Our previews BO failed to log for fortnight and the board went up for claims so I jumped into it

Our previews BO failed to log for fortnight and the board went up for claims so I jumped into it.
You don't need to worry I am a the most active vol and I promise the board will not change for the worse.
But I have to make clear that our future is not on 8ch and we must always look for a better place, at the moment I support leftist.site and I wish you all to give it a go too.
Now go on with you life and make quality posts.

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A non-anonymous board with required registration to post doesn't seem like a better place.

everyfuckingtime. just cut the shit. waaa waaa muh burgers.

>The new BO is gunning for migration which is a good thing
The entire point of Zig Forums's creation was that at the time Zig Forums was the freest board out there, and in a time where the left is generally forced to abide by progressive rules, where people previously spoke more on socialism without restriction all other leftist discussion groups did not allow like /r/socialism, Zig Forums was made to seriously discuss theory and only that, there was no need for any other politics. Anonymity not only helped this it helped bring up a whole new culture of leftism, it helped ressurect previously dead forms ideas in a time when everyone was only a ML or at best a redlib larping as an anarchist who in reality had no clue what anything was about beyond the fact that they needed revolution.
Anonymity gave birth to the possibility of exceptional board culture and meme's, with effort put into the end result and not to the effect it would have on you or your online track record, it was the apex of online posting.
Leftist.site is at easily susceptible stages of it's life, it can easily fall and turn into another revleft, /r/socialism, or worse, it's layout is outdated and fails to grasp what cultivates internet culture. It will die quicker than Zig Forums did, I guarantee it.
But also

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We really don't need another "left only" website that will stagnate into a tiny sectarian shithole like every other site or subreddit. And we especially don't need one that resurrects the early 2000s BBS board look. Maybe having a new RevLeft would be fun for some people, but I had far more fun and learned a great deal more on Zig Forums before it was ruined.

No one has managed to address the problem of all-powerful moderators and board owners mass banning or manipulating discussions at will anyways. You'd think this would be a priority for the "radical left" especially considering what happened to Zig Forums.

Zig Forums came about not only thanks to anonymity but also thanks to being on a site where people of similar minds came at the beginning, and we saw leftism promoted all over, even today in some boards I still see it.
The biggest mistake the left can make is become left centered and not try to become part of everyone else.

I'm a burger, I have nothing in particular against 'murrica, but you have to admit it's second only to bongistan as the most litiguous, censorious shithole in the world to host a website.

Did Space do anything at all after apo left?
What proof do you have that you're CheckaAgent?
Why Red Planet? I'm not saying we shouldn't have such places but keeping an anonymous image board, preferably on a site that isn't exclusively socialist, is what allowed Zig Forums to become what it did and is what many anons want.

I'm not sure it could be addressed, given how websites work like most property and virtually any solution relies upon the goodwill of management to keep themselves in check.
Much of the "radical left" thinks it's good because it owns the anarkids, trotoids, tankies, leftkkoms, etc epic style with facts and logic. Zig Forums is a small part of the "radical left" despite being relatively big for maybe a year before the BO meltdown, similar actions as to Zig Forums BO's have taken place and it seems the "radical left" is more interested in arguing if Makhno could beat up Stalin or whatever.

Zig Forums is shit now. It would have been better if we had gotten a Nazbol mod so it could all go down in flames

Agreed we have to break, or at least slow down, the eternal trusted ingroup→newfaggotry→rulecuckery→exodus cycle. Web 1.0-style namefag forums are not the way to do that.

There has to be as much separation as possible between the permanent people who physically operate a forum, and the completely interchangeable people with day-to-day responsibility over its content.

Ideally, some sort of decentralized moderation system akin to USENET killfiles+automated antispam might be able to solve the problem. I'm not very familiar with it, but it seems NNTPchan is probably the leading effort on this front.

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Nttpchan is borderline dead already.

No thanks, I like image boards, particularly ones with a variety of active boards. Please don't kill this place in your stupid attempts to claim to know what is best for the community.

Wew I didn't expect people to get so butthurt about telling them to go to red planet, I'm sorry but either way you can post anonymously there.
Maybe post there and tell the owner to make it into a chan if that helps anything..

Added a wordfilter an a couple of vols
I really don't know how to prove it in an unfeasible way.
It seems promising and drama free so far, yes it's a dinosaur but there is nothing better, if there was I'll jump into it.

I have no problem with dinosaurs. Hell, I prefer them, but if we do that we need to avoid old mistakes. How cooperative does the server have to be with American and European law enforcement? Do we need accounts? Those things lead to goonery. Getting rid of captcha would be excellent. Simple hard and fast rules are important. We also need a board that is dedicated to shitposting. Embeds and other ways to share and create content are necessary if we want any kind of culture to develop.

I've been thinking of hosting an anonymous textboard (like SchemeBBS) for Marxists, or just Zig Forums refugees, but I don't know if anyone here would be keen on that. A cheaper alternative would just be taking over a dead board like 4-ch whose admin seems to have forgotten about the site and is too busy being offline. There's also arisuchan, the sister site of the deceased leftist board 0chan.


Bring back 0ch!!

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What happened to space_?

WHy not go to bunkerchan or getchan? are they even alive

I'm unsure, I should ask
No, you can post anonymously but yeah, maybe accounts are not such a good idea.
Captcha? I post with an account so maybe it's only for anons
There is a shitposting thread tho
You can upload images but it's very buggy, personally I can't see the ones I've uploaded.

A full fledged imageboard will be better, one where we know the mods.

he just didn't log in after a while
Because space_ runs them and he's a faggot.

google the 5 eyes

So turn it into Bunkerchan 2 but with even less trust worthy mods?

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We need a proper /b/.

I told myself I wasn't going to post here anymore but…

Last time I checked Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland were the best places to
host for privacy. The US, Canada, and the EU are all awful in this regard.

Interesting that you mention SchemeBBS, my conversation with another user on a
radix tree library I was working on is basically the only thing there. I also
mention a sexp based API like the one they have there as a feature I'd love to
have in a post on the design of a new image-board. I have plans to write a
imageboard, but only after I finish learning OCaml, and write another large
project in it.

Here are some relevant posts on the design of a new image-board:

Then fuck off and hand the board to someone else.

Why bother with a chan? NNTP is ideal as a discussion forum: decentralised, low bandwidth, accessible via the anonymous remailer network. One of the big failings I've seen from those who grew up with the internet is a reluctance to use services without graphical eyecandy. That, alongside the huge number of normies who demand the internet is an interactive tv, is a big part of why facebook and similar have managed to entice everyone into their walled gardens. Many of those old services where far better engineered than what we have now in certain ways, PARTICULARLY RESISTANCE TO STATE SPONSORED EAVESDROPPERS. Surrendering the flashy eye candy would get us a better discussion platform.

Won't happen, mind.

I'd like to get more into Usenets, how do I do this, and how are resistant to state eavesdropping?

I certainly would like to look into getting more into USENETs as well. I really think that a USENET-like system could work for this purpose. I wouldn't mind giving up some graphical eyecandy.

Heck I even use a terminal based IRC Client called weechat. And I sometimes use a terminal based weather thing. So I wouldn't mind the loss of graphical stuff. In fact I love that terminal retro look for some things.

By this point about as much as anything else is.

The same reason I and most other people left USENET as an actual discussion venue, spam. Trolls and genuine lusers were easy enough to deal with using manual killfiles, as we had since Eternal September, but starting in the 2000s, spam became such a severe problem it gradually rendered USENET basically impractical for conversation, causing an exodus that reduced all the once-big discussion newsgroups to ghost towns, after which USENET fell into disrepute as nothing but a haven for data-hogging binary groups, giving ISPs the excuse they needed to terminate complimentary USENET service circa 2008 on the basis of "muh piracy" and particularly "muh pizza".

NNTPchan, instead of just ad-hoc antispam measures that have proven themselves insufficient like moderated groups and cancelbots, introduces modern spam mitigation at the protocol level, such as cryptographic signatures, shared moderation, and CAPTCHA support.

I'll admit there was always one tiny feature missing from USENET that I wish had been there, though judging from the reception of a similar one on Zig Forums, this might not be a popular opinion: A permanent, integrated archive that can be searched, including body text, from within the client.
Nah, that has nothing to do with it. For one thing, USENET's abstraction (much like eMail & IRC) makes it trivial to make shiny looking/feeling USENET clients and servers for modern platforms, including webclients. Even in terms of message content, much like the use of HTML or Markdown in eMails, there's no reason you can't have pretty looking USENET messages. For another, USENET's sibling, eMail, is more popular than ever, and the particularly USENET-like venue of private eMail listservs also remains highly popular. I think this is because, unlike USENET, effective antispam could be and was implemented.

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that's some hard hitting dialectics bruh

I think he didn't mean the content of messages, but metadata. That is, the ability of LEOs to trace the origin of messages to their authors, and perhaps the ability to determine the location/ownership of key servers for legal coercion of operators and physical subversion of servers.

How resistant is it from newfags is all I care about man like I said Usenet is compromised like everything else, don't use the internet unless you're okay with everything you look up.

For the love of God, can we please finally have just a little bit of group decision as to who runs this board?
Not that I have anything against Checka or most of the other mods but I don't want some sperg like Space randomly hoping into the BO position again.
Also please temporary pin this thread, just so peeps know what is going on.

There is >>>/leftyb/ though

To start with, just pull a news client like pan or forte agent and grab a free usenet server. You'll want to look at the mixmaster anonymous remailer network and mail2news gateways. The spam problem mentioned by means these require a little digging to locate. The mixmaster network is about the only thing I've seen that looks anywhere near capable of resisting some of the attacks open to the US and Chinese states.

Just bear in mind that USENET is a ghost town at the moment.

It's fair to state that spam is a problem on USENET, even now. Do you think the solution of letting Zucc et al decide what we're allowed to see is an improvement? Jack seems to use twitter to ban anyone EmilyG tells him to. Furthermore, your NNTPChan recommendation still depends on low latency http protocol. As socialists, our threat model includes the US government, one of the two entities on the planet with a reasonable capability of pulling shit like traffic confirmation attacks. If you want to depose the the current US regime and are serious about discussing it, getting rid of http looks like a reasonable first step.

Of course not. That's why I've been repeatedly harping on various permutations of democratic, decentralized moderation, and particularly of CAPTCHA (whether something brute force like Zig Forums uses, something algorithmic so that it can be less intrusive, or some mix of the two), or failing that, at least as much separation as possible between server operation and day-to-day content moderation.
HTTP(S) is garbage, but so is the rest of the TCP/IP stack, and if privacy/security are your only bugaboos, there are other layers (encryption, VPN, TOR, IPFS, etc.) that can be glued on top of it.

Literally funded by the Us Government. I wouldn't trust it.

Yes, to protect American spies from rival intelligence agencies, and as part of an American effort to aid foreign dissidents in evading suppression by totalitarian regimes they fight, its ability to be used by Americans to evade monitoring by domestic law enforcement agencies was seen as an acceptable side effect. Moreover, it's completely open source, thoroughly audited, and (like many other products of the American military, such as the Internet itself) the project's governance is now completely independent and international.

Whether intentional or not, the omnipresent influence of the world's military hegemon isn't just responsible for most of the things we fight, but most of the weapons with which we fight, and even most of the groups within which we do so.

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Yikes. Reads like State Dept language.


That imbecile is not an anarchist they just likes to use our flag to slander us.

Yeah unfortunately it likely is regurgitation of state narrative from denial.

Ancom user is a good man don't slander him for all his faults.

Doesn't mean it's false. Just because the US is a meddlesome empire-building front for transnational business, doesn't mean the tin pot dictatorships they bully aren't wholly deserving of our contempt as well.

The fact you think TOR and/or VPN are the answer demonstrates that you've not grasped the threat model. The fact that the global superpowers have root access to a large enough percentage of the planets routing kit to execute traffic correlation attacks means that ANY low latency protocol is ineffective.

oh boy here we go again

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I like what 8ch represents and much prefer the imageboard format for conversation in general, and think anonymity is especially important with the political nature of our discussion. If everyone decamps for leftist.site I'll miss you guys.

I try and regularly post on both.

Yeah, I'll admit imageboards (like most other things since dial-up went away) aren't anywhere near as amenable to queuing up all of your reads and writes for a session into one or a few great big blobs, at least not by default.


What did ancom poster ever do to you?