Ole bonesey

does anyone know what happened to Dr. Bones?

He wrote several books & was I think the leading voice of the insurrectionary post-left egoist for the current time. His podcast The Guillotine was probably the greatest leftist radio show of all time imho. Now that's been cancelled with no real note about what happened to Bones, his site's gone, Gods & Radicals became a fluffy muh resistance site, his twitter and patreon are both 404'd. Did he die? Should I pour out half a bottle of whiskey? What's the scoop on this gonzo journalist?

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He cheated on his wife in a rapey manner with a trans/fluid/queergender sex worker in a sketch of absolute loserdom like it can only exist in clownworld contemporary america.

First as tragedy, then as farce..

Damn that's really sad, where did you find that out? I don't see why it warrents necessarily taking down all your stuff and going dark, like DC politicians do this kind of stuff every day.
also sorry for posting separate thread & in leftytrash, the thread wasnt showing up for me

Probably because its better to go dark than to go from Dr.Bones the cool and edgy gonzo journalist to Dr.bones the sad and sleazy manchild who preys on trannies from the comforts of his wife's mother's home.



Maybe in the USA, lol.

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Is cringy Hunter S. Thompson shtick aside, he was the best investigative journalist of any type of left stripe. I listened to "The Guillotine" every week and he'd literally reported on things I had not hear anywhere else.
Take for instance the story about ICE goons flouting a Federal judges court order to leave the airports where Muslim ban protests were being held because they had Trump's approval to remain.
I wish I could find a copy of that article. On the plus side it seems like everyone that was involved with his exile have been sliding into decline, namely Batako and his co-host, so at least most leftist aren't spooked enough by bullshit Twitter to agree with the punishment his peers pressured him into.
Oh and he didn't rape anyone, he was accused of "grooming" the guy into sex. Which is fucking laughable, you can't fucking groom an adult. Children can't give consent, but they can be groomed into nominally giving consent. If a grown ass man says he wants to have sex with you then you can take him at this work lol.

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*His cringy Hunter S. Thompson shtick aside
*so at least most leftist aren't spooked enough by bullshit Twitter feminism
*then you can take him at this word lol.

Brainwashing doesn't exist?

I dunno about you but this sounds ego dik af

surely he would find this a spook as any other

Tricking a child into sucking your dick because you are a trusted authority figure isn't the same as drugging and torturing a man until you break his brain.
You foofy as faggots won't be satisfied until absolutely every single morsel of sympathy anyone has for any group is directed at you, even if it hurts children lol

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♫a spoonful of absinthe helps the consent go down, consent go down..♫

No need to make assumptions I wasn't accusing the man of anything. I don't give a shit of Bones did or didn't brainwash some drugged up tranny into fucking him since a lot of communists in the past have done the same thing to much worse extent. In fact it's part of theory.