Corbyn and ( ( (anti-semitism) ) )

This is fucking pathetic. Fucking Blairites and centrist fags keep bitching about Corbyn being an anti-semite, merely because he dares criticize zionists and Israel's apartheid system and the palestinian massacre.

Ever notice a pattern here? When someone that actually wants to help people, be it Corbyn or (in the US) Ilhan Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Rhashida Tlaib, ( ( (they) ) ) always find a way to manufacture controversy (in this case, so called antisemitism).

Also, arabs are also semites, so by that logic MAGAk¡kes and UKIPfags are also antisemites.

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Watching centrist liberals smear leftists as anti-semites but then ignore the far-right doing stuff that is actually antisemitism.

Because they recognise deep down that the far-right - contrary to liberal/leftist hysterics - are generally powerless, harmless clowns that taint any movement critical of Israel by association. Honestly, what's the worst a nazi will do? Shoot up a synagogue?

Now, compare that to what Corbyn could do if he became prime minister.

From what I've seen, they are not scared per se about so called "antisemtism", but rather that he'll actually take away their ZOG Occupied Government powers and finally give the middle finger to Israel. I wish we had someone like Corbyn in the US to finally tell ISrael to fuck off.

Of course they aren't, it's just a smear.

It really is amazing watching Zig Forums carry on as if the majority of opposition to Israel doesn't come from libs (many among them Jews) precisely on the shallow idpol grounds Zig Forums kvetches about, and the majority of blind support from Christard fundie conservatives and militarists. Zig Forums are permanently stuck in a 1940s timewarp with zero relation to reality.

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But its only the antisemitic diehards that really hate Israel, the rest either support them because its the paragon of an ethnonationalist state, or they view it as a future reserve for "troublesome jews".

Compared to its neighbours and the area in general, Israel is one of the lesser evils.

Almost no-one actually supports or defends the Saudis in leftist places like this, user, criticising the Saudis is redundant at this point. Might as well complain that Zig Forums doesn't spend enough time arguing against actual slavery.

You know that's coming.

Wouldn't be surprised, just getting tired of "Why don't you complain about Saudis too, huh?" argument brought up by disingenuous Israel defenders attempting to imply the only reason the Left is critical of Israel is because of veiled antisemitism.

Setting aside the absurd outsize attention Israel receives (i.e.: 46% of UNHRC resolutions for the entire planet), it really isn't whataboutism. Even in the case of Palestine, the crimes Israel commits are mirrored and then some by its other neighbors Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and especially Jordan. Massive permanent "refugee camps" are maintained for decades mostly along the Palestinian borders, shepherded full of generations of "Palestinians" denied citizenship and brutally harassed, meanwhile both trade in vital commodities and free movement are strictly blocked, ensuring conditions in the Palestinian Territories remain as abjectly deprived as possible. All of these policies work together to ensure Palestine remains an unsustainable basketcase full of militants and sob stories to keep the status quo in place.

To be clear, the actions of Israeli establishment politics obviously plays a part in this, but not to the extent this situation would be a serious one if other neighboring countries (let alone their regional sponsors such as the Saudis) weren't doing the same things and fanning the flames.

Do you think Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite?

Nah, opposing the establishment politics of Israel has nothing to do with Jews, and as I said upthread many of the people doing stuff like BDS are themselves Jews. In Corbyn's case, it's barely that, more a desire to divorce bongistan from burgerland's military adventurism, something unforgivable in the eyes of the Blairites.

Even the most vulgar forms of anti-Zionism among libs are more due to turd worldism ("western/eastern", "global north/south", "noble savage", "imperialism", etc.) fetishism, and because Israel is actually somewhat responsive to such pressure, while other MENA countries don't even acknowledge human rights complaints and respond to internal dissent with regular mass executions.

I think the only bona fide antisemites of any meaningful influence are some Muslim populations, largely due to recycled Nazi propaganda commonly being disseminated by those in power during regional tensions with Israel (and charges of regional rivals with being victims of Jewish subversion and/or secret Jews).

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Can you name an example? Everytime Israel is targeted by an UN resolution, they usually double down, resort to tribalism and call the UN antisemitic.

Considering most of the MENA states are underdeveloped and don't have the US and its hemisphere not only as an ally but receive free gibs from them, they are far more inclined to make concessions to attract investment. Gadaffi has stopped his nuclear program for oil trade (didn't help him of course), Assad as enabled market liberalisations and austerity to attract investment (didn't help him of course) and Iran has made a nuclear deal to receive EU investment (didn't help them of course). All these states used to get gibs from the USSR which doesn't exist anymore so they are far more inclined to normalize relations with the West if they can retain their autonomy, it's just that the West has been such an unreasonable bully (killing Gaddafi, invading Syria, cancelling the deal with Iran, etc.) that they are now willing to turn to China as a rising power for investment.

But no, Israel isn't responsive at all, while the Muslim countries are far more responsive, except Saudi-Arabia, because they are like the son of the principle in high school who gets a free pass to do whatever.

I don't think it was Egypt, Jordan or Syria who caused the Palestinians to go into diaspora or leave their homes. What the fuck are you even saying? Sure they should have been more humanitarian with Palestinian refugees, but it wasn't them who caused their misery, and all the countries you mention still subsidise the PLO to this very day.

I don't believe you are antideutsch or whatever, but you reproduce the liberal argument that there is a focus on Israel because of underlying antisemitism in the left. I never ever had met a leftist who I genuinely figured was an antisemite, unless you consider Hamas left-wing which I don't.

Removing settlements, granting Palestinian autonomy, granting citizenship and other equal rights to non-Jewish residents, prosecuting Jewish terrorists, prosecuting human rights violators within the security establishment, etc. Obviously none of these are substantial enough to actually end the deadlock, and many are reversed back and forth as political footballs, but being a Muslim in Israel is arguably less awful than being a Muslim in a Muslim country, let alone a Jew.
That's a highly arguable point, considering both their predecessor states' culpability in Israel ending up the way it did, and the amount of Palestinian blood (including that of the PLO) they've spilled since. Not to mention that my objections weren't just their treatment of refugees (and ethnic Palestinian residents who were never refugees), but their international blockade of Palestine, and their own numerous additional colonialism/apharteid/genocide campaigns against ethnic/national/religious/etc targets other than Palestinians. Israel is obviously responsible for the situation insofar as they could fix it if they changed their ways, but Palestine's other neighbors too, could fix most of it overnight if they took the other foot off Palestine's throat. Here's a good overview of the clashing geopolitical interests centered on Palestine:
Incidentally, my opinion may be colored by inclination toward the "three-state solution" of simply annexing Gaza back to Egypt and West Bank to Jordan, possibly in an internationally overseen demilitarized status.
I'm not arguing it's because they hate Jews, but because they are ashamed of and fixated on the West/North/'Murricans/etc.
I never said otherwise. And if that was in response to my comment on Muslims, I don't think any significantly influential leftists or leftist organizations exist anywhere in the MENA region, nor have they since the last of the secularist socdems were stamped out many decades ago.

Top two are cool, bottom two are not. Also what's wrong with Jesus?

Infinite punishments for finite crimes and considering that moral, for starters.

Yeah, pretty sure that's bullshit.

Saudi's have oil, and that's it. Wahhabism is not even a popular Islamic current outside of it and they're only friends with the US because oil. At one point in history they had a king that told the US to fuck off from Palestine, too.

Israel by contrast was a staunch US ally from day 1, actively participates in every covert/military operation the US carries out in the ME even if it's just providing intel, continually tries to destabilize every single neighbor it has, and is the very model of an apartheid state.

Never change, tankies

Wew lad.

I wasn't defending the Saudis, as far as I'm concerned both states need to die. But Israel is a bigger cancer.

Netanyahu literally says he will invade the West Bank now, Israel's existence is a genocide.

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Lets face it Labour are usually the ones crying that someones opinion should be shut down due to their hurt feelings.

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Eh, I wouldn't go as far to say that. Its more that a liberal can side with a fascist more because a fascist wants to keep things the same with the addition of genocide. While leftists want a complete change of the system.>>138699

Is there a problem in the Labour party? Some of this is sorta disturbing, is there anything to worry about?

What is this a circumcised sick suckling contest? Fuck Judaism, it's a supremacist ideology based on some of the lamest mythology ever put on paper.

Fuck muslims too. The right is actually 110% right on this one. They are absolutely right about the out right hypocrisy of liberal "feminists" supporting sexist medieval religions.

Honestly what the fuck is religious tolerance supposed to even mean. Someone is free to say I'm going to burn in a lake of fire because I dont believe in there fairytale but I'm not free to say they're fuck was for believing so?

Labour member says x y z, x y is edited out of the recording, FBPE on twitter "ANTI-SEMETIC LABOUR MEMBER SAYS Z!'' , the outrage snowballs, labour members see this an orchestrated slander campaign, they get angry, somewhere, someone in their frustration will say something that can be edited and framed as antisemitic, the spiral continues.

It's checkmate, with hundreds of thousands of active members, there will always be outrage fodder, the more of which is spun, the more beleaguered labour members will feel, the more so-youre-saying-that's can be extracted.

On the plus snide MI5 might be soon abolished, being redundant in a country where everybody watches each other.

I think you mean checkmark

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user, it's not 1933, there's no Soviet shadow over Europe causing liberals to fret.

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Guess who also got accused by antisemitism lately.
They already pull out the big guns very early and it is quite clear that they attempt to silence wrongthink by screaming "antisemitism" very loud. The problem now though is, that through overusing it, it loses all it's meaning.

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An objectively anti-Marxist term.