Anarcho-Transhumanism FTW

This is the future whether u can handle it or no, fuck you to all the prehistoric tanks out there!

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fuck u blind tankie

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I'm interested what commies think of transhumanism, since it seems like a really obvious part of the end game for those in power, that works with the externalization of their global government.

Personally i feel like transhumanism will ultimately use itself against humanity to dehumanize itself by bringing them together.

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its in all likelihood literally impossible. If you ask a neuroscientist what the fuck consciousness is he will tell you he doesn't know. So why bother asking an engineer anything about the brain? They don't fucking know and all of this is hypothetical. There is an extremely low liklihood of humans ever being to replicate human thoughts into a computer to something even approaching consciousness. The act of "transferring" your mind into a robot body is complete fantasy. However I think sadly many communists would be for it. Something something Borg collective consciousness. Never mind that it would mean slavery. Those whose read Marx though would be right there with the religious right smashing any robot they came across that had a transferred consciousness in it. That shit is heresy no matter how you look at it, and it poses a threat to humanity

The Borg were an analogy of capitalism.

to anyone with a brain the Borg are simply an allegory for a group whose collective will outweighs the freedom of the individual.

Yeah, no. The Borg are explicitly capitalism. Roddenberry was a maoist.

the borg were at first supposed to be insectoid and not even speak. Theres no 1-1 comparison.

you might as well say the aliens from Aliens were commies. Theres little to no evidence for that, but your free to believe it.

Also how the fuck are the borg capitalists when you have an explicitly capitalist race (so much so they are constantly compared to jews) that exists in the very same show. Your logic is flawed.

That works just about as well as ananalogy for capitalism.

The Borg are capitalism–an ever-expanding and constantly adapting machine of which individuals are mere component parts. Entire peoples are forcibly brought into the machine, and resistence to it is ultimately futile.

The Ferengi, on the other hand, are capitalists–individuals who utilize investments to individually enrich themselves. They are divided against one another and only work together to serve their own individual goals. They are also hidebound and cling religously to rights and rules that govern their interactions.

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I see where you are coming from but I think the Borg are more a warning of what the federation could become if it were not managed by an idealist socialist humanity and instead moved by a dark and corrupt tyranny. One that seeks only to assimilate so that it can "colonize" their subjects to its will rather than enrich them like the Federation does.

I also think the Ferengi are closer to what Gene Roddenberry saw capitalism as like- a system that is completely dependant on the will of certain individuals who usually do not have the best intentions. A system that has to use threats and exploitation to get its way and that generally does not have very many friends. Originally the Ferengi were protectionist and isolationist a lot like mid 19th century America.

also where have you gotten your info that Roddenberry was a Maoist? Best I can find on him indicates that he was just a bleeding heart liberal athiest who was a secular humanist.

It HAS to be possible. We know that human brains are made out of the same matter as every other thing on the planet. There is nothing magical in there, just the same chemical machinery that makes up table legs, caffeinated beverages and earlobes. Asserting to the contrary is to argue for the existence of souls. The problem at the moment is the how and why of the matter.

It has to be possible that an organic body create from metal parts and electricity an exact copy of itself down to every neuron and synaptic nerve? You might as well believe in the soul because that takes a lot of faith to believe.

also this doesn't even begin to tackle the complexity of "brain transference" and how we don't even know if its possible to transfer one brain to another organic brain.

We're already living in that society you moron

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What can you tell me about OGAS and Cybersyn?

Pretty damn sure you're an anprim faggot doing anprim faggotry.

"Teh technologys are evil!!11 Waaahhh!!!1 Why won't nobody live with me in a mud hut n die of measles!!1"

Yeah, nevermind that your anprim faggotry would result in the eventual re-discovery of agriculture and thus civilization, so all you've done in practice is merely delay the inevitable while countless generations re-thread past ages of human suffering.

Probably? Nothing.

Also, no self-declared transhumanist would say we become purposeless in a post-scarcity society. That's anprim bullshit.

are yall ready?

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Covers too broad a set of ideas and techs, I'm all for getting genemodded to be able to leap 10 feet or have a bigger schlong, not so much putting an implant in my body to make my brain interface with Wangblows 10

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the eternal TANK

well stereotypes tend to have a ring of truth to them if they exist.

the only good thing about Ferengi is their treatment of women

Reminds me of this bit from Westworld:

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It's not a stereotype tho, it's an assertation based on misinterpreted data

Worse, it's based on a misunderstanding of the basic terminology, assuming "phytoestrogen" is functionally the same and human estrogen hormones.

Trans-humanism is the inevitable end result of scientific medicine, but self identifying transhumanists have utopian, unphysical delusions about what real human enhancement will entail and what is actually efficient and practical in that area. They also tend to portray speculative technologies as easier to develop than they actually, if they can even be made at all, or made practical.

Maybe it is possible, but that doesn't make it feasible or practical to do. Just look at how physicists say you could test certain predictions of string theory using a particle accelerator with an astronomical diameter. Physically possible in that the construction doesn't violate any physical laws, but totally impractical to the point where it will never happen. Mind uploading could be a similar situation.

Even so there's the elephant in the room that what people call mind-uploading would in actuality be mind-copying. If you were to be mind-uploaded by any slightly believable hypothesized method there would be no continuous flow of consciousness from your flesh body to your computer body, there would be original flesh you and separate AI copy of you. The only way the original you could ever have a continuous stream of consciousness is if you there's some spooky aspect of consciousness separate from the psychical matter of the brain, and it's possible to take this spooky "soul" and place it in a machine.

Data or not the meme is kind of true.

I know it hurts

Transhumanism is the same deal as transgenderism. Body dysphoria caused by the implications of class society, capitalism in particular.

The obvious answer is that mind, and the sense of ourselves as a self, is an illusion, and arguments about "mind uploading" are just navel-gazing from people who don't want to face that reality. I don't know why this is terribly complicated because it's not too hard to divine from concepts familiar to us throughout history.

developments in psilocybin will lead to interesting new frontiers in this regard

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You're not even going to post anecdotal evidence, you're gonna just gainsay my assertation and that's it? This is why the board is dying tbh

What's Kermit the Fraud got to do with magic mushrooms?

he said in his debate with Matt Dilahunty that taking shrooms is evidence for the supernatural because people say they see god

But has he taken shrooms and gotten in touch with the divine? Why should he believe others?

because hes a hack

Let it die. Burden of proof is heresy

Technology is going too far. This is why I'm living free from any and all technology made after red dead redemption 2

Transhumanism and primitivism are incomplete philosophies. What is needed is the dialectical synthesis of Transhumanist-Primitivism - the movement towards a technological singularity that will evolve human beings beyond the need for tools, industry or symbolic thought, allowing us to truly live in symbiosis with nature.

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