Modern forms of "Entertainment"

A healthy mind inhabits a healthy body.
Modern forms of entertainment like video games and anime are pure poison to the mind, don't be one of those youths whom get entrapped by these crap and waste literally thousands of hours on something that doesn't help you improve anything, your mind won't get sharper, your intellect won't get sharper, your body won't get healthier. It's pure capitalist poison made as escapism to keep the youth tamed and lethargic. With all the thousands of hours you waste on these crap you could've read several books, learned lots of new things, expanded your mind, met new people, made new friends and maybe even gotten a gf. But no, instead you just wasted your time on something that didn't help you achieve anything in life, oh, I've finished that gaem after several hours, yay, yeah congrats, all it did was to help you become a fucking loser IRL because while you wasted your time for nothing other people were actually doing something productive instead, you fucking moron, and by productive I don't mean wageslaving so that their porky boss could buy his 7th yacht this year, no, I mean that they were actually living during this time.
So I recommend you sell your video games, never even look at those faggy retarded chinese cartoons anymore and go outside, chase them gurls, smile, read, LIVE!

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I really hope this is a copypasta I'm too new to remember from Zig Forums's early days.

I don't give a fuck about this, so what? We all are going to die anyway so might as well just enjoy life however you want to.

I do those things because I want to. And no one shall limit my expression of my glorious unique self.

It ain't copypasta.
Capitalism uses those crap to turn the youth into worthless brainlet dorks unable to even comprehend the extension and the nature of their our tragic predicament and when they try, and that's if they try to understand what's going on they simply fall easy prey to those simple answers the far-right shit offers on the internet because being a bunch of illiterate brainlets that all makes sense.

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So how come you only mentioned anime and vidya?
No film or comics or even literature which as much as you hold it high for has fallen below these depths.
Or music which actually fucking brainwashes children.
You do realize that likewise there's nothing stopping people from acting kind anyway even if they consume that stuff right?

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Imagine thinking that exercising your brain and grammatical skills reading Shakespeare is on par with watching shitty chink cartoons. Or thinking that simply watching a movie in a theater once in a lifetime equals the amount of time lost playing useless video games.
Bitch, please.

Shakespeare is still shit talked today for pandering to low class people, you really wanna bring him up nigger?
Bingewatching is a thing fag no one watches just one movie in a theater it's not 1907.

Lol, whatever you gotta tell yourself. And Shakespeare is shit.

Nigga those men are worthless because they grew up neglected by narcissistic women that chose the easy money of child support over the well being of their children and their need to have a fatherly influence in their lives. Worthless women white knights like you fall all over themselves to defend.

Lest we also mention
It seems like that comic is saying the internet is bad more than anything else.
Meaning op is equally as much of a fag as anyone who jacks it to moeshit.

Let's say then for the sake of the argument that movies, literature and even music are just as bad.
So what? it doesn't invalidate the fact that capitalist media creates useless retards, whatever the media is doesn't really matter. Are you one of those dorks who feels like video games, anime and whatever are part of your very own identity? if so then I recommend you stop with it ASAP while you still can.

Weird acquiescence but okay.
So what about anti capitalist films, anime, comics, literature, and music?
You can't generalize entire groups even if capitalism tricks you into doing so because they do.
No everyone plays video games these days, One Piece is only a billion and a half sales away from catching up to Shakespeare in sales. No one can feel special for being an anime fan or video "gamer." If they do they're just narcissists.
You shouldn't be putting anyone down you should be asking "how can we use this to our advantage and spread socialism?"

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The only way I believe socialism can be achieved is thought revolution.
And I don't believe a bunch of brainlet dorks who play video games the entire day and fap to anime shit at night will be able to bring such revolution.
Socialist people should instead be exercising their mind and bodies. And the best way to spread anything is by talking to people about it, now how can a bunch of lonely, useless dorks spread anything when they don't even have any social relations with anyone at all? that's why it's important to go outside to meet new people and establish solid social relationships.

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3 billion+ people can't bring a socialist revolution?!
So how does anime stop them? I've seen fags go to the gym with Reddit and Memey shirts.
Big meme but a lot do. Fortnite is literally played by all normalfags, I've seen Chad himself do it.
I agree but how is media stopping that.
If anything thanks to an alternative to television like the internet people can become more socialist.
You go strike up a conversation in the US with a guy at the bar in the 50's about socialism and he calls you a pinko.
You do it now and thanks to the resurgence of extremism from less popular circles we have a chance. Without that Zig Forums wouldn't even exist.

And I mean Zig Forums as in OG Zig Forums. Not as in now Zig Forums. Zig Forums in it's day helped a lot in converting people.

Are all either LARPing or just capitalists itself profiting from fake anti-capitalist consciousness which in the end serves to make people think that they are against the system just for having watched something while doing absolutely nothing against the system.

So by doing something what do you mean?

It takes all the free time of people so instead of doing that they'll fap to cartoons instead.

Nah fam, it just creates the illusion of being more socialist in most people.
I sorry to tell you this but talking about the importance of the 5 millions genders on twitter doesn't make anyone or any group of people more socialist.

You don't need more than 5 hours a day to workout bud. The revolution itself is a 24/7 job that is a entirerly different thing.
Whoa there buddy that's not socialism that's progressivism, clearly not the same things.

Politics are the real poison.
But go ahead and fall for the "video games and anime are evil" meme.

Once again, ideologies want to exploit the youth populace so they target their off-time hobbies. In fact most youths watch anime sparingly.

But I can tell this guy must be a Gen X macho guy. He still believes the "young people are to be expendable boy scouts".


A bullet and a trip to the work camp

I meant of their own tragic predicament.
But anyway whatever. The youth is a lost cause anyway, imagine thinking that going all bling blang yahoo! hitting some buttons is better than chasing after something like pic related, it's just pure madness with a mix of mental retardation and faggotry.

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Nigger i've seen 25 yo let's players playing Odyssey while still having an attractive girlfriend.

You must really be out of touch with reality if you think the youth populace are all "basement dwelling video gaming losers".

And once again, another ignorant washed-up has-been Xennial is trying to tell me how to spend my free time chasing girls like " the old days."


you can't sell steam games. if we really want to take it back real far I heard random gang rapes of anyone and fucking animals is good ways to pass the time. eating people. etc

one stipulation, I can chase girls but I will keep them trapped in my cave. and pee on them.

t. r. kelly.

atheism is a product of modernism and must be destroyed.

And replace it with what?
With an invisible overlord?

OP you is virtue-signalling.

If you think a person's worth is by whether or not he likes colorful Oriental cartoons then the problem lies with you. You must be one of those macho-jock Gen Xers who think gaiety is fun.

The state itself becomes God

I think the Lorax is a perfect example of this. The movie was about a kid, who seeks out an old washed up Capitalist for a seed to grow a tree. The Capitalist tells the kid about, how his greed caused all the trees, In this Universe have fluffy, cotton ball tops to be chopped down in order to make clothing, killing all the wild life who lived there. After that he hands him a seed. The main villain of the story a capitalist who is profiting off the commodification of Air , as the air is less clean due to the lack of trees. He tries to stop the boy from planting the seed but in the end is thwarted.

The amount of tie in ads I that were made with this movie, ==Over== ==Seventy== is in believable. Not to mention the Mazda, ==A== ==Fucking== ==Car== ==Company== , ad. In which the Lorax gives their new car a seal of approval. Lastly the company who made the film, Illumination, has been infamously known to make movies the cheapest possible way in order to make the most profit.

Secondly since the film is an adaption of the Dr Seuss book it also spits in his face too. Because of the corporate greed that caused this movie to be made.

A tankies wet dream

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Bare in mind that under capitalism the average person will mentally drained by the monotonous work day. They aren't start to read the entire works of Marx, more than likely they watch some sitcom, or fanboy about some media franchise.

*"gaiety is degenerate"

fuck off moralist swine

I don't think you know what that word means.

Dare me to post lolicon you fgt

A God sent autocrat

OP is a moralist though and is spooked as fuck

this, OP is a prisoner of his own spooks








Go to the gym, workout, smile to the girls, chit chat with strangers on the streets, go on a hike, read a book.
Forget about all those media entertainment that only harms your mind and body.

Have sex at the gym, spit at girls, shit on the streets. That's better

eat your own ass forget about society do heavy drugs don't give a shit except the one going down your troath each time you suction your ass with your drug ridden lips


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>he doesn't have fun while reading books and takes the time to notice the author humoring the reader alongside their philosophy while also enjoying their tone and rage.

I know you are not talking about Capital. I can honestly understand how people can get lost in that series. That shit is complicated as all hell and not always intuitive. It also doesn't help that you absolutely can not skip around, because every concept is built upon the concept presented before it which was built upon the concept before that etc.

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So what have you done to improve yourself today, chaps?

I quit all forms of pornography except incest

I replaced cheap gas station brownies with black berries in my diet as a snack with my pre workout meal.
Bought too many though so now I have to over eat before they expire in a week but it beats weird gmo tier preservative filled one's I guess.


The purpose of escapism is to make you go out and turn reality into a better world closer to that in said escapist fantasy.

Also eat lots of red meat, buy a gun and learn how to shoot.
Even tho a revolution is unlikely to happen during our lifetime it doesn't hurt to be ready for it anyway.


Well I like the STALKER series and The Mega Man franchise how would that turn out as amalgamation and how do I make that possible in the real world?