Is this the state of the modern male under late capitalism. A near genderless lumpen blob whose only existence is to swallow meaningless and trite pop culture artifacts from legacy media on life support? How can this creature ever learn to organize or participate in a revolution? I can't imagine how we could have a successful revolution in the west when most males look like this. IT's over anons

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every leftoid i know is all caught up on the latest pop hollywood gossip, even the ones that pretend like they don't care bust nuts over the newest wakanda film


It's like you are talking about specimens of livestock and not other persons. Are you a sociopath?

what would pronouns to you prefer tranny fag?

i mean what the fuck is that thing tbh?

A more pertinent question is how can we have a successful revolution in the west when comrades like the OP are too busy posting bollocks on the Internet.

Sounds about right tbh

Autists are gonna 'tism, and the ability to become ecstatic over the most frivolous of things is the least of their ailments.

There actually aren't many like him left in the current year, almost nobody genuinely likes things any more, instead merely approving of ideological value (i.e; empowered women! 10/10! if you don't like this brave and challenging movie you're racist and probably white as well)

we're gonna need soldiers, not these soylent gulping fags who never been in a fight their entire lives. Look at the state of males during the bolshevik revolution. None of them looked like these tranny blobs who piss themselves when they see a captain marvel poster

This fucking retards is not a comrade

neither are you tranny. Go back to twitter


This is what I tried to address in this thread but people just got caught on the ''but wut about other media that isn't vidya and animu tho?" vortex and missed the whole point.

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bourgies wanna create a docile and easily cuckable working class. And i don't mean physically. Most people wouldn't like to see the fall of capitalism because that would mean muh vidya and star wars would get taken away too

Most males don't look like that. Get off the internet.

Ban the beatles, ban the rolling stones, ban jimi hendrix… music is haram, video games is haram, intoxication is haram..

Seems like the islamic-gommunism meme isn't so far-fetched after all.

islamic communism is based, take your red pill cuck

Liking things is draining.

Much easier is it to be le ironic memer (but only post-unironically!) or a virtue signaling faggot.

Fucking tankies ruined everything.

can't make this shit up!

Right-wing politics are successful right now because they've harnessed just how fucking angry the general populace is in the first world. So many criticism of the altright by liberals hit like a wet noodle, they really have no fucking clue on how to attack right-wing ideas.

I have this theory that the left loses because leftwingers become cynical and start identifying with the authoritative and brutal underpinnings of the right. Hitler and Mussolini were both socialist/communist before they swung hard right.

True I dont. And many others I know

Proof that Zig Forums's majority are Xennials bc of the "masculinity crisis" threads






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