Bernie Sanders booed at She the People rally

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

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I wish people would understand the difference between implicit and explicit racism and also how structural racism actually works.
The government already does all it can inside its limits, it's like people want the government to do something magic like using some remote controlled device that can mind control and brainwash people out of their dumb prejudiced notions.

Yeah we totally needed a thread on this eh op?

This 1000x

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They don’t care about that. All they want is to bolster black women and make life worse for males. They idiotically pile Bernie in their narrow minded interpretation of white guys.

It's time to redact voting rights for women

Black women are the source of miscegenation

yeah MLK was fucking gay

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Shit, I wish people would learn the difference between discrimination and women paying more for a product because it costs more money to print pretty pink flowers on it.

She the people is a porky front group and their interest in idpol serves their class interests. "Black women" aren't a monolith and Sanders' policies would help the overwhelming majority of them, just not the richfags he was naive enough to give a speech to thinking they were real activists.

Malcom X literally believed that white people were created by an ancient evil scientist 6600 years ago

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They were though.
Islam is always right, Allah is love

Black women do not dislike Sanders overall. It's insider black women who get platformed to shittalk him. Like when the DNC polled black women in their organization and passed it off as the general opinion. IIRC he polls better with black women than Kamala Harris.

Women are just animals and the longer they go without a man and remain childless they go rabid. This is the natural result. Radlibs attacking radlibs, yawn

Fuck off retard.

Not an argument

This is unfortunately true

How does 'structural racism' actually work?
Why can it be called 'racism'?

All hierarchy, establishments, government, legal regimes, economic entities, other power structures, and factually objective conceptualizations of physical reality, are inherently huwite supremacist.
Racism can only be enforceably legislated against to the extent it conflicts with or does not coincide with the current mode of production. This means open policies of explicit racism such as slavery, apartheid, redlining, and employment discrimination can be and have been successfully eliminated by legal reform.

The mode of production, in our case capitalism, inherently imposes legal conditions it needs in order to function. In the case of capitalism, that is the need for individuals to be put in positions of unchecked, arbitrary power, with the explicit economic obligation to hurt other people, for any (or no!) implicit personal motivation. When a boss unjustly fires or refuses to hire you, is it because they're racist, because they're an asshole? When a banker refuses you a mortgage, or a landlord refuses you housing, is it because they're racist, or because they're an asshole? Answering such questions of thoughtcrime, in order to ferret out the implicit racists, and leaving only the race-blind "honest" explicit capitalist assholes, is the impossible fool's errand of post-1960s "race activists".

This is why socialism is the only answer, because only by eliminating the camouflage capitalism provides for implicit racism, can material oppression through which racists cause harm be explicitly eliminated, and the question of who is racist rendered practically irrelevant.

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Liberals fighting each other is good, hopefully they drive every prole away from them.

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We need this in clip form immediately. What town hall video can I find this on?

Here, not sure yet if those were his exact words:

what the fuck is this?

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yet another front for the bourgeoisie using "Activist Marketing" as a way to push their agenda.

Feminists and their SJW "Allies" have become absorbed into the system and are nothing but the useful idiots of capital.

Women trying to play politics and acting like children as usual

Some porky Democrat group that embodies pic related.

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Didn't he renounced black nazism after his travel to mecca?

Begone radlib

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The superior in intellect, strength and experience should rule the inferior. To say anything else is madness. The individual mind is the driving force of history and history is made by minorities. The dead weight of the masses than Marxists worship is a lie. When did the masses ever choose a good leader? When did the masses produce works of art, great plans, new technology? All the products of superior individuals

5 minutes on this board and it's already an overdose of idealism.

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It's Marxist feminism

A collective of women in their periods

Well long story short, black women created incels


While I find great value with your post, I feel you haven't quite answered my questions. Let me be more explicit: What is 'structural racism'? Is it a fair or accurate use of language to refer to this phenomenon as 'racism'?

All anons supporting Bernie "bomb Yugoslavia and side with imperialism" Sanders should either declare themselves to be liberals or take a serious look at themselves and renounce politics because this guy is definitely not a socialist and is infact an ardent defender of capitalism.

I think he was worth supporting in 2016 to rehabilitate the word socialism, but he's served his purpose now and has done a lot of bad things since then.

Like I said, depending on who you ask.
Technically, yes.
Not in any but the narrowest sense, seeing as how the loopholes capitalism necessitates for "implicit" racism are responsible for so many other noisome things that otherwise could've been stamped out or rendered nonissues.

Still, from a pragmatic rhetorical standpoint, if used cautiously, it's a reasonable enough conception of deprogramming shitlibs.

Forgot shitposting flag

Socialism is literally all about tearing up top-down hierarchies tho.
Read a book fren.

You are so correct. It's time for the American political left unite around a sensible candidate who will rebuff the Russian menace, like Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg.
This sounds like the name of a subreddit

But socialism is rehabilitated now so we can go back to being politically irrelevant.

Actually I was thinking more like a genuinely principled socialist like Howie Hawkins.

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He's better than anyone else running but he will never do enough.

fuck off third world nigger

If you actual read his platform it's actually quite radical. He wants to abolish the Senate for starters. Green Party Green New Deal =/= that watered down Keynesian bill drafted by Ocasio-Cortez et al.

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mods got angry. this place IS leftypol

here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.


This board is as rulecucked as Zig Forums, the only difference being that mods are as slow as shit here. It’s hilarious how this sites fascist boards are more tolerant than Zig Forums and this board which is literally ran by a Jew in an attempt to drive real leftists into a honeypot site

Che bans 56% memes though

Do you retards even know the difference between shitposting and actual discussion?

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Ableist much?

I guess that's a no then.

Protip: if you ban people for criticizing someone, you are definitively not "critically" supporting him.

well I guess that's reassuring

if you can't take bants, don't be online

they're obviously being so. Dr. Asperger was the origin of the term "weaponized autism" and since he served under le ebil nahtzees he's bad.

it doesn't matter, support for mods is a new form of cuckery.

Why would that be reassuring? I thought you were a Jim Profiter who liked bantz J Barg

did they delete anything other than this? Will mash f5 like a chimp after posting this so I'll be able to read your posts before they get ganked hopefully.

suck the corn from my shit tbh
did the new boss ban your Nazbol flag?

Polite reminder that 'rulecuck' is a legitimate criticism, while 'cuck' is a generic put-down that's worn down from overuse. Otherwise agree with you


We're getting closer to them in that the tankie infestation is getting more annoying.

scorching-hot take bro

Based! Fuck anti-egalitarian Gender Idpolers! #FeelTheBern2020

I like bantz I hate mods

Besides I prefer bait to bantz. Anything to get people aggravated.

All of this is irrelevant. Tl;dr


Towards the end of his life he was basically a ml.



but its true.

aka no need to be racist when everyone lives in a shanty post apocalyptic future world and gets their daily pills from the draconian government.

I mean, liberals are already choking on Biden's dick. Why are we even surprised, again?

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Sanders got what he deserved for bending the knee to the BLM nigresses and cucking himself to Clinton. Hell, flip-flopping on gun control and immigration to fit with the Democrats made him trash-tier at this point. And, his economic policies basically are just glorified gibsmedats.

Jim Webb was the best Democratic presidential candidate all along. We should've listened to him.

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That, I can excuse as possibly just rhetorical in nature, and something he can easily act around if elected to office, much as with Jeremy Corbyn's intentionally vague statements about Brexit.

Something much harder to forgive Sanders for is his failure to be the figurehead of reform against corruption within the Democratic Party and among public employees of the electoral system, in addition to his affirmatively shilling the baseless warmongering Russiagate conspiracy theory against valiant leakers within the DNC bureaucracy.

Nearly as bad, is his all-eggs-in-one-basket fixation on the distant federal government, when he could have been pushing for immediate and practical state-level reforms to win back renown for the American left, such as PR/RV elections in lieu of FPtP, mandatory employee representation on corporate boards, universal healthcare, tuition-free college, etc.

Webb/Sanders or similar could have made it. Instead the entire DCC sucked off Hilary

I know some IDpolacks who hate him more than Trump.
If he somehow outstyles the DNC, they will vote Trump.

Wew calm down kiddo.

Sand going on your vagina much?