MUH 999999999999

Has anyone else here just stopped denying the porky trick of bringing up seemingly ludicrous amounts of deaths
I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how many communists killed, communism stands as
I was recently talking with some normalfag who threw that line at me and I responded
The boomer was BTFO epic style, left speechless by my verbal manuevers.

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Good, we've been saying this for years, if you got something against a political system make sure it's, it's ideals, "muh 6 gorillion, 90 trillion" don't matter.
And remember:
Capitalism will always have killed more people than communism, nazism, anarchism, and any other extremist systems could have during their entire reigns if successful within each decade.
Oh and note that this has been happening since at least the industrial revolution but arguably far before.

*communism, nazism, anarchism, and any other extremist systems could have during their entire reigns if successful combined

It's always funny when Zig Forums comes here to falseflag as leftists but they don't even take the time to look through the catalog and try to imitate the way we post here. Instead they just do this shitty power-point style posts and then get upset when they get directed back to Zig Forums.


Out of all the threads in the board right now you had to pick this one To accuse of being a false flag?
user come on now.

/trannypol/ gets afraid at unfamiliar opinions

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The other ones are too. It's just some same fag shitting up the board.

In Russia it is the boomers themselves who do this.

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back to trannypol tankucks

Unironically based response OP

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what does bizzaro nazbol means

He comes from an alternative dimension where nazbol is the ruling mode of production.

Tell them this in an accusatory tone:

The USA and western powers lied constantly about the USSR. Defending the truth against lies isn't defending the USSR against any criticism, just bullshit criticism. If you want to criticize someone, don't make shit up or it looks like you have nothing legitimate to criticize them for.

If they have trouble with the concept they are not worth wasting more time trying to convince.

Yeah I've come to regard most of the details of the holodomor, holocaust, and Maoist China as post-war propaganda

You fucked up on the holocaust, that was real my friend, i hope i opened your mind, bye

You fucked up on the holodomor, that was real my friend, i hope i opened your mind, bye

You fucked on the post-war propaganda, that was real my friend, i hope i opened your mind, bye

The Holocaust was fake, you don’t have to be a Nazi to see the obvious. Jewish porky has an obvious interest peddling the six gorillion

It can be real and still be used to justify something terrible, that's why Hitler is the biggest joke of the 20th century, he literally gave the world to the jews by attempting to destroy them.

Why do you think he was so asshurt at them? Because he was right the Jews already ruled the world. Even if the Holocoaster didn't happen (Which it did even if it was just a few Jews dying from the excitement of the rollercoaster to Auschwitz) the Jews would have still used all previous "Holocausts" to their advantage.

Hitler is literally one of the greatest men who have lived in the past two thousand years, it doesn’t matter if he ultimately failed. Better to live one day as a lion than a lifetime as a sheep.
If you knew anything about Hitler and what he believed the Jews already had a stranglehold on the world pre-WWII

a retarded tweaker who accomplished nothing

By that logic neither did Marx, or Stalin, or Bakunin. The man wrote a book and created a political ideology regardless of what you think of it or him, don't be autistic.
He was a tweaker though that's for sure.

I'm often perplexed by what exactly fascies think they gain by denying the holocaust. Do they think that somehow makes Hitler sympathetic? He got millions of Germans killed in a pointless, unwinnable war that obliterated the German infrastructure.