Get Slavoj Žižek on the Official Podcast

This is the greatest opportunity to get him on the podcast to talk about wieners, pussies and ideology.žižek-get-slavoj-žižek-on-the-official-podcast

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It's a podcast started by the popular YouTuber Cr1TiKaL/penguinz0/BigMoist.

Literally, who?

Lol old ass millenial doesn't know who BigMoist is

That's not a generational thing. It's a faggot thing.

I can tell you don't appreciate the musical talent of the man's greatest flute player, smh.

But Cr1tikal is a trump supporter

Exactly 2019 guy is best song of the century

I guess you didn't watch the video he made with Kaya where they take the piss out of one of Trump's press conferences, or the time he made a video making fun of Trump supporters.

you guys are gay as fuck


I only know out of hearsay

I'm Gen Y and idk who he is either. The world is not your bubble, zoomer.

Do you guys know where I can post this to get the most amount of signatures or other ways to get signatures?

Zizek is unintelligible and probably a fascist as well :-DD

The Official podcast subreddit?

Already did that.

This but unironically.

Muh whimperialism

No wonder this board is dead.

Call out culture is idpol tier. So fuck off back to twitter.

t. zizek the fascist garbagio

tankies everyone

keep bombing socialist countries

I am discovering that everyone who uses the term "fascist," either as an invective or as a point of pride, is a theoryless nitwit.