Žižek v Peterson

Watch Live:

Debate Starts:
GMT 11:30 PM
EST 7:30 PM

Topic is "Happiness: Capitalism vs Marxism"

Each gets 30 minutes to make a statement.
Each gets 10 minutes to rebut the other.
Then they have Q&A.

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I hope it will stay on youtube and Peterson won't take it down just to re-sell it on his website.

I'd have preferred vs. Chomsky to give Postmodernson and his fanbois the merciless beatdown they need on hypocritically using the same masturbatory word salad they pretend to oppose, but vs. sniffman is going to be amusing for meme value at the very least.

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is this the one

Shit's live. Muke is streaming with audio.

From what I've seen Peterson doesn't even know what Marxism is, or at least every time I saw him talk about the subject the impression I've got was that for him Marxism means idpol on the maximus overdrive charge where everything needs to be 100% equal.
I don't know how Zizek will handle the situation if Peterson just keeps talking about Marxism as if it were just maximum SJWism.

That's right wing meme in general. They call SJWs Marxists all the time.

Peterson straight up doesn't know the first thing about Marx or Marxism. It's a complete boogey man to him. There's about 0 percent chance he will have anything to say in response to Zizek's actual ideas. He'll probably concern troll about gulags and gorillions dead without saying anything to the points.

It has begun

No shit he doesn’t. No one on the right in the past century has ever engaged with or made a good faith criticism of leftist thought

I think they argued in backstage, not even a handshake, they dont even look on each other.

Hot damn right out the gate

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Jesus, I wish we still had non-retaded anti-marxists like Kołakowski around.

Did he even said something which would make sense? He seems very nervous, only to realize zizebull is not concerned about his memefesto analysis.

It's going to get worse

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I'm pretty sure Peterson knows a lot more about socialism (and Marxism) than he lets on, same as he simultaneously cuddles up to both the New Atheist fedoras and the tradcon Christcucks for maximum adbux.

I'm pretty sure he started with saying his preparation for the debate was reading as entry-level as manifesto


>Cheering for violent revolution

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Just arrived, what have I missed?

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Peterson has served up a massive word salad. Typical anti-communist talking points in his signature pseud dialect. Zizek hasn't started yet.

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Fuck off, miss me with that moralist shit Kermit

Peterson shitting out talking points you've probably read in some OP-ED by semi-literate boomer Reaganite.

Oh god, it just doesn't stop.

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This kind of shit warrants one of those in-depth autismal 3 hour long youtube response videos tbh. It's kind of fascinating.

remember that jacobin article about the recent postmodernist fascist writer
leftists are camping in enemy territory
postmodernism belongs to the right
zizek, the left are wrong for trying to teach this to the right
peterson is a clueless gatekeeper to the real menace thats coming.

Oh fuck, not the "wez be eradicating poverty" """"""statistics"""""""""
Oh, look, now you live on 1 dollar per month instead of 0.70 like you did 100 years ago? YAYA we are eradicating poverty everybody.

It did get worse, my god Peterson is such a bootlicking fag.

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No, it warrants the exact same one… Or at least it would if there were any competent leftubers. Because Kermit the Fraud is just regurgitating talking points that have been recycled in every neocon/lolbert NYT guest editorial for 30 years.

Zizek in full strength. Press S to spit on lobster's grave


I thought only Peterson would be regurgitating his content

A bit unrelated, the echoing is a bit much. Whoever did the audio for this event wasn't on the ball.

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I don't know why I thought Zig Forums used to be better

Maybe you used to be worse? That's something to be proud of tbh. It means you've improved.

Link to the halfchan thread please I wanna see this


It used to be, it just went from kinda shit to completely shit.


Why would you expect anything from cuckchan? Why are you even still going there?

I read these general threads when something is happening, I wanted to see who will Zig Forums there support and how will people react on this discussion.

who do they support

How is JBP literally this stupid, c'mon I could think of like a bunch of right wing intellectuals that aren't this dumb.

So Peterson never saw or read Anything from Zizek?
He really expected Zizek to defend marxism? Massive wew

I feel bad for Peterson. He's doing a wordy capitulation without capitulating out right. He has nothing left to say.

His preparation to the debate was a fucking analysis of commiefesto and you expect him to read Zizek?

Nigga, the only Marx he's "tried" to read is the manifesto.
Peterson is a fucking retard generally speaking. He just cultivates an academic vocabulary to sell snake oil to wayward youth.

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So he owned himself

I need highlights

Gold right here

But this "debate" topic literally is "Happiness: Capitalism vs Marxism".
Zizek completely ignored to topic and brought the entire conversation to a different field LMAO.



He reframed a stupid question and dominated the debate like the chad he is.

I expected nothing less than the complete annihilation of that pseud JBP.

lol ghey

The leftist comedy duo The Serfs are doing a commentary right now on their channel of the debate, but even though I'm a fan, it's honestly rather annoying because they keep talking over Zizek and Peterson.

fuck that noise


Don't insult my daddy.

Imagine being this deeply tangled on ideology

How is JBP this high on neoliberal ideology despite not being a fucking burger.



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i don't understand what you mean?
I don't really consider Zizek to be a Marxist at all.

Nigga, what?

Canada is basically the 51st state.

A lot of JBP kiddies are going to start staning Zizek now.



Why would you feel bad for a scam artist? Feel bad for the people that actually follow him.

lol, sniffman is not holding it back

I give up, Peterson is too fuggen dumb to listen to.

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Does Marx ever actually outline how communism would function?

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I know, why do people like him? He literally just sounds like a whiny neoliberal baby boomer. I can't take much more of his droning.

The same reason their opposite number flocked to Tumblr: Daddy issues

Zizek's rants are fucking beautiful. Crying right now.

He literally is talking about the most boring shit ever though, I know literal nu-hipster dads that sound exactly like this.

To own the libs or something.

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But they literally are the libs

They don't realize that. You have to understand that their understanding of politics is as shallow as a puddle. Democrats = liberals = leftists = communists = nazis =marxists = etc. to them.

>you can not only set your house in order
>you can set everyone's house in order

I just started watching but Peterson has been rambling incoherently for the past 5 minutes. Was he doing that the whole time?

They are literally the dumb proles lol.

Is it true that camille paglia is a big peterson fan?

Yes he has been melting multiple people's brains with his weapons-grade bullshit neoliberal platitudes.


what the fuck is wrong with him. smelling shit? "THE GERMANS NOT ME XDDD"

what kind of veggietales tier commentary did i miss from Jordan "if communism is implemented how will women know who to fuck" peterson

No John, you are the liberals


Peterson's brain is buffering

Did you all feel like you learned something from this epic exchange between titans of intellectualism?

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This shit was kinda boring tbh.
Both Zizek and Peterson just said the exact same things they always say in front of a camera.
Maybe the big highlight was when Zizek asked Peterson who are those postmodernist marxists he always talk but that's it.

yeah but
zizek said it for peterson's audience
and he was well received


Yes, "arguments" "against" "Marxism" haven't changed since I was trading banter with lolberts on listserves 25 years ago.

Pretty much, though I'd add that Zizek nicely pointed out the solipsism inherent in Jordan's boilerplate "MUH HOOMAN NAYTUR, MUH BUTTSTRAPS" apologia.

I ended up browsing the booru for images and learned that after two years Zig Forums's decline still makes me angry and sad. Other than that Peterson managed to surprise me how much of a dumb dumb he is.

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Well I agree with the assessment, but two things came up for me. One, how China's miraculous growth had nothing to do with the intellectual property thievery and dealings with corrupt politicians in other countries, mainly the US. Two, the phantom postmodernist marxists indeed can not be named because they are ghosts of the USSR subversion program still very much haunting the universities and more importantly being used as a corporate and personal strategy for advancement through non organic cultural outrage. Communist thought and action, in modern or post modern times, is a mechanism to enact change of power, using whatever means especially radical to achieve it– thus making a deal with the devil, blinded by ideology and throwing any and all disposal pawns/useful idiots at the problem. It has backfired, as Zizek rightly states. Peterson has been embattled with the ideologically possessed, his words, for quite some time, knows their masters, his peers and their entitled egos, but has no solution for they would never hear of it anyway. They share a common enemy, as the world does, in divisive identity politics which is basically the playbook of any Machiavellian tactics using strategist interested in weakening the culture and country or even smaller gathering of peoples to their own benefits. Chinese, Feminism, and Islam all use this tactic to gain footholdings into power yet with interesting different techniques for entry and for holding onto to it once obtained. The tactic, dishonest subversion, is not new and has been around for thousands of years, and can be put under the umbrella term of sabotage. I don't expect Peterson to understand, but I often wonder if Zizek does and willfully ignores and only hints at a unfortunate future. Anyways, that is probably too macro sociological for most here. For how many in this day and age are military strategists with psychological and historical expertise? Certainly not the common folk. Anyways, I hope the speaking engagement earned Zizek enough coin to by a handkerchief and Peterson a salted meat treat, but surely those in attendance were the true winners, coming out even more sophisticated in their intellectual identity and reinforced positions whatever they were and projected the speakers words onto.

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