What are some Zig Forums approved books about firearms,warfare,military tactics and strategy

what are some Zig Forums approved books about firearms,warfare,military tactics and strategy

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What's up my fellow leftists?

I haven't personally vetted any of the following pdfs, but they came from somewhere around here and might contain useful infos
mega.nz/#F!E6pAjBBY!nStNV2S_hdbqFt2H1V1MYQ (entire archive of a site which deals with mostly firearms)
web.archive.org/web/20170114070637/https://murdercube.com/files/ (same but different place)

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This isn't a typical fed question. OP simply wants to know about communist works about guerrilla warfare, a genuine concern about organisation like the NPA or the Naxalites.

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more soon

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I'm not sure if you are Jason Unruhe or my counterpart Chinaman Fed.

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and that's the last for me

This needs to be a cyclical thread.


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