Is there a backup?

Where to go when Zig Forums gets this site nuked from orbit?

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but the real question is: who will Zig Forums kill next?

J. Posadas will save you


To the streets!

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Go tell the admin to make it into an image board is

God I don't want to say it
Our official bunker technically
Aside from that there's Endcuck, multiple off shoots like /intl/ bunkers, cp chans, and more but I doubt any of them are good homes.

Those Zig Forumsaks are getting more niggerish as time goes by. Imagine all of the domestic disputes they commit that are not deemed terrorism?

Nuking Zig Forums is a good thing.

To do something irl I hope.

Well a synagogue just got shot up by Zig Forums or a fellow traveler. I'm guessing it'll be black folks or los inmigrantes next.

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RIP masterchan

Assterdud was the normalfags cp chan. There are way better one's out there.

Probably more Jews.

tfw 144chan gets nuked by the feds

Some more innocent people who have nothing to do with their problems.

No, it's rulecucked and a big fat target for feds

Oh fuck you mean it's not back up yet?
Shit dude I was planning on getting back eventually since I'm on vacation right now and didn't want to use another persons pc for anything majorly incriminating but you're telling me they haven't found a new domain and gotten back up yet?

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Which one of the 3 I mentioned is rulecucked?, it's run like leddit and you need to sign up/be invited in order to use it, which requires an email account, most of which require a phone number, which require a powerword. So it's not anonymous.

You can put [email protected] as your email. Basically anything formatted [email protected] Emails don't need a phone number. Regarding 'rule cucking' the rules are here and you can read them for yourself:

Tor posting is enabled. You can use tor or a vpn to connect to the site.

Themselves even more


Does anyone have a full list of active chans anymore?

Dude, I'm not trying to nitpick but your acting like me using a word that's been in common use on these boards for like five years, is some exotic and strange foreign custom you've never heard of, doesn't make me think your site will be an enjoyable place to hang out.

I don't feel like haggling with cockmonkey's shitty datamining for 20 minutes out of my life, so here's the highlights of the intensely cucked rules:
Illegal where? That can mean anything from drawings to legal B-cups to saying gays are either good or bad to criticising China. Even if you only mean Burger laws, in many Burger states it's illegal to film the pigs, do you plan on enforcing the rule on that? How about on drawings?
This bit alone is acceptable
You agree, through your allowing me to read that throat-pnuchable sentence, to give me your immortal soul, our firstborn, 100 billion dollars in buttcoins, and let me stomp you in the nads until I get sick of it.
This would be fine if it wasn't surrounded by normalcattle mooing that contextually probably extends to 'reposting info they made public at one point, then deleted' and equates posting nueds from a paysite as hacking the webcam of whoever it is in question/the buff and taking creeper shots of them.
both the verbs and 'terrorism' are vague say-so arrest bullshit and fuck you very much
It doesn't here, so fuck using your site.
What, because you'll immediately piss yourself and nark us out like a bitch?
It's a little late for that if you're recruiting on 8ghey, my dude.

1/2 fix site you fat cunt

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2/2 Jim hates freedom

And the summary: We can't say we hate the system (or anything else), we can't shit on idpol, we can't joke that the Koch brothers suck horse dicks, we can't mention that marijuana or 17-1/2 y/o anime girls that look 25 exist, we can't discuss any method of physical self-defense even in the wake of Zig Forums's now-continuous IRL effortposting, we can't say we hope revolution comes soon, we can't shitpost about guillotines because that would be incitement, we can't use the site to break any of the system's rigged rules that keep us firmly under Porky's jackboot, we can't btfo raiders with reason and logic so epic-style that some of them see the light and convert; we can't criticise anyone if they are any of nonwhite, female, gay or one of the other 57 other non-hetero totally-not-furshit-tier orientations, or Jewish; we can't use it to forment, plan or say we support anything IRL; we can't discuss or even mention that we self-medicate instead of taking overpriced over-the-counter poison, we can't GANG GANG shitpost, we can't troll Feds asking for bomb-making instructions and other dodgy shit by saying they are at, we can't use the site to escape a media blackout in our area, we can't have an opinion that you deem 'pseudo-left fascist,' we can't get angry and call somebody an idiot because people in your glorious utopia are all emotionless humorless straightedged eunuchs apparently, both because getting angry isn't allowed and idiocy is congenital sometimes; we can't post police brutality or Zig Forumsyp LARPing if there's gore, we can't post anything that might break copyright. The punishment for non-compliance is having our posts deleted so nobody can see what pisses you off as you pick your assholes and wonder why we never learn; the punishment for repeat-offenders (who don't know what the fuck bad behavior is since you delete all the examples) is not being allowed to… …do what, exactly? I mean what the fuck is it you expect us to use your for if we can't use it for any of that stuff? Y'know, the stuff we can do most of here? What the fuck is the point of your site? let me guess: >muh theory >muh serious discussion

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As the thread with the rules says, everyone is welcome to comment and suggest changes. I appreciated the your comments. The rules were adapted from RevLeft rules, you can find them at You will see I actually removed a lot of stuff, because I feel they went too far into draconian rules territory banning words like 'stupid' or 'retarded' because of able-ism.

Illegal material everywhere, such as child pornography and soliciting of drugs and banned substances. But it also means illegal where you live, if your country bans posting of pictures of shampoo bottles you probably shouldn't post pictures of shampoo bottles from an IP originating in your country. Rules are stress that it is a public discussion forum, not a secret, private website. Much like 8ch, reddit, and any other public forum.

Copied from revleft, and if you go to 4chan/4channel, you get a similar warning before entering a board. This is pretty standard and I don't see the issue. If you agree with the rules, use the service, that's straightforward.

Posting stuff from public sources is fine, even if that original content gets deleted. This happens all the time on other websites. I don't get the part about nudes, it's not a pornography site.

The word terrorism isn't as vague as you make it out to be. You're trying to nitpick the meaning of words. That rule basically means don't ask how to make a bomb, or hide a deas body, or how you should make explosives to cause the most damage to human life. Again, very straightforward.

You're very naīve if you think IPs/accounts on this website aren't in a few databases monitoring for risky behaviour. Just like your facebook likes on Stalin memes put you on watchlists. Have you not heard of the Snowden revelations?

How can you 'narc' on anyone on a public forum? You're narcing on yourself by posting. The problem is for other users who get targeted by association. Much like everyone's IP on 8ch is part of a NSA database because two mass murderers posted here right before they carried out their terror attacks.

Doesn't matter where people are recruited from. NSA, GCHQ, et al. monitor the whole internet. 8ch is tainted by hosting right-wing groups that call for violence.

The rules exist as an assurance to users and potential users that the website won't host any incriminating content that may get them in trouble with local or international law enforcement. Look up the case of two Brits getting banned from entering the US because they made a tweet about 'destroying Washington, DC' in the sense that they would party hard and thus 'destroy it'.

You can say all those things.

Ah, so that's the issue. Yes, child pornography, drawn on real isn't allowed. It's a leftist discussion website, no one cares about your cartoon children fetish.

Posting links or instructions about self-defense is allowed. I don't see why you infer that it isn't.

There's a difference between saying "I think we should guillotine Macron" and making plans, trying to get people to actually storm the palace and guillotine Macron.

You're right, the revolution and change will not happen on that or any other website. Change happens in meatspace.

Where do you get that from? There's a separation of rules and guidelines. Guidelines are a suggestions on how to have a civil discussion. You can read instructions to mods in the 'Inner Sanctum'.

If you find a mod's actions unacceptable you can complain in meta. Where there is anonymous posting and none of the mods can moderate. I'm impartial when it comes to these things and I just want the forum to run well and foster good discussion.

You're free to say you support whatever. Saying "I support FARC" is different than saying "I am a member of FARC". But no, you are not allowed to use it to foment violent action.

You can say whatever you want. It's on you.

You can't criticise people FOR those things, just like you can't defend them based on those things. I think you're reading things that aren't there. You probably read that in the 'guidelines' section which is what it says, guidelines to discussion. For example, you shouldn't make a post containing only "nigger" or "Capitalist", because it doesn't add anything to the discussion. You're free to say it of course, but then people would be able to see in your post history that you're a dumb racist and probably wouldn't take you very seriously after that.

Of course you can. But ask yourself a few things: 1) will that make the person to whom I am speaking more willing to listen to me? 2) will calling someone an idiot prove my point or advance my thesis?

Gore just needs a warning, that's all.

Because if the site hosts copyrighted material it can be taken down. You can post links to copyrighted material, however.

A-ha! Shows you haven't read enough. I am completely against deleting posts, that's why the posts get 'Trashed', i.e. go to a subforum that all registered users can view (but not post it). I am against deleting posts for the reason that people then don't learn. Furthermore, I, personally, do not do any moderation of the subforums that have a moderator. That is up to them. If you feel like you're being treated unfairly you can post in meta and the mods in question cannot 'silence' you.

Again, shows you haven't read enough because I am against IP bans.

If you want a place to vent your anger at women, or minorities, or Jews because you think those groups are responsible for yoir situation in life there are plenty of places on the internet where you can do it, is not a place for identity politics.

I just noticed this is Zig Forums, not Zig Forums, which is why I found your post surprising. In any case, is a place that values user opinions and user input. Mods are not secret and there are no behind-the-scenes politics and handovers going on. Any user is free to complain about any mod and as site admin I would be partial to siding with the users, because good, decent posters are hard to find, while finding a new mod would be easy.

Please stop shilling that dead site, it will never catch on.

Again, not doing a blow-by-blow because you're an idiot and Jim loves freedom almost as much as you do
Implies you will give user data to pigs pursuant to the enforcement of countries' repressive, unjust laws, even when you are not legally bound to do so. And if not that, where are the servers located so we know what laws you're bound to enforce?
I think you should learn what harm principle is and grow the fuck up in general, nobody's gonna follow you into water (especially on the interbutt) if you make a big deal about retarded non-issues like this. It's not even my fetish either.
They don't specify, they're vague, broad bullshit. I don't care because I'm not going to your board because it's a rulecucked honeypot and you're a pompous asshat with a terminal combination of autism and USI, but you would do well to clarify and use examples for what does and does not constitute acceptable behavior to reign in potential for mod abuse via say-so punishments.
No thanks lol
I don't care, and that kind of shit has been used by a lot of assholes for a lot of stonewalling. Things like that are standardized because they overkill covering one party's ass by restricting the other pary to excess. I'll admit it's a pet peeve of mine.
I don't use them, never have, never will unless it's that or get fired, jailed or shot. Powerwards and to a lesser extent pseudonymity as compared to anonymity are cancerous in that they duplicate social dynamics/popular kids' cliques of meatspace, amplify cointelpro's ability to hit stresspoints, and generally turn everything into an e-peen measuring contest. Especially combined with upboat/downsboat systems.
Not going back there, and not what anybody on this site thinks is a well-run site.
Gather your own damn evidence.
Yes that sure works great here doesn't it?
Your rules or "guidelines" (which I'm guessing could be enforced like rules) preclude all the things I mentioned.
No, fuck you liberal and answer the fucking question. What do you see people using your site for if everything has to be respectful, avoid certain topics, and be serious (because the internet is serious business)? Also Inner Sanctum is a pretentious name for any part of a website not about Warhammer or DnD or something where it fits in-universe, and I miss when sites with names like that were good.
I'm not here to write a fucking thesis.

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If you're not gonna go on the site then there's no point replying to you. But I will say two things:
1) for the record, the site is hosted in Moldova
2) you're the only one who made cartoon child pornography a big issue. All I said was is that it isn't allowed. And not because I personally care what you masturbate to, but because it is illegal in some countries and users from those countries may not wish to visit on those grounds. There are literally countless websites on the internet where you can watch porn, cartoon or otherwise, I don't see how it can improve the user experience on a leftist website. It seems that that is a very important issue for you and it's unfortunate that you cannot look past it.

On a more personal note, your post is dripping with anger and as a comrade and fellow human being, I implore you to find a way to calm yourself or the anger will eat you alive.

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured." - Mark Twain

That applies to all the BOs of Zig Forums and Zig Forums, unfortunately.

not with attitudes like that


not socialists