First, this is NOT a shitpost...

First, this is NOT a shitpost. Anyone involved in leftist politics knows how this is becoming something that warrants discussion.
Why is there such a strong correlation between leftism and NEEDING to be sexually dominated and owned? And yes I stress the word "need" because I can't tell you how many of my leftist friends give up everything just to become some fascists mindless cum slut. Trust me I totally get it but isn't it bad for the movement in the long run if all of our potential foot soldiers will drop everything in a heartbeat just for the prospect of getting their throats hate fucked daily by people who haven't a single care in the world for them? Has the left been conditioned into enjoying being raped and enslaved? Where do you stand? How hard would it be for you to resist becoming the property of a heartless fascist who just wants to reduce you to your very basic sexual NEED to be dominated and owned.
Pic related, a mess left by my very loyal comrade whos room mate walked in right as he was puking his guts up all over some Nazi fucks disgusting horse dick. It took two people to unhinge this 110 lb twinks jaw because he had literally become mind broken and only thought he was good for getting his throat abused. So sad. (Nevermind it's a bit too graphic and pretty depressing but you can use your imagination)

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Says the guy who wants the authoritarian rule of a tiny cabal enforced by armed men in black leather and jackboots. No, that's all you, buddy.


Oh myy

What? No I don't. I want to put a stop to this

that sounds amazing op
i would probably do the same as your friend tbh. ugh


God I hope there are more strong willed leftist men than boys/girls like me because i dont think i would even bother fighting against that

I have no doubt this kind of behavior is prevalent among leftists, but take a trip to Zig Forums and you see the exact same behavior. Many confess to wanting to be cucked or gangbanged themselves by a group of blacks.
We need some Lacan and Freud up in this bitch to decipher this.


What in the name of God are you faggots on about now?

Back to reddit with you.

I fucking wish!

As one of these "fascists" you're talking about, I will say that its equally as hard to NOT fuck your cute little brains out. I started allowing myself to do it 2 years ago not only because of how easy it is and how good it feels but because of just how badly you guys allow yourselves to be degraded. Its absolutely mind blowing what good little cum sluts you are. Honestly I think when it comes to sex, both sides should set aside all differences and just go at it. We can fight over everything else but obviously commies were put on this earth to get completely wrecked sexually by fascists. What do you think? Also post kik if you want to get fucked until you're a second away from death and orgasm back to life. I'm always down bby

hi OP


Personal preference, but it would be the fascist getting dominated and owned (with her permission, of course.)

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Not me

You deserve to be worshipped


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Hey thats me

Totally agree! Im too shy to post kik though i love being fucked senseless by fashy bois

Like tying pic related's beasts up with rope. Best done when she's at a political meeting.
"I know you're supposed to be somewhere my dear but can't you can take one night off."
Not soft cotton fetishist rope, either.
The bristley scratchy rope you get in a ball from the newsagent for tying up packages.

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Well, our time in this mortal envelope is limited. Left Twitter also demands our attn.
Disclaimer :I m not the author of the Tweet.

what the fuck are you talking about.
I think you just met someone that is mentally out of it.
Theres no real relation other than the correlations you make. Get some help.

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I once stumbled across the board you guys use to conjure up and spread your "all girls like fascists" narrative. I never thought it would amount to anything and I was right. But it's fun to see you guys try.