Tfw /doomer/ is higher than Zig Forums in terms of users for the first time

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That faggot stealing the BO title and shilling some other site probably killed the board.


You'll find much more intelligent discussion on /doomer/ than here though.

so? Most doomers are probably going to wind up here or Zig Forums anyway. It's hard to be doom and gloom and a normie all the time.

By the way I'm one of the most optimistic people here since my life isn't fucked since I didn't take student loans.

Literally who cares.

Doomer is a better board. It’s like /fascist/, genuinely good discussion and effort-posting can be found


fuck off liberals

Actually since most of the board seems to eco fash and most of the other commies there seemed to be MLs or Nazbol, "politically" speaking most of them don't.

you'd be surprised. and most discussion is philosophy proper, not always political philosophy. there's even egoists and anarchists there and 500% less shitposting and more actual discussion (and yes disagreements arise, and often) plus the board isn't anti-fun like this board and the big bad other board are. lighthearted stuff is allowed too. the mod of that board > this one, sorry to say. he doesn't delete shit, he allows freedom of discussion and lot more progress and comradeship happens there. GET /DOOMED/

The style formatting of their board is fucking cancer

Yeah I know, I made the reply to dispel that user's notion that I just preferred /doomer/ because I agreed more with the posters there when that isn't actually the case.

/bloomer/ > /doomer/

is that solarpunk wojak?

Dark themed boards are always better than generic default and soulless boards like this.

What is up with this "dark and edgy = real person" mantra? Well, I like the dark theme bc it matches the mood and it's easier to see greentext.

And your point is…..?
That board is mostly "right-wing" nihilism.
I do like going there though.


Still extremely depressed because I can't find a good job, but I feel like I'm moving in the right direction, if maybe a little too slowly

How do I become a bloomer?

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Judging by that image you're
A. Presumably female.
B. A faggot.
If you're female lose weight people will inherently want to be your friends and fuck buddies etc.
If you're a fag stop being a fag.


I'm a pretty shitty bloomer tbqh, but I do consider myself one. I'm as lost as anybody, but I can give you some tips on things that have worked for me:

* Go out a lot. Doesn't matter if you do it alone. Go out into nature, go to museums, go to movies, go to concerts. Be out and about, on your feet. And when people invite you out, always accept, if possible. If you've been dooming for a while, you'll probably come up with a million reasons why you shouldn't go out - you don't feel quite right, what if you mess up, etc. Those are actually the most important times to go out.

* Simplify Everything. Delete everyone and everything you follow on social media that doesn't truly add essential value (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) Figure out what's important to you, and make sure you're moving in the right direction with those. Write down things you need to get done every week. Stop spending any time with bad friends. I have the education I need, but if you're still in education, make sure you're choosing a path that directly corresponds with what your purpose is, and what you want in life.

* Take risks. If you have a shitty job you hate, that isn't steering you in the right direction, come up with a plan for something else you can do, reach out to the right people, and quit that job (assuming you won't wind up homeless if you do so).

* Read more. Learn things. With this, it literally doesn't matter if you're reading novels, political books, or even literary magazines. Whatever it is, read something relevant to your interests. It'll enrich you.

* Avoid really unhealthy food. Don't eat junk food. Eat clean meats, vegetables, drink lots of water. You don't have to be crazy with this, just don't be getting pizza all the time or you're gonna feel shitty. Along these lines, I don't do drugs anymore, and I don't drink. I do drink at some social events, but when I do it's very much falling off the horse, because it makes me feel like shit, and it makes me unproductive. That's the problem with drugs and alcohol - at least for me, it hurts my progress.

* Spend less time in front of a computer screen. This is honestly something I need to get better about, but the happiest times of my adult life have been those where I didn't have a lot of computer access.

* Figure out healthy practices that make you feel better. As I mentioned, the Soto school of zen, both in meditation and philosophy, has been valuable to me just in terms of mental clarity, seeing what I need to do, and not letting dramatic bullshit get to me. I recommend meditation. This might just be my own prejudices, but I strongly advise you to stay away from the esoteric/mystical/new age bullshit side of meditation, though. That stuff's for people who want to distract themselves with goofy, stupid fucking stories about magic, to feel superior. The real stuff is about eliminating distractions, but about creating more.

* The self-help industry is 99% bullshit. However, the classic How to Win Friends & Influence people really is a great and extremely useful book for basically just knowing how to interact with people. I recommend not putting too much stock in guru types because they really want your money, but occasionally certain motivational figures like David Goggins and Mark Manson can be nice to read or watch a little bit of. But again, be careful with that shit.

* Since this is Zig Forums, read good, strong, substantive political, economics, and history books. Get away from annoying ranting bullshit in any ideology - you know it when you see it. Look for good analysis of events. Always keep the ideological perspective it's coming from in mind. For leftists, again I like people like Bookchin, Reclus, Kropotkin, and Stirner. But I also like a lot of political analysis. Some of that comes from the pop left, like The Intercept and Democracy Now, and those sources do good work. It's also worth reading some stuff that's honestly rather neoliberal, even if you're against that ideology (as you should be), because at this point the world economic system is essentially neoliberal, so you need to understand it. Here, publications like The Economist, Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, and Reuters are useful, even if you'll want to fucking burn it frequently. You can think of those things as basically the neoliberals showing you their cards.

* The arts can honestly be really refreshing. It's okay to let go and relax with music, painting, or whatever, both as a viewer and as a creator. I urge you to take on some kind of creative project.

* Also, don't let rude people online like Get to you.

Suggest something better. Being a bloomer just means knowing how to socialize and being satisfied with the world while doomers from what I've seen are people who are unhappy and unfulfilled who use drugs and do nothing but sulk all day because the redpill was too much for them to handle.

Sorry, I meant to say that "real meditation is about eliminating distractions, NOT creating more"

Also, to add a slightly controversial claim, I think people are hard wired to value certain things. The existential idea that we create our own meaning may be true to an extent, but in general we as people tend to value creative progress and achievement (i.e. writing a book, contributing to a scientific discovery, bettering a community, etc.) and meaningful relationships (friendships, building a family, etc.).

I'm not a complete egoist, but I've found egoism to be a useful exercise, basically evaluating what concepts ("spooks") are actually useful, and which ones hold us back. I think it's important to confront when we have a self-limiting belief, to be true to ourselves and our vision, discarding opinions and ideas of other people when they're not useful. One thing I think is important is, whenever you hear advice or ideas, consider who it's coming from. If someone tells you that you can't do something, or that you should do something differently, look at what they've achieved. For instance, let's say someone who has a nice family and works a boring administrative job tells you that you shouldn't go for a creative job because it's unstable. They're telling you that because the creative path never worked for them. All they know how to do is work a stable job and build a family. Those are valuable things to know, but if they're not what you're trying to achieve, then you shouldn't listen to that person. Be selective about who you choose to listen to.

isn't the end game of egoism to act in your own self-interest after you realize the social order isn't worth abiding by since most people are too stupid to think for themselves?

lol yes, but that's also sort of the beginning and middle game as well

schooling was made by prussian capitalists to make us retarded

Me again. I hope this is useful for somebody, but take it with a grain of salt. It's stuff that's helped me, but honestly today I feel like complete shit. Pretty rock bottom. I think I've learned to deal with dramatic bullshit pretty well, but I'm still struggling with feelings of inadequacy.





Bumping this before the spammer retards slide it out

Why are you doing this?

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It's going to be okay, user

All thanks to me.

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Who is this big tiddie goth gf?

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Nevermind, Kalindra Chan.

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The doomer wojak edit is like playing bingo - the more things that apply to you, the more DOOMED you are, and the more you identify with that particular doomer wojak. It even includes the clothing shown in the edit. This is why it's so easy for people to share experiences with the doomer phenomenon - because people are expressing their life situation within an edit of a meme, and other people are using it like a checklist to see how much applies.
The cool thing about it is that people who never realized they were DOOMED before, who thought they were completely alone in their situation, who had no comrades to identify with, suddenly have a checklist that basically says, "yeah you're just as fucked up as me". This is what led to the popularity of the doomer phenomenon.

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I just wish that board wasn't filled with Zig Forumsyp swine who are so retarded they can't identify most of their issues as directly stemming from capitalism and would probably be too retarded to even comprehend it if you attempted to explain it to them.

The point is literally right in front of them but they just can't see shit.

Tbh i'm one of the only posters there that points it out and they're receptive to it.
You're just not posting there enough.



Commies can never accept ANY personal responsibility. It’s always the capitalist, the Man, Society — NEVER YOU

Blaming the individual for collective issues is a good way of deflecting any responsibility away from the status quo.

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How can anyone talk about personal responsibility in capitalism with a straight face, do you have any idea how corporations work?

Don’t try to lecture me, Jew

Ethnic Jew here - kill yourself. White Nationalists never take any responsibility. It's always the Jews, minorities, women, gays, blah blah blah. Time to blow your head off, loser.

Why did you repeat yourself?

Look its a picture of ( ( ( your ) ) ) relatives

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That's right. Does that make you feel cool and edgy?

Pasty white Europeans with less Ashkenazi DNA than Adolf Hitler.

Oh yeah, that happened just before pic related.

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Sorry Jew but those aren’t my ancestors

LOL. Jews have always been prosecuted all over the world, but you rats say that it's always the fault of the non-Jews… I hope that a new Holocaust happens and that your whole rat-race will be exterminated this time!

Hated for the crime of not accepting the blasphemous claim that a mere man is also God.
So why do you care for inner Abrahamic conflicts? I thought you were Pagan Thule or something.

I thought Holocaust never happened?

okay inbred white trash, kill yourself

The Jews were not hated because of some stupid religious bullshit. They were hated because they were always a power grabbing, conspiratorial tribe that exploited the non-Jews through their money lending. By the way the Jews created the Abrahamic religions. The Jews always had an advantage because of the Abrahamic religions, because they doesn't allowed the non-Jews to lend Money, but the Jews could do it…

You ugly rat come from hundred generations of inbreeding and pedophilia! Has your rabbi fucked you too?

lol well done, this is who you are. This is the upstanding white nationalist. You are the shit slime oozing out of the sewers, and anyone less deprived than you (which is just about everyone) is repulsed. This is exactly why everyone hates you. Scum.

The whole world hates your rat-tribe. You are a tribe of parasites who can only survive when you can exploit a host nation. You are nothing without white people and your rat-tribe deserves to suffer and die! Hail Hitler!


dude volkism is primitivism. learn it. live it. love it.

not gonna click.

antisemitism is a result of jews essential inability to integrate properly. nobody should feel sorry for them for that. its not a meme or anything. reddit is also really shit when it comes to mods. censorship is rampant and even their CEO (a woman, who should be at home, raising kids for the state and country) is too busy banning "problematic subreddits" because she spends too much time on the beach naked.

I post there, just right wing socially.

I hate capitalism though with a passion hence why I'm not on Zig Forums


The typical "anime is for sissies" Xennial.

Well on the flipside neither do you guys. It's always "antisemitism" no matter what.

Your move.

Do you even go outside?


It literally is tho.

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Not really, your move.


Thats the moe genre of anime. Just the same way we have different genres of pop.
But go on with your Gen X-typical machismo logic:

Xennials are Boomer 2.0

Mexifag here. We are the textbook definition of neoliberal disaster, so I turned to the left pretty easily. I was always skeptical of capitalism and nearly 3 decades of far right politics made me loathe the right, their shitty globalist policies and the repulsive US influence of "muh free market".

Agios O Anime

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It might not be the only type of anime but it's the one that dominates the entire market and you know it.

KEK. You wish.
That would actually make anime badass and worth watching, there would be like explosions and uncensored vulvas all over the place. But nihon being the most faggot place on earth will never produce such beauty, they are afraid of vaginas and even fucking Mortal Kombat got forbidden in there for being too violent and extreme for their sensitive faggot feelings KEK.
But anyway, keep lying to yourself in denial of your own faggotry.

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You have not dug deep. What about shonen stuff: Magi, Dragonball, Attack On Titan, One Piece, Death Note, etc.? These were what as premiered in North America in 90s and 2000s.

Anyways, yes I hear that Japanese life is more doomer than doomer itself.

But anime never started out as moe. See, people think Japan uber fag right after the nukes but I think thats an exaggeration by pop-rightists bc they have emasculation complex.

Spooked overcompensating macho Gen X oldfag still thinks anyone who likes anime bingewatches it or has no time for outdoors.

That's a trifecta.

What about Berserk?
Fist of the North Star?
Suehiro Maruo's entire work which is literally all gore porn?
If your critique of anime is that it's all "non edgy girly cartoons" then I'm sorry to break it to you but that's not the case and while moe is currently assraping the market that doesn't mean it's all anime offers (even if /a/ tells you otherwise since those retards are all just moe fans)
I could have come up with a million better criticisms of anime than "muh femininity soy" considering how boring gore and sex is anyway, hell, I've spammed them on /v/ before and made them all asshurt in one thread more than anyone on here has been over this whole arguments that's been spammed on the board for the past few days as much as incel anti incel division shit was a few months ago.

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Oh, you mean all those shit from time immemorial that we don't see being done anymore? sure, what about it? how does it has anything to do with the present state of things and the zeitgeist? how does it makes the present state of things any less faggy and ridiculous?
btw I'm pretty fed up with your dishonesty youtube poster, I wish I could met you in person and smash your face.

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Maruo released a new manga just a few years ago. It's still going strong just not as popular. It's like complaining about Soundcloud rap while most old rappers are still alive now but no one bothers listening to them.
A. You wouldn't win. I'd probably tear out your throat before you could even react.
B. I'm sick of your spam too but neither of us have the money to travel, you know that so don't get your hopes up.

Anime is literally just a worse version of what some westerner wrote 40-100 years ago.

This is correct.

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No it's not, battle shounen dominates the market, don't kid yourself.