Beourgis ideals of enivormentalism

So looking back I've noticed that kids media in the 80's and 90's did a horrible job explaining the causes of environmental denegation. The polluters in such media tend to do so because they are evil with a poor link between pollution and capitalism. That our consumeristic society drives the production of short lived products that quickly end up as garbage and profit motives encourages capitalists to cut corners in production and distribution. You also had this idyllic primitivism giving this false dichotomy of pre-industrial society or a polluted hell work.

Which leaves us with current kids media that seems to just ignore the problem all together, focusing more on encouraging kids to consume.

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Liberalism turns everything about the individual, so under this paradigm the reason companies pollute is because they're "unconcerned with the environment" and their owners are either "uninformed" or just plain evil. This kind of thinking produces idiots like the Fairphone CEO who think le don't be evil is actually possible under capitalism, and that the other companies don't do it because muh greed and personal failings instead of their own material conditions.
A systemic analysis of the causes of environmental disaster would require a societal approach and is thus deeply triggering and problematic.

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That's not exactly wrong tbh. Humans have always impacted the environment to some extend but industrialization ramped it up. Both because of carbon emissions and because industrial scale production led to hugely increased resource extraction (like compare fishing before and after the industrial revolution). "Primitive" societies including feudal or ancient ones had an incentive structure that meant conservation was in the interests of a society's "decision-making" apparatus. To a corporation (the organ that makes most calls in capitalism) there is zero incentive to be an environmental caretaker because those costs are externalized, compared to a feudal lord or emperor having to deal with problems of environmental crisis. Fetishizing primitivism isn't good, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. What matters per se is having society structured so that environmental impact is taken into account.

Absolute nonsense, learn about the history of hunting and fishing. Overexploitation didn't start with capitalism, it didn't start with other systems of exploitation, and it didn't even start with civilization. Humans have been hunting their resources to extinction since we speciated.

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idk i always thought the cultural marxism was half true, i remember a lot of stories about something like a kids baseball park being closed down by a mean banker investor man and the community bonding together to keep their public places open

a lot of family friendly movies had themes about sharing and getting along and crap like that

did you guys think fern gully was about individual evil bad guys or personified mans greed?

It's because if you depicted polluters as that, the conclusion for these kids would be to be hating on their own parents.

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Non-class conscious people can think rich people can be "bad" or "greedy", but mostly because they also think they can be good, too. They wouldn't actually attack the system that makes certain people richer.

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How many stories went with Gundam's environmental message of humanity should just get the fuck off Earth (which is closer to the solution space communism proposes)?

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To be fair, while sweeping civilization-level changes to technology, many of which wouldn't even be directly noticeable in the daily lives of the average Joe, are crucial to environmentally sustainable civilization, lifestylism isn't strictly faulty praxis for environmentalists, as a mass movement. For instance, something as seemingly trivial as avoiding products with CFCs halted depletion of the ozone layer in a matter of years.

Absolutely true. Here's a pretty good article attacking the whole "muh noble savagery" meme:

Also very true. Ending capitalism isn't just about freeing labor from capitalists, but about dismantling the basis of the class structure that creates this division in the first place. Socialists are distinguished from other leftists not merely by our goals, but by our systemic, long-term analyses of situations.

Reminder Char was supposed to be the villain

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Was Char acceleration gang? maybe posadist?

Nah, just a shitty character written by a hack.

There is a radiation belt sir that makes space travel impossible for humans. We're on this ball of dirt and we're going to have to de-industrialize to stay alive. That means not giving every last person on earth a 1st world bourgeois lifestyle, that means a lower earth population.

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I'm just going by written record since I don't have time to watch old cartoons I used to enjoy as a kid but Captain Plannet had a villain that was literally a capitalist pig named Hoggish Greedly. There was an episode where he shut down his car factory for the health of his son. Also his son had a crush on Linka the character from the USSR. Greedly's grandfather Don Porkaloin was also a capitalist pig polluter but later reformed into an environmentalist and gave up all his estate and wealth to a conservancy on his death and gave nothing to his grandson. This isn't all that far off.

Heresy, Char simply went through a character arc which ended up as posadist when humanity failed to break from its cycle. He was a pretty well recieved character thus why Bandai keeping making knock-offs of him.

We already passed the radiation belt many times since even the Apollo capsules where moving so fast the astronauts didn't spend much time in that radiation.

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Americans on average use up about 5 earths, which is unsustainable if every person on earth lived the lifestyle of Americans. Even if we were green europeans it still would be too much usage of resources. Environmentalism isn't just "earth get hotter", it's the complete absence of fossil fuels and rare metals used in stuff like smartphones. Some say we have 90% oil in reserves, but it takes more oil to extract the deeper fuels than we actually get out it.

science fiction is romantic, but not real.

Do you realize how insignificant the resources of Earth are compared to the rest of our solar system? Who needs oil when you have a massive natural fusion reactor with no inefficient caused by an atmosphere?

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