "facts", video clips, art) were all stolen from what were secondhand sources (Wikipedia, Youtube, TV Tropes, Deviant Art, etc.) to begin with and clumsily repurposed out of context to make a buck. Even her SJW political slant and hateboner for vidya was mostly an insincere front taken from Josh'b'Goshintosh as an angle.

Contra is just a generic theorylet liberal.

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Sarcuntsian is a liberal and is utterly irrelevant since gamergate went to shit. I don't think she gives much of a shit about the working class; like at all.

but both are

You're either contra or one of her sycophantic followers. A distinction without a difference.
I've watched Contra's videos and she has said he has frequented 4chan. She has several videos about internet subcultures like incels, Zig Forums etc. So it's not a stretch that she could be on Zig Forums.
She's only on there because she can speak with some kind of authority about internet sub cultures like 4chan and the alt-right. She's actually the only liberal I know that bothers, and she's decently articulate and competent in video production.
All other liberals like him are successfully driven away by either Zig Forums or the general uncompromising cutting bantz.

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Please consider a refreshing swig of bleach. Pics related, two liberals who can actually do that and are actually women.

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If Contrapoints is here, let me be the first to say:


Nagle got gamergate completely wrong, and Johnstone does a lot of good writing but I've never seen her mention subcultures like image boards at all.


Agreed Nagle's GG stuff is an embarrassing one-sided take of the SJW spiel completely at face value, but it's a small part of her overall analysis, the rest of which is very high quality and obviously built on firsthand research, even openly including socialist class critiques of "leftist" & rightist idpol. Her biggest omission IMHO is actually a failure to explicitly link the shared genesis of 4chan stormfags & Tumblr SJWs as rival goon cliques on SA & Weird Twatter.

As for Johnstone, she does touch on imageboard stuff with some frequency, mostly indirectly, but yeah, she certainly hasn't read 4chan more than a bit, and her only real engagement with Zig Forums is crossing swords with QBoomer retards.

Jesus Christ cool your tits. Why does anarchism seem to have so many crypto libs?

What’s her take on channer culture then?