If the marxists are the ones who understand marxism...

If the marxists are the ones who understand marxism, then why do marxists constantly berate each other for not understanding marx, while being in unanimous agreement that the capitalists understand marx to such perfection that they act according to the theories of marx even when never having read a word of marx?

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I think you've got it backwards, OP

If you ever have done any accounting for small/medium business settings, you do not need to read Marx to understand how the ☘️profit☘️ for bourgeois is generated under capitalistic mode of production.

You borrow Marx's words to make political sentences and radicalize working class by shouting out ☘️exploitation☘️ explicitly. Lots of people need such tool unlike as in calling out landlordism bad because muh entrepreneurship and other spooks.

Infighting among lefts are not about validity of Marx's criticism but about coming up with comprehensive program to abolish this exploitative structure.

Would it be fair to say it's mostly how the means of production will be distributed that causes the rift between the left? self-management vs state?

Akshually… According to Michael Hudson, all the economics employed by investment banks are basically Marxists. Because they actually know what the fuck is what.


Makes sense, for what is marxism but a more logical capitalism?

Marxism is a testable model for how capitalism functions. Unlike the neoliberal pseudosciences.

How do you test it?

It makes predictions and you can gather data to see if those predictions are accurate.

Those predictions have not been accurate.

Such as?

Reducing Marx's theory to simply an economic model of capitalism is peak liberalism.

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Only idiots say that, Marxist political economy is a theory of understanding capitalism. Its validity is based on empirical evidence and observation. Your subject doesn't need to understand a theory in order to act in accordance with it.

This is the real question. Why can't you fuckers agree on anything?

because look at the state of every leftist group across the internet and IRL, so much factionalism, even here the left board is split in two. Zig Forums stays on the same page (but still having the wrong economic views) but leftists bicker at one another for the pettiest of grievances. look at how divided the 4th International is.

seems to be the case for the black flag wavers here.

I suspect that they do that intentionally in an attempt to strip all meaning from the word, because it keeps getting leveled rightly at them. If you have ever met any anarchists IRL, you know why that is the case.

Lol spooked white burger detected.

Half of the time anarchists get called liberals is because they don't support social democracy and the other half is because they don't want to lynch niggers.
No anarchist I've met irl has advocated for voting, not even to own Trump epic style. I suspect your irl anarchist is a figment of your imagination or one of those sjw cringe compilations that show the same 10 college students.

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For a 150 years marxists (including the man himself) have said we're living in late capitalism that is just about to collapse and that the poor are getting poorer.

As far as I can tell, "capitalism" hasn't collapsed and the poor aren't poorer than they were in 1850.

Because most "marxists" are retarded in one way or another, be it because they live from uni grants and thus have to write stupid tl;dr shit or because they're ideologues like stalinists, trots or whatever.

That's like saying that gravity exists because Newton came up with it.