Cultural Marxism

I am not a left-leaning person at all, but I am here to ask about something.
After yesterday's Zizek vs JP debate, Zizek mentioned how there is no influence of cultural Marxism in the contemporary world. This got me thinking, what is it that we are observing right now of PC culture then if Zizek thinks it is not cultural Marxism?

A quick Google search says that cultural Marxism is a revolutionary leftist idea that traditional culture is the source of oppression in the modern world, which seems to be inline of what the right describes as leftists creating a parallel of class warfare in identity politics. However, I found this to be very one-sided, so that's why I am here to ask you guys, what do you believe cultural Marxism is? How influential is it in the modern world? How does it relate to individual freedoms? Do you even think individual freedom like freedom of speech to be necessary? I define freedom of speech as having no legal consequences from speech, with the opposite being any form of a secular or not version of blasphemy laws.

I know that cultural Marxism has nothing to do with the concept of class warfare that Marx expresses, but the reason Marxism is linked is because of how it mirrors the class warfare struggle with expressing culture as oppressed vs oppressor.

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Cultural marxist is the same cultural bolshevism that the nazis spoke of, it's not real, it's a boogeyman that scares the masses claiming it'll hurt them but even if it was real it'll hurt the ruling classes first so part of it's function is making poor people think they have a privilege to lose and that's a really dangerous lie..
The cultural wars that we see today are the internal conflicts of the ruling class, the ruling class is trying to sort out how to address suffering of the working class without losing their control of them, these culture wars are debates of what are poor people allowed and disallowed inside the rule of the rich and not real conflicts in our society.

What are we observing? Describe it; break it down into its component parts. Once you do that, its nature quickly becomes clear.

A quick Google search says that "cultural marxism" is a conspiracy theory created by kooks who worship some imaginary Western identity. That sounds about right.

If there are several red lights on your way to work, it's cultural Marxism. If your girlfriend cheats on you, she's a cultural Marxist. If your shoes gives you blisters, they were made by cultural Marxists. If your penis is small, your mom was a cultural Marxist.

"Cultural Marxism" is an oxymoron.
PC culture is a symptom of bourgeois ideology which assumes that the capitalist system itself is the best thing in the universe and we just need to fix some inequalities within the system for it to be perfect. It serves to distract the working class and deviates their attention from the base structural problems of capitalism to its symptoms instead, for as long as the people are distracted with bullshit non-sense the bourgeois don't have to fear anything. Keep in mind for instance that murrican colleges get generous donations from bourgeois people all the time and they get to influence what gets taught and obviously they'll protect their class interests and one very effective way of doing so is to turn "leftism" into the fucking joke it has become especially in first world nations, so as to turn people away from it to the point where the people will even go against their own self interests out of despise for the madness they see.

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It's a spooky straw man invented by the John Birch Society in order to smear their more-numerous progressive liberal opponents as having some relation to subversive communists (who were themselves to all be viewed at tools of a foreign state). Marx hated identity politics and expelled feminists and "anti-racists" from the 1st International precisely because they were putting too much evidence on that stuff over class struggle. The word and concept is utter nonsense.

Class war: bosses are only so compelled to exploit workers by the capitalist system
Culture war: ?

Kek. Catholic rightists invented social justice, and Protestants picked it up in the seventies. "Left" liberals coopted it in the eighties and nineties as they were selling organized labor up the river. Social Justice is like Obamacare: conservatards came up with it and only started hating it after the other half of the liberal spectacle decided that they needed it to disguise the fact that they were betraying their existing base. What exactly is "marxist" about any of that?

Same can be said about "political correctness" btw
It was invented by conservatives and it is overwhelmingly done by conservatives. People just don't notice it anymore because they already got used to it conservatives doing it, it's not news.

political correctness is just corporations trying to avoid lawsuits. doesn't have anything to do with marxism.

Its neoliberalism/neoconservatism, its using corporatism to get some of the social aspects of communism (open borders, the destruction of identity, though that also includes class identity) so they can get rich and maintain power over the plebs.

*putting too much emphasis on that stuff over class struggle

This. Cultural "Marxism", postmodern critical theory, continental philosophy, antipositivism, social justice, and all the rest of the "New Left" sophist flimflam, was all supported and/or fabricated by NATO during the Cold War as a means of fighting the USSR abroad, and suppressing class conscious leftism domestically:
And modern/postmodern "art" of course, was the perfect commercialized yet "counterculture" vehicle for:
And the Ford Foundation is, of course, a front for…

Actually, the term "political correctness", much like "SJW", was coined by leftists as an insult for unprincipled bootlicking groupthinkers in what would later become Bolshevism.

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Cultural Marxism isn't even a thing. What we are witnessing is people being distracted by idpol so they ignore the class struggle.

neoliberal capitalism facing its material contradictions

Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung


Lawrence Wilde (1991)

Logic: Dialectic and contradiction

It's not what we, particularily, believe. It's what it empirically is: liberalism. Identity politics is liberalism 1.01. It's a way to divide and conquer the working class, creating meaningless sub-groups (be it white nationalists, black nationalists, LGBT groups, etc) to pit against each other. This goes against the principles of dialectical materialism and class warfare, which dictates that classisim is the main form of oppression that other -isms latch upon.

Ever notice how identity politics, feminism and LGBT "struggles" are very first worldist and almost exclusively a focus on the anglo-sphere and anglo-sphere influenced countries? As a matter of fact, the old left (what we basically are on Zig Forums) was/is exclusively focused on class struggle, while the so called "new left" were merely liberals pissed off about american segregation; which of course was a bad thing, but they missed the forest for the trees: capitalism was the reason why slavery and segregation existed in the first place.

Identity politics is liberalism. Third wave feminists merely took identity politics to it's absurd and logical conclusion; gamergate merely paved the way for Zig Forumsniggers to go mainstream.

Given how ridiculously invasive and disgustingly influential the US is, way too influential. Ever wondered why communist countries (venezuela, cuba, north korea) or non anglo-influenced ones (iran, morocco, etc) gives little fucks about idpol? Capitalism cannot be separated from idpol; capitalism created it to subvert the working class with great success. Nothing scares the rich more than class unity.

Idpol = bourgeois ideology that goes against working class ideology and struggles.

Exacly the way it was intended: I got mine, fuck you. Communism demands collective action against the system that oppresses the collective (working class): capitalism. Idpol demands action against a particular individual problems. Both the so called "identitarians" (white nationalists) and SJWs practice identity politics, just mirrored versions of it.

This is more of my own personal opinion; I don´t speak for Zig Forums, or even the anti-idpol left: Free speech is ok, but freedom from consequences is not granted.

What do I mean with this? It doesn't mean there should be legislation or a body of authority that regulates free speech to protect so called "marginalized" or "minority" groups. What I mean is, if you call a black guy a nigger, no one will stop you from doing so; just don't expect said black guy won't punch you in the face or beat the living shit out of you.

Use common sense. You can't always get away with everything you say. Just because you can, it problably doesn't mean you should, so use your brain.

Long-story-short: So called "cultural marxism" should actually be called "cultural liberalism", because that's what it is. Never take Zig Forumsnigger's opinions/nomenclatures as the be all, end all of philosophy and politics. They came up with a bunch of retarded shit, because they are complete subhuman morons.

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Agreed with the rest of your post, but even granting your softer position on censorship, this is more than a little disingenuous. What you're talking about has little to do with the content of expression (saying "nigger"), and more to do with non-expressive actions accessory to that expression (physically accosting someone in the street and menacing them).

Moreover, the current furor over censorship isn't typified by individuals personally reacting to each other, but goliath corporations and government agencies abusing their tyrannical grasp over communication networks and their underlying technology to reach down and crush wrongthink, while exploiting this to justify yet further overreach and the infrastructural centralization that allows it.

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Frankfurt School's word salad eaters were among those pushed in academia by the CCF, tho.

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Here are some actual pdfs of work by the frankfurt school, if you read them you would realize they are not some group of multi-colored hair freaks but in fact have some interesting things to say.

By the way this is the same reason why George Soros fund a bunch of insane "leftist" bullshit, it's funny that people see this but they fail to realize the real reasons behind it, when Zig Forums calls Soros and other porkies Marxist for their actions they are basically doing exactly what the porkies want them to do, it's right in front of their noses but being the illiterate retards they are they fall prey to the porkies game.

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Back in 2014, you were considered an anti semite for saying Cultural Marxism existed.

That doesn't change that they funded your world view though, on what points do you actually disagree with Chomsky or articles like the "Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack"?

The neocons and the CCF lead projects like making the Notre Dame Cathedral roof into post-modern bile, how do you always end up on their side on every issue? Have you ever head a thought the CIA didn't pay to put into the cultural zeigeist?

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WTF does Chomsky have to do with racist postmodern drivel like that?

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Not only is this not an accurate description of how Marxism views class conflict but the view of society as having oppressors and oppressed comes from Republican classical liberals in the 18th century.

The SJWs and their worldview are a product of the kids that were a part of 1960s American social justice activism.

No, they're not. They are the product of jesuit theologians and protestant charletans.

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It’s the same thing except that Jews have more intelligence and can make it sound intellectual

Not what socialism says. Capitalism is keeping everyone down, because it imposes a sociopathic class distinction on all of us. Capitalists get the better end of it, but much like prior class systems such as feudal nobility or theocratic castes, it places pointless expectations on them as well. Much as capitalism helped society by eliminating many past socioeconomic classes, socialism aims to complete this process by freeing us from the final two remaining classes.

It's a bit of each, also of antipositivist/romanticist pseuds that (with some amplification by the CIA, as has been noted upthread) resulted in the masturbatory PoMo sandpit of continental theory by the 1950s.

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You’re just mad you’re not a porky. Jealous much?

Social justice is not even PoMo. It is every bit the "grand narrative" that continental philosophers claim to repudiate. None the less, it gets peddled in the very same humanities departments that push Foucault, Derrida, and the like.

That comeback is so weak that it aspires to be argumentum ad hominem.

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there are no posts like this in Notre Dame threads
just check Zig Forums archive

Zig Forums doesn't archive every thread only a specific few I believe, I'm not entirely sure but it might be hand picked by the mods which is why you should rely on archive sites.

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Of course the commies are going to deny cultural marxism, it is our attack phrase, and it describes them perfectly. While you will see people disparage identity politics here, at no point or on any actual policy will they actually disagree with the intersectional socialists or progressive. The only criticism of specific policy will be something a long the lines of them not going far enough, or it's not communism.

case in point

There is a tendency to simply deny that the left has been infiltrated by these people, or to use the falsehood of the Nazi-concocted "cultural Bolshevism" conspiracy theory to deflect from the fact that some PoMos called themselves "cultural Marxists", but this in no way detracts from the fact that such people are fundamentally at odds with core positions of leftism, socialism, and also specifically Marxism. Not to mention the fact, as pointed out upthread, that cultural "Marxism" was promoted and largely constructed by the CIA and other NATO spooks as part of a Cold War effort to undermine the USSR and disrupt NATO's domestic leftists.

Indeed, I could very well use the same broad brush to tar the activities of neonazis as linked at the hip with baptist Christard fundies and neocons that pour propaganda, money, weapons, and American/European troops into the dumpster fire of Israeli militarism and the Saudi monarchy's Wahhabism, and be far more accurate in many instances.

We disagree about absolutely everything concrete, from their attempts to discriminate on the basis of race and sex ("positively" or otherwise), to attempts at whitewashing (lel) various PC identities as beyond reproach, as pointless at best and regressive sabotage at worst. And most of all, we disagree with them, just like we disagree with the aut-right and other neofash, for emphasizing particularist and typically moralist obsession with strictly superstructural issues (cishethuwitemales, da juice, etc.) rather than coolheaded systemic analysis of basic issues from which those arise (the capitalist mode of production, class dichotomy).

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How about you read a fucking book you dumb illiterate nigger?
How about you learn what you are talking about from the sources once in your life instead of getting your knowledge from youtube videos for kids?

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Name 3 books that you have read.

Traditional culture isn't oppresive in on itself, unless it manages to acquire a power structure through artificial hierarchies. Feminists and SJWs merely want to replace traditional values with so called "progressive" values, while retaining the very same coercive aspects of the system that enshrines them (capitalism).

Regarding Jordan Peterson's "war on masculinity": There IS a war on masculinity, but this is only possible because of capitalism. Feminists are exploiting capitalism to become the oppressors themselves. The concept of feminism is to empower women, faggots and soyboys and oppress everybody else. Without capitalism, feminism and idpol would crumble inmediately.

When was the last time communist states embraced faggotry and political correctness? There's nothing manlier than being a communist and standing for yourself against capitalist hierarchies, whether christian right or SJW "left".

Tl;dr: Wanna get rid of femishits and SJW faggots? Get rid of capitalism and all their chimp outs will be meaningless.

Fuck off intellectual. Class-struggle is as evident as can be. People here masturbate over theory and books when all of this can really be learned through direct experience – zero reading required. The fact that they require their hallowed Marxist tomes shows how disconnected they truly are from the struggles of the proletariat as they actually are.

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They only care about jews when they can play up the 4th Reich/Germany looking to lose another World War narrative

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Yeah, but look on the numbers of the posts and look on the number of the newest posts on leftypol.
The posts on the picture have numbers like 6462832
but the newest leftypol posts have like 2915067

It's correct to say your average Joe won't usually give a shit about reading theory, but if someone places himself very firmly in the revolutionary camp, then he should read to clarify his views, learn from the past to avoid committing past errors and carry out a correct political program.
Of course, some shitty book by academic monkey containing a 200 pages long marxist analysis of farting in a crowded bus is worthless, but that's another issue.

The sure is a lot more relevant that every single left-wing party and organization in the contemporary West

Mmkay sure

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Yep. The actual author of the theory is 100% more relevant than all the pozzed "left-wing" shit we have now. This should be obvious.

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I would say that you'd find more diverse discussion on ancient 4chan Zig Forums (which used to be way more diverse politically; and that is, if you can even find archives that go back far enough, "far enough" being, generally speaking, before 2014) threads, because, due to the fact that it was not a hugbox like everything is now (MGS2; Revolt of the Masses), people from all ideologies would post actual sources to read up on and would try better argumentative tactics instead of mindless shitflinging (though obviously you'll find that anywhere you go, some more than others).

Intellectual circles can never be hugboxes, else they stop being intellectual circles.

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well they have an innate nature to subvert host nations. a religion without a culture, state, or sense of belonging.

true but don't bring average citizens into this.

Marcuse was actually critical of the hippies.