Xennial Menace

What if I told you that the alt-right and other pop-rightist ideologies are NOT ZOOMERS BUT XENNIALS (born 1975 - 1985)?

Who are the guys that always whine about anime and video games bc "muh stunted brain development"?
Generation X.

Who are the ones always self-diagnosing after listening to urban myths about correlations between hobbies and androgen inhibition ( such as: the soyboy menace)? Generation X

I notice in real life that men (and women) born in the 70s and 80s are fascinated with tragedy and conflict and hate anything bright/happy/catchy. They also seem to be movie junkies.

Gen X and their chronological kin, Xennials are the ones who think women are defective creatures that shouldn't be allowed to piss without telling hubby let alone vote.

They are the ones running podcasts, bullying the younger generations for not enjoying "manly stuff" (such as punk and cult movies).

They are the ones parroting on about "masculinity" like it's a fucking fashion trend.

> real men drink (obscure brewery brand here)

Oh and lets not forget about "muh fatherhood." They think that all home problems are bc of single moms. They overlook if not justify shitty fathers. They don't care about fathers really. They just want to keep anyone with a penis in the seat of power.

They are the adult versions of the stereotypical school jocks. They haven't grown out their insecurity so now their inner adolescence is reeking.

Xennials are the main demographic of doomer and r9k. In fact, the chans in general are dominated by these jocks alone. Especially with their constant blaming zoomers for all things wrong.

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Were you so affected by the homophobic anti anime poster you had to make a thread?

J Barg is going to be offended at this

God I hope that I inspired this sperge-out. This is hilarious.

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The alt-right and other pop-rightist cults are filled to the brim with anime soy retards. Your argument is invalid. Reactionaries and all kinds of retards get drawn to anime shit like flies in love with manure.

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Generations don't actually exist.

LMAOing @ ur lyfe

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The only thing I know about this group is that they are going all in on "scumbag left/liberal comedy" in the form of Cum Town tier edgyness. You see this everywhere now and it is completely shallow and impotent. Making ironic jokes about n-words and women belonging in the kitchen while the twitter feed retweets the latest idpol, Hollywood niggerism, women's visibility gripes.

I agree with triggering the anti anime niggers but you don't need to bring in generational d&c into the argument.
Jocks are explicitly characterized by never going outside of Fagramspace or whatever new photo posting site exists. If they're here they're not a jock they're just fags.


Pic related is literally what your argument boils down to.
Before you say your next line:
like the retard you are you should know doing the opposite of what Zig Forums does for the sake of triggering them is stupid, by now we may as well just have a pinned pedo thread to scare them off–
Actually that's not a bad idea.

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They are saying this because of the fun of everything. Learn to know what is important op who is a dumb idiot.



leftypol is going to lose going this route, especially hiding the word deg ener acy


We need more word filters. This shit is hilarious.

That's not what the argument boils down to, nobody is saying that you shouldn't watch anime just to be the opposite of Zig Forums, you shouldn't watch anime for several reasons like it being very bad for one's mental health and well being, it making you waste time that could've been better spent in other actually useful activities and so on and so on. Did you even read what OP said? he tried to imply that aut-righters and rightists in general are all grumpy old men who hate anime and video games when just a quick glance at any image board would tell you otherwise with all those le faggy smug animu gurls and how le epin gamur gaete turned out in the end, that reply was just pointing out how OP went full retard.

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By all means link a study.
You do have empirical evidence for that claim right user?
>it making you waste time that could've been better spent in other actually useful activities and so on and so on.
A. Define useful activities.
B. Define how anime stops them.
Did you? Op accused gen x which aren't old, of making the major part of claims that anime is bad on imageboards in general and cites /v9k/ directly not Zig Forums but even then you do know they do hate anime right? Zoomers posting drumpf hats on some moenegress doesn't change that.

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Are you fucking new to the internet or just being purely dishonest right now? holy shit, go to fucking youtube and search for "weeaboo cringe compilation", spend a few hours on /v/ or /a/ or any board populated by autists and check it yourself, you've got to be fucking kidding me.

No. Those are anime weeaboos and they are retarded like that or worse.

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Okay you wanna go that route faggot?
Let's go that route.
Yeah anime fans are cringe worthy but last time I checked they never broke their $1000 tv's in front of children over a game played by strangers or started a riot that ended in the deaths.
If we're judging shit based off fans then sports fans are the most cancerous people on earth and music fans follow second.
A teenage girl going
Or /a/ going
Is at least safer than some fatass shooting a group of niggers with a flare gun over a football game while looting a store.

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Jesus fucking Christ fam, smh, smdh tbh.
I've noticed that you can only thing in pure "whataboutism", someone posts that video game and anime might be harmful then you immediately go "but what about other media tho?", someone say that weeaboos are retarded then you go "but wut about sports fans tho?", Jesus christ fam, I guess that if I say that soda is bad for your health then your reply is going to be something like "but wut about coffee tho?".
Lemme tell you something that might blow your head off. Having stuff that are just as bad or worse than the subject matter doesn't make the subject matter any less bad, fam. Imagine if the laws of the world operated by pure whataboutism like your mind seems to do, things would be much simpler to solve, "oh fuck, I've got malaria!", "oh, don't you worry fam, at least it wasn't dah AIDS", "oh, fuck you right, it isn't tha AIDS, so my malaria is cured now, thanks!" LMAO.

So therefore your point is we should abolish anime, sports, and pretty much all media except verbal philosophic discussion?
Sounds anprim tier to me fam.

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Nope. Ain't nobody advocating for abolishments of anything here.
If you want to use drugs then go ahead and do it. But I will advise you about the risks and suggest that you refrain yourself from it.

What risks? You still haven't named any, or are you telling me anime affects all people in the same manner?
If so are all sports fans a bunch of violent tribalists?
Because if not your claim and argument can be full discarded by the board. There's a difference between DBZ inspiring a boy to go to the gym and moe shit inspiring women to whore themselves.
Thanks Abe.

Nobody thinks that is what he was saying. I just thought you should know.

Yes that was an exaggeration made to escalate the argument he is treating a whole group as absolute however which is my problem with him, anime nor it's fans are nor should be exempt from criticism but he's making extremely falsifiable and absurd claims.

I'm not offended I'm just amazed that an entire generation can live rent free in OPs head causing an Assburgers aneurysm in a tl;dr post. It's truly amazing and a sight to behold. Says more about the poster in question than it does of anyone who fits in that generational clique.

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And so on and so on.
But whatever fam, if you think that being a dorky loser is cool then be it, I would rather have boys growing into strong men with sharp intellects so that revolution would be more likely to occur instead of those useless balls of lard in love with faggyness but oh, well, we have already passed the event horizon, the point of no return anyway so I guess it doesn't even matter either way.

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Maybe so. The realistic and pragmatic side of me says no but the accelerationism side of me tickles my Wittgenstein.

In fact I should do a video essay on this. You were always my favorite cross-reference, Zig Forums

Okay so this has gone full shitpost now. Got it.
I'll leave these here anyway.
Enjoy getting crushed in a stadium by skinny frat boys and fat 40 year old fathers who probably never even made varsity themselves though.

I believe that this is what happens when you spend your time watching faggy cartoons instead of working on your rhetoric.

I don't see why liking both things is wrong. also I know Xennials who like anime. OP just sperged out and decided to blanket statement an entire generation because their pp vagoo got hurt. no my problem. I think its funny.


I like Kaczynski and Linkola but come on.

The fact that you still don't understand the point of whataboutism shows your ignorance.

OP you do realize not all of us were jocks back then, but that's water over the bridge I guess. maybe I don't want someone without a penis in power, maybe I don't count on my father being bad because he was barely in my life. my mother was mostly the one hoarding over me, my stepdad was nominally cool. you ever think for once that maybe the stats about single moms (and just because they don't figure with your confirmation bias) might be true? because that's the case for black kids, I mean most grow up to become petty criminals because dad isn't around. mostly because black women, more often than not, screw the dads out of any contact so they get up and go to the store and not come back, because in all seriousness what kind of man wants to put up with a neurotic harpy who feels "oppressed" because she can't slut around and the dad feels "well I'm not raising another man's kids" so he ups and leaves? I mean black men are some of the most incarcerated people, esp. in the US, so you're gonna deny their manhood simply because their moms are cunts who can't handle men's issues. it doesn't take a village to raise a child, it takes the divine feminine and the divine masculine both. maybe queers and lesbos should get that through their heads. but they won't. not that I care they exist but without a gender balance, a child can't be raised properly. and to eliminate the race disparity for men who a) either become deadbeats themselves or b) turn to crime because women are hibristophiles, we must attack the root of the problem. and to other posters, anime is not the problem, you Adorno/Fromm/Horkheimer associates. let people enjoy their hobbies. I mean I get the idea behind how consumer culture is neigh bad for anyone and that idealistically we should return to folk values a la primitivism but that's neither here nor there. focus on the present and what you can do NOW, you can plan for the future later. outie.

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Then why does leftpol generalize zoomers as being aut-right or the "trolls wjo ruined the chans"?

No really, come up with a better argument before you expect me to do anything but use whataboutism or shitposting to counter your invalid claims.

We don't, cuckchan and Zig Forums do.

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Last time I checked, people IRL and online do not believe these.

Nah, not going to waste my time with you anymore, I have better things to do, you'll just ignore it all anyway and pretend that you are new to the internet and don't know that every single anime avatar on any comment section/twitter/social network/image board is always a huge retard and you'll just continue to pretend that this crap doesn't help to turn boys into retards.

Because every generation needs a scapegoat.

Fair enough but one last time
Seems heavily hypocritical to me since you can't defend yourself but alright, I had to leave in two hours anyway, just disappointed that I didn't see a single argument this whole time.

What's wrong with retards?

Having many of them in our time line means that humanity is not going to achieve its ultimate fate of Fully Automated Luxury Space Communism. Basically we are not going to finish the game in this time line, we are all going to lose.

Why would I want that gay shit?

Intellectuals are the real problem. Eugenics isn't communist.

On the contrary actually, eugenics is very communistic.
Only in a completely screwed system like capitalism such aberrations like in pics related are possible to happen, communism is the legit meritocratic system.

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Why would I want meritocracy? Those that have actual abberations need a leg up instead of dunking them out of the gene pool, maybe instead of killing them off, we should try to better understand them than pull some lebensraum bs to "perfect" humankind and try to appeal to humans on an animalistic level instead.

hmm… not sure if legit r/socialism or just Zig Forums in disguise.
Either way, you need to fuck my dude.


irrelevant, you made your bed now lie in

bend over and spread them cheeks.

that is the most enticing video description ever

also shit thread and the latest in the 'hay guise stop liking the thing you like it's bad' series of shit threads

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shajajajajaja qoqo