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Running people over with trucks is okay, when we do it.

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Is that maduro or porky forces

Maduro's, obviously. It's a National Guard truck near Altamira.

Fingers crossed this ends the same way the last one did assuming it's not being blown massively out of proportion to by foreign porky media to begin with

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The whole thing is being staged by porky to get at their oil.

wew lad

It's necessary, fuck imperialists.


Weak adherence to socialist principles breeds weakness to capitalism. Maduro is only half the problem, Chavez created all of this by building an exclusively oil based economy and NOT building a domestic worker-operated food chain out of coops. End result was when the US decided it wanted to play rough, people started starving as wages went down and gov't price floors stopped farmers from producing food - without any backup material conditions deteriorated and gave entry to restorationists. This entire situation could have been avoided with better planning, America's real soft power is in it's (heavily subsidized) food production because starving people will never ever reject free food. Failure to manage this, as America itself has, leads to failure in general.

Anyway, for a comparative analysis look at Iran. For as much of a fascist, capitalist and imperialist the Shah was he took his oil money and bought a nuclear power plant and aqueducts creating an Iranian food supply indepedent of global markets and thus American imperialism. His NPP is also the only reason why America hasn't managed to coup the fascist theocracy that replaced him, because they're afraid of the fuel proliferating elsewhere (Pakistan) and being used by terrorists.

It always, always, always, always, always, always, ALWAYS, boils down to the means of production. VZ doesn't have that due to the state not building it, therefore it'll be a capitalist state again. ALL SOCIALISM REQUIRES SEIZING OR BUILDING THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION.

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Extremely based.

Yeah, I don't think anybody denies he wasn't up to the task of sustainably fixing Venezuela's economy, nor has Maduro proven any better.

But right now, what matters is ensuring we don't end up with a new Pinochet, or with Venezuela ensconced in the flames of war.

Chavez's task was building a functioning democracy, but this was wrecked within three years by PDVSA and porky. Chavez's focus on bringing the renegade bourgeois press and PDVSA under control was a massive undertaking, and should be celebrated by the left.

It's too late for that. If people aren't eating they're fighting because America will give them free burgers. Winning ground battles is only 10% of Maduro's problem, he has to feed people to at least get them off the street. Otherwise they will keep coming and loyalist security forces will either demand outright tribute for gunning them down or preform a palace coup and begin working with Russia to feed them under a new explicitly fascist regime.

There's no winners here, America is using this as preparation for Iran and Russia is using this as preparation for Cuba. Things will only get more violent and more openly capitalist as it becomes a proxy war between two imperialist systems.

Hey CIA, whatcha doin?

Chavez, with all his cunning w/r/t recognizing the necessity of a regional trade bloc, failed to establish an independent bank to store assets in safely. Further, there was no chance to nationalize food production under Chavez without first reigning in the bourgeois press, which was protested by students and then rejected in a national referendum.

They don't have anywhere near enough support from the military on their side. The point of this is to manufacture an apparent crisis in order to justify American air strikes.

That's true, but you can't go 80% of the way on socialism and expect it to work. Even the USSR realized this and realized the massive power America's corn lobby was/is in the 1960s, although attempts to fix it were mediocre and came too late (and were dragged down by a war in Afghanistan then Chernobyl).

For what it's worth China made the same mistake too: instead of plowing their wealth into becoming agriculturally self-sufficient they put it into banking, speculation and missiles. They are still a net food importer as a result, which is where most of the US's leverage against them exists because they can't easily retaliate against tariffs without really fucking up their food production.

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The US is far, far too arrogant in its assumption that Colombia will act as a US military proxy.

Colombia will submit to the US, why do you think this won't happen puzzles me.

The Colombian right is the weakest its been since 1992, and the Colombian military does not have the personnel, let alone strength, to invade another country. This is a country that will go left within a decade; a military misadventure would accelerate the process.

Guaido supporters seen with US-made civilian firearms and optics. Yeah, this is definitely CIA shit.

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I don't know shit about guns so what are the makes/brands?

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It's an AR-57 (Pronounced Five-seveN for operators) and a trijicon srs sight. The rifle itself is a civilian-only model. No military uses them and they do not exist outside of the US domestic market.

Remember Venezuelans haven't grown their own food since the 1950s
The former would've eliminated the strict need for the latter. If Chavez had been able to keep the pink tide flowing hard enough to lap against burgerstan's shores with a 2006 victory for AMLO in Mexico, as well as keeping other regional powers such as Brazil headed the proper way, the continent easily would've been self-secure. Especially if instead of shortsighted welfare programs, a huge industrialization drive had been done, and a practical currency control regime more like pre-2009 China's.

I hope it will be over quickly and with minimal victims.

UN Ambassador from Venezuela has said it's over and that the government won.


It's over, Guido failed. I'd say the real coup is the frens we made along the way, but Gaydo pissed everyone off and has no friends.

I can't find this on any news sites other than teleSUR.
Per the AP.

and he clearly failed


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They are probably referring to Russia/China

The police killing unarmed black people is okay, when we do it.

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That's a false-flag by anti-Maduro forces. There's a video of them stealing the armoured vehicle prior to the running over of pedestrians.

That's a different vehicle.

No, it is the Bolivarian National Guard. You are just deluding yourself so that you don't feel bad when you go sleep.

Nobody has more blood on their hands than you.

I am not an imperialist pal. Fuck Guaido and Lopez. Stop presuming things just to fit your world view. I don't have to be a glow-in-the-dark to point out that killing unarmed black people and crushing people with trucks is objectively a bad thing. I guess it doesn't even matter anyway because every instance of police brutality in Venezuela was a CIA false-flag crisis actor chemtrail controlled demolition fake plot to discredit Maduro, it must be bliss to see things your way.

venezuela is not socialist

Would this count as revolutionary terror?


Whould you describe the cheka as something other that police?


There better not be ANY imperialist posters in this thread.
I have this thread on screen in the oval office right now and if Mr. Trump sees ONE comment arguing against Maduro he WILL order airstrikes and begin sending in ground troops.

You all better be on your BEST behavior, this is a matter of life and death.


Like what? A phone video of the National Guard crushing people with trucks?
Not everything you so happen to disagree with is imperialist propaganda filmed on a sound-stage by Stanley Kubrick.

Now you are just being retarded on purpose.

Maduro's guys have over a dozen of those vehicles so what rules out the possibility that it was them who did it?

fuck off tankuck

Just another chicken coop.
Guaido has no real power, but media does a good job overblowing it.
Maduro trying to leave the country was probably an ad libbed lie by Pompeo he made out of frustration. No one's gonna check on that.

nice spooks

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Why is this board such a shithole? the soviets were socialists.

Yeah, just like unca' Adolf

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Holy fuck, are you literally implying the soviets were as socialist as the nazis claimed to be?
Anarkiddie, that's just how states work.

and in both cases
Not really seeing the difference here

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So was Tony Blair.

Is the coup over?

Yes, socialism won, like the bolsheviks in the russian revolution.

But the Bolshevik coup was successful!

You didn't see the news today? Bolton came out and blamed Cuba for making Venezuela starve by "propping" up Maduro. This 100% leads to Cuba, because Bolton wants to settle the Pentagon's old beef with them and he wants to do it violently because he knows if America acts first the rest of the world (notably Russia) won't be able to act fast enough to stop us. The entire country could be outright annexed by the US in about a month, so long as Russian ships are kept out.

This is exactly why the ABMT had to be killed under W and why the INFT had to be killed under Trump: both allow for a US ABM system to be setup in the Gulf Coast, covered by Intermediate-range nukes to prevent any Russian ships in the area from making moves the US doesn't like. It's no surprise that Bolton of course worked for W and is the reason both happened. This is Russia's primary concern because the exact same circumstances apply to them in regards to Crimea.

However, that's still not Bolton's immediate concern which remains the mideast. With the imminent US pullout of Afghanistan/collapse of Afghanistan's US-backed government, the US gets one step closer to blaming Iran for everything bad in the mideast (including Pakistan's attacks on India) and moving towards a confrontation there. Airstrikes are the most obvious option since that's what Bolton did with Israel onto Assad's test reactor in the 00s, however in this case if they bomb Iran's NPP it could potentially cause a major catastrophe.

So then America has another coup in Columbia and they go full fash. Nevermind the obvious implications with FARC, Bolton will just go full retard and bomb them and let the bodies pile up in the streets until he gets his way.

Ultimately that's what this boils down to, the lack of imagination in America's political class means death and destruction worldwide. Bolton will fuck up Columbia in the exact same way he and his predecessors fucked up Afghanistan: by killing tons of civilians and making everyone mad at the US, instigating something much worse than communists (the Taliban in Afgh's case, perhaps ethnonationalists in Columbia's).

But Venezuela is not starving, Cuba is sending doctors and supplies. Maduro is democratically elected and Russia is an ally.

Russia forcing the US to capitulate on Iran would be good for everyone except US oil. Russia/USSR have never wanted to nuke American civilians they wanted to be treated fairly. I don't see it as Venezuela being a stepping stone but Cuba and Venezuela allying with the strongest opposition to US hegemony. Its in Cuba's interest to have Russian support and their continued experiment provides contrast for western leftists to make their own decisions. Putin can be a shitter and Russian geopolitical interests can still be good. China will be there to check Russian corporate expansion. Let them fuck up NATO, finish the belt road, build us a nice shiny new means of production for us to seize.

ABM is a meme but so is MAD, memes are powerful psychological warfare.

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Fucking based.

You're describing the Venezuelan economy as it's been since 1909.

The 2006 election was won by AMLO; the Mexican Supreme Court and Bush's cronies in the Fox government stole it.

Russian geopolitics objectively aligns with leftism at this point, of course not out of the goodness of their heart, but because of their own monopolic interests.

So, is there any chance of this amounting to a hill of beans in the near future? Looks finished to me.

Absolutely agreed. There should've been another revolution, it probably wouldn't have even caused as much death and mayhem as the cartel wars from Calderón's retarded Operation Michoacán.

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Iran has become a bigger priority (Americans need their fuel station Saudi Arabia to maintain their global presence and Iran can lock down the Horn of Hormuz, everyone is basically waiting for the US to stage a Tonkin/USS Maine incident)
Unlike what Americans and the coroporate press claims, Guaido is NOT supported by the people. He is a literally who, who got his position through rotation. This is why they constantly spam the military to defect. It's their only way to win, but unlike in Honduras, where they tested it out, the military refuses. And trying to get Columbia and Brazil to invade is not working out. They may be lead by right-wing and in case of Brazil, openly fascist nutjobs, but they ain't stupid enough to believe their own propaganda.

Sitting on an angry chair
Angry walls that steal the air
Stomach hurts and I don't care


PDVSA, as it has been throughout the decay of the 4th Republic and through the entirety of the 5th Republic, is the wildcard. Guiado just looted some funds to pay some illegal debt that PDVSA owed, and foreign creditors are getting ready to seize Citgo/PDVSA assets.
So basically, you have Maduro inflating the new Bolivars and Petro to pay illegal debts, and you have a parallel government looting the current real government to pay illegal debts simultaneously. Foreign finance is giving Venezuela two options: overthrow Maduro or lose PDVSA. It's crunch time.

RiP Venezuelans